Saturday, August 19, 2006

TINKLE, TINKLE: Update on Rip VanWinkle

Tinkle, tinkle, poor Rip VanWinkle, creator of the Supreme Stream, he was so sad and blue. At the age of one ought two he could no longer do what he ought to do. You know, no doubt, what I'm talking about.

Rip loved this chick of ninteysix who still could make it and didn't fake it, loved to shake it, snake it, earthquake it. You know what I mean. And her lover Rip could drip but just could not make the scene.

It seems that after his long sleep he couldn't keep it in another minute and so he poured in a rush and an historic gush filled the valley down below with his overdue overflow. But what's so sad, he now had a worn out blad and it meant he was impotent. Tired of being an apologist, he went to a urologist to get the Viagra Cure which he was sure would restore the power that he had before his long, long sleep that led to his finest hour.

Dr. Joseph Schlonk----a good old Joe---said, "I know what you're going through at one ought two. I am only one ought four and I can't do it anymore. But take this pill and I'm sure you will be able to fill the bill and give a thrill to Lover Lil until she succums."

"That doesn't happen often," Doc Joe replied. "But if it does, have no regret. I bet you will go down in history as the greatest lover that ever be. And Lil will spread the word in heaven's all night Seven Eleven that when you come---pardon the pun---all the angels will forsake their harps and pluck, pluck, pluck."


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