Friday, December 16, 2005


Know what is so. Know you know. Go!! Make it so. Slow, so slow. Let it grow. Show by what you do you and how you follow through that you are true. That he or she is who you are dedicated to.

Display your sure desire. Inspire. Light the fire. Let the spark light up the night. Remember: Let the ember glow in daylight hours. like flowers that brighten the gloomiest room; let more than just love burst into bloom.

Let there also be the emotion of true devotion, with the power of a pounding ocean, the tenacity of a stinging bee, the veracity and capacity of one small second multiplied and reemphasized ten million times from deepest depths to mountainous climes.

Let it extend from end to end and blend with every moment, every scene betwixt, between, from first spark to final scene, like an oldtime movie show, wend into unending eternity.


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