Saturday, October 15, 2005


Thousands die in hurricane, rain induced flood. Mudslide buries hundreds alive. Earthquake shakes earth, breaks hearts, rips apart life's dreams. Madman's wrath triggers blood bath, indiscriminately interrupts well-laid plans of a loving families.

Death, destruction, eruption, corruption, disruption. Games played by will of God supposed to watch over me and you. Is this the final word of the all seeing Being we should be beholden to when things go well, who we must comprehend when He/She suddenly brings life to brutal end.

There's an expression we automatically say in moments of distress. It's not, or should not be, admission of submission to a greater power. We need not bow or cower as we pray it. It's a chasnt of empty words poured into stillborn air to Someone who often is not there and never seems to care or share our misery.

This cliche is said in several ways, in praise or expectation of condemnation, depending on the situation: "Thank God" if things go right, "have trust in God when all goes wrong," Simply "God bless" or "God has His (or Her) reasons why. "

Deceived Believers praise or find ways to rationalize truth or lies as seen through the eyes of One they surmise knows all in crises great and small. The few the Being prefers to spare may share grief in momentary belief wish it had been them instead of mate or others beloved shoved into a waiting hell while they were chosen to remain unharmed for reasons only God can tell.

But after breath of death grows stale, reminiscence grows pales and new peace and joy erase conscious memory. except momentarily, they secretly, selfishly "thank God" who found a way to let them live another day,

It's said there are no atheists when possibility exists men may die in a foxhole or from bombs raining from the sky. But when the threat is gone those who lived in fear and prayed because they thought the end was near breathe a sigh of relief, express disbelief, "thank God" they still are here. At last, when the threat has passed, those who vowed they'd sin no more do every thing just the way they did before.


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