Monday, February 06, 2006


Who choses sides? Who sets the stage? Who makes the rules?
What sets the spark that lights the flame that fuels the fire of fools?
What disturbs the minds of men, destroys their self control?
Why do greed and hate and anger consume the sainted soul?
Decent men once lived by laws, at least they did until
It was declared by men of fear they had a right to kill.
With gun in hand man roamed the land and sought his legal prey.
The stench of death was everywhere and by the end of day
Blood flowed free and stained the earth. When the blood congealed
Bodies lay like fallen trees on a littered killing field.

Victory! Victory! Glory be! The war was fought and won!
Flags unfurled throughout the world beneath a smiling sun,
Bands played on. Gloom was gone. Heroes all were hailed.
Peace and love filled the air. Justice had prevailed.
Tears of joy flowed shamelessly. Our boys had all returned.
Older and much wiser, they. What had the people learned?
War is hell. Some knew that well. Most wanted to forget.
The heroes bowed to the crowd, beamed happily. And yet
When night turned off the joyful light and sleep came at last
Dreams were filled with men they killed, the madness of the past
Crowded out the cheers and praise of the treasured day,
Haunted them and taunted them and would not go away.


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