Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Is our presidential poop, dupe of the groups that sent our troops into a noway back road to Iraq, now a snoop on moms who make chicken soup, jilted investors who stoop to recoup illegal losses, prizefighters who earn their living with their dukes, those who oppose our use of nukes as a last resort to nations who sell our country short, lawyers who fight Bush in the court, whistle blowers who report on corporate graft and greed, in fact, all sorts of workers rich and poor, young and old and in-between struggling hard to earn their green.

Also, the needy seeking aid from Medicaid, seniors on Medicare and those who dare demand their share of the American dream and scheme to meet their bills on time, givers, takers, butchers, bakers, candle makers, Wall Street shakers, farmers plowing acres, planting seed, growing food to feed those in need, mechanics fixing cars and such accused of charging consumers much too much, the military fighting the enemy and you and me and all who oppose the GOP.

So here's the scoop: We're all affected by the president's right to snoop. Is this another step along the way to ending democracy in the USA? When all is said and done, are we the ones who are the dupes?


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