Tuesday, June 28, 2005


The slippery, slivery snake, you see, is quite unlike both you and me. It has no feet to walk about, no voice to scream and yell and shout. On close inspection it appears it has no nose or teeth or ears. It does have one thing and it is this: It can't kiss but it can hiss. It has no arms or legs or thighs, yet it can grow to any size. But one thing even snakes must do that makes them just like me and you. They must eat occasionally or their belly growls incessantly.

There was this very spacial snake. His reptile buddies called him Jake. He woke one morning in a hungry mood and went in search of favorite food, a squirrel, a rabbit, a juicy rat. He found none of this, none of that. He hunted, but to no avail. then he spied his tempting tail. Said he: "I'll nibble this for now and later find some jungle chow." Jake the snake he took a bite, then found to his extreme delight he liked his own posterior, found other foods inferior, But with each bite he took, you see, he grew shorter instantly. Snake meat, this he didn't know, has calories galore and so before he knew what was the matter Jake the Snake was short but fatter,

The monkey and the kangaroo, the hyena and the hippo, too, all came by and said, "For goodness sake, look at that roly poly snake!" So Jake the snake of midget size, to escape the stares of laughing eyes, waddled sadly to his pit. And this should be the end of it.


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