Friday, June 24, 2005


The world needs more intercourse, not the kind you think, of course, but intercourse of probing minds, of intellects who can reflect mutual respect that both expect on subjects and in printed texts by learned men (and women, too) far beyond what me and you could comprehend.

Language aside, whether debated or translated, written or spoken doesn't matter, even haphazard chit-chatter can cover a lot of what is what and what is not. But recorded words are by far the best. They stand the test of time and tide and have nothing to hide once in ink. What the wise think, droll or clever, goes on forever. In fact, what would we do without Shakespeare, Paul Revere or George Bush in an election year?

Some have things to say and say it. Others have little to say and DeLay it.

Whether it's political, hypocritical or a-typical, once said it should be read. For better or for verse, poetry or prose, by amateurs or pros, otherwise those listed will never have existed once they are dead. Or so it is said.

Where would trivia be today, the game empty minds love to play, if what idiots say went in one ear and out the other if nobody bothered to publish books about these kooks?

And then here were giants of note who coined quotes enough to sink a boat that will live in history for centuries long after we are gone. What they had to say will go on and on. FDR on war and fear. Truman on the "buck stops here." King on his famous dream. Dubya on his scheme to send the world to kingdom-come.

Some smart, some dumb. Some so so from long ago. Some still to come. All to be recorded on the printed page, posted on the internet, chiseled in stone or stored in miles and miles of dusty files. At least they're there, no doubt, if researchers care to dig them out.

One last word or two to those who say words worth repeating at a meeting or in fleeting conversation, keep it clean, but keep it brief, say what you meant, express your belief. And hope someday someone will say, you said this or you said that but what that nit-wit said was just a lot of you know what,


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