Sunday, November 24, 2013


A handshake for old times sake. A firm embrace. A smiling face. The bliss that comes from just a kiss.
Joyful tears, sharing, caring, declaring love, the birth of lifetime memories.
Talking, walking hand in hand, leaving footsteps in the sand.
Laughing, dashing through a summer rain. The gentle landing of a plane.
Slipping, falling in the snow. Sleeping through a movie show.
Watching little children grow.
 How can you explain these moments of pure ecstasy embedded in memory?
Owned by one or two alone.
To savor a favorite ice cream cone or a candy bar, a good cigar.
To revere the taste of ice cold beer, a cream pie chocked with killing calories.
Filling up on wine and cheese. Sipping rare, exotic teas, stopping by a deli for delicious delicacies.
These are pleasures beyond measures you will treasure as years go by.
A Sunday at a sun-drenched shore, reading, eating, swimming some, hoping that rain won't come.
Skin burning, turning lobster red. A pillow of sand beneath your head.
Hearing children scream of glee, joyfully romping by the sea. How much better could life be?
Memory, oh memory, please do not abandon me.

Acting silly or insane as you hum and old refrain, so absurd you can't recall a single word.
The nagging will not go away. What did it say? Memory is a sometime thing.
It comes and goes like rain time in spring.
Life's a repeating, self- defeating, adding, deleting, rarely conceding mystery.
Like a precious flower. It blooms but for an hour, then it's gone.
So too the dawn and fading light of the day.
Revere, endear time. It soon will pass away.
So little time to do the things that mean so much to you.
 So much to say, so much to hear,  so much to share while you are near.
So much to loose if you choose to let life pass you by. It can be lost in the blinking of an eye.
Let life's meaning be defined. Let it remain in your brain until your dying day.
Never let it's message go astray. How can you know the tragedy, the sudden sorrow that can strike tomorrow.
Life's a gift that lifts the spirit of your day. It can be lost and tossed aside like a worthless debris into a cold, uncaring sea.
Let this be part of your legacy. Let life and love be your philosophy.
Let it be the creed that guides your destiny.
Life comes and goes and who knows when we'll take our final breath and go unremittingly to our death?