Monday, July 04, 2005


It's a given that we're livin' worse under Bush, It's a reign of pain plain and simple where that pimple of a president calls the shots and soldiers die. The still unanswered question, Why? goes back to the Original Lie, WMD and the Oil Industry.

But that's not the only crime that has been committed on the Dubya dime. Time after time that crook who wrote the book on how to destroy democracy creates new ways and sends more waves of terror raging through our once free society.

Last night, thanks to that creep, I couldn't sleep. And although I know logic says he has to go, and the truth he lied cannot be denied, how many really realize how his enterprise and imagination, how his one of a kind twisted mind could destroy not just this nation but also all of civilization?

There are doubters, what-abouters, pouters and shouters, even a few new just-found-outers who admit the errors of their ways. It's not enough just to know. It goes much deeper yet. That's why I spent hours on the internet during my sleepless night collecting bits and bytes about this scandal Bush can't handle. I hope what I report will sort out the winners from the sinners, the beginners from the begonners.

We're dealing with a regime unable to tell right from wrong. So go along with me on my odyssey into the land of lunacy. What I review may not be new but you will see the logic of my ways as I recall the days and what Dubya did. It's enough to flip your lid.

There's that smirk and sneer that says "I'm here and I ain't gonna go away. God gave me the nod. I was heaven sent to be the president." He doesn't have what it takes to admit mistakes. To GWB might makes right even though he might by wrong. Dubya started his defection from the truth even before his selection/election. Let's stick with the stress the mess created.

Of course there were the WMDs he and his cohorts said were there but couldn't be found anywhere. And those who provided intelligence were either dense or dumb or great deceivers to help Bush turn the gullible into believers.

What brain created the uranium scare? To twist the truth Bush said Iraq was in back of the 9/11 attack. Of course the source of Bush's so-called facts could not be worse. That he'd use them to create the crime is enough to send him and his collaborators to jail for a long, long time.

The president who lied us into war is not satisfied. He takes pride in robbing the poor to enrich the rich, denying the crying moms and dads kids who died without a cause, destroying laws, trashing civil rights, jailing innocents to satisfy evil intent, creating hate and disrespect in foreign lands that once admired our democracy, now are shamed by our hypocrisy.

It's worth repeating endlessly, "Thousands died because Bush lied." More than a thousand GIs with hopes and dreams and peace the prize. Innocent Iraqis, families, daughters and sons, loved ones who, like us, just want to be part of a free humanity.

We demand Bush and his brigands, the neocons and potential cons, all the hangersons, the corporate crooks who cooked the books, must be tried and, if found guilty, must reside in federal pens and do their time for their role in the greatest crime in history.


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