Sunday, October 16, 2005


Of all the presidents I've known about he's the hardest to figure out. Of all who've slept in the White House, he's the most inept, the least adept to negotiate the ship of state or deserve the respect of our armed forces or the horses in the cavalry.

Even those who drive his limousines, clean his latrine or run the nation behind the scene can't figure out what mealy mouth means when he lets words dribble from his bubble head. I can't understand this one man wrecking crew. Can you?

I've watched him infrequently on TV, heard and/or read what he's said in the press and on the Internet. This I know: we made a losing bet when we let this mouse move into the White House. Now not even an exterminator can't get the lout out.

Dubya's evil has caused monumental upheaval of the world economy, contributed mightily to the dollar's insolvency, helped destroy our water and air, waged war on the ecology. He's done all this and more without as much as an apology or an admission that his mission has been one big bad decision.

The Big Bad B ordered a killing spree by sending more than a thousand GIs to die to topple a hack dictator in Iraq and after millions squandered can't capture bin Laden who's still in command in Afghanistan. Even with his popularity in a dive, Bush insists his unjust war, contrived of lies, must slog on until every mother's son has tasted blood and mud to satisfy this Dubya dud.

Bush constantly amazes with his stupidity. But calling this appalling president stupid is too kind. He's insane. a man with a brain of sorts that courts disaster, a man who can't find a shred of compassion for the dead or share the blame for thousands who will never be the same, forced to live with injuries and disabilities, plagued by memories of tragedies they can't forget, Yet he and the war go on and on and on and????????????


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