Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Back in the good old Cold War days both we and the Reds were fed the same old line: Build up the military or very soon we'd be headed toward World War Three, not conventionally but atomically,. We spent and they did too and we did what we thought we ought do to spare the cost of a Holocaust where all our wealth and health and untold lives would be lost,

We and they were scared so we both prepared for a war neither side dared wage and instead created a great rage and hate between two great nations whose minds were on long-range vacations,

Neither side realized the enemy of We was We,

The war of Rubles against Dollars ran its course, the U. S. prevailed, the Soviet Union failed and was forced into bankruptcy and an end to a once powerful dynasty. Why rehash this bit of history? Because what happened then is happening once again.

Military historians and those who know the whys of war are now agreed what 9/11 was for, not to kill the enemy, but to force it into bankruptcy and increase dependency on oil at any price. And this would provide the funds and guns and dynamite to smite the enemies of Allah. That, too, is what it was and is still all about.

When discussing the cost of war, a million is mere pocket change. A million bucks a bomb sounds strange. but that, in any event, is what we spent, in to back Iraq against the wall. But it's now after the fall and the costs are more and continue to soar.

That's what we did to stop the Reds and many said we learned from their mistakes and so now there'd be no more wars. . But our knuckle-headed saps fell into al Qaeda's trap. Now we're strapped and they are wrapped in dough, enough to let the war on go endlessly for all we know,

The Bush policy has led America to the brink and it's about to sink in debt and we ain't seen nothin' yet. How much worse can it get? We're stuck in a no luck war. easy to get in and no way to get out, and that also is what 9/11 was all about.


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