Thursday, October 13, 2005


Goldilocks Harriet rides in her pumpkin chariot, pulled by rats and fat cats and that guy with the whip on this trip is the ill-equipped drip who might get nipped if she doesn't save his ass at the pass.

King George the First, and hopefully the Last, was cast in a role he could not control. Now he's in a whole lot of trouble. He's lived in a bubble much too long, convinced he could never ever be wrong. But we've finally found out what this lout is all about and the double trouble bubble's about to burst. Dubya's thirst for power has turned sour. His hour of glory has come and gone. Now all he can do is sneer and yawn and look for a four-leaf clover in the White House lawn.

This splash in the pan, this poor excuse for an over-rated compassionated conservatavated excuse for a renaissance man soon will be an also ran just like he was when first he ran as a Republican bent on being the president. Now he's a flop just like his pop and he needs new mammies to help him put on his jammies, warm up his beer, cluck him and chuck him and tuck him in his beddie-bye-bye. Martha once did it. Daddy did, too. Condie might do it, That could be true. It's only a rumor but one never knows. All's fair in love and politics, so the saying goes. Do you suppose?

Now here comes Miers fired with desire to rise higher than a kite in flight. But will she succeed? She might. The liar says yes although the majority say no. In this game of win or lose, who will choose? Stay tuned. Check it out on the evening news.


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