Saturday, October 15, 2005


When the world goes wrong and it seems dreams are about to disappear, the weak and strong, the optimists and pessimists, even those who insist there is no God will fill the air with prayer.

But when they plead their need to empty air and there's no one there to care they know they're lost, just like the poor souls in the Holocaust. Six million died when no one came to their side and the name of God was vilified and rightly so.

It was argued then the assault was not God's fault, it was, in fact, the Act of Man. But Man was part of God's grand plan. If He could create this whole damn place, did he not have power to save the human race? Even then, Men and Women of good will remained devoted to a God who knew and refused to do what trillions begged Him to.

Now it's all happening once again. This time it's not quite the same, but still the shame rests at God's feet. Again He ignores the fervent plea: "God, please save humanity."

Could He who could part the sea, create the laws of right and wrong, be so blind, to not change His mind and reverse this madness, this cause of pain and sadness, of torturous death and agony for which He alone must bear responsibility?

Were not the rains, the hurricanes, burials in mud, earthquakes and baths of blood, these Acts of God, not premeditated? Were they not the product of the same innovative mind who, believers say, we must face on Judgment Day?


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