Wednesday, September 15, 2010


We go to such immense expense seeking intelligent life in outer space just like us. Are they looking for us while we look for them? We’ll explore the adversity of this question and more in our wegadsian verse. Read on!

We and they, if they exist, are probably in different stages of development, one with advanced weapons of war aimed at that distant planet called Earth where intelligence abounds, which found that peace and brotherhood reap greater rewards than killing ever will.

But if we and they are on the same plane, enjoying a sane and pain-free democracy, together we can weather any storms that threaten our heavenly harmony?

Of millions of stars in the sky so high, why do we try to find another place in space with intelligence and uncommon common sense just like us? Because, without a doubt, they’re somewhere out there. So are we. It must be. We’re all part of God’s creativity. You and me and all the fish in the sea, the birds that fly, the bees that buzz, whatever is or ever was or might be to benefit from this discovery.

There’s a scientific theory that the universe was here millions of years before Planet Earth joined the stratospheric family. It was given time to prove its worth, but if it doesn’t pass the test to be the kind of world the Creator had in mind, all that was might disappear to let new Earthlings in.

The new family of man and beast could be granted a hundred million years at least to prove their worth on a brand new Earth or on another planet God would create.

God is such a patient soul with a whole wide world to supervise. He knows we’ll have to try again and again to satisfy God on high. When Earth achieves perfection other situations will arise that call for one as wise as He.

God has been here since the world began. Some temporarily abandon His plan for a perfect sanctuary. But He has never lost His faith in a wayward humanity. How long will it take for His dream to come true?

Perhaps Forever and a day or two.

Friday, September 10, 2010


I met Evelyn Montgomery one night over dinner at Morning Side, the senior living center which was our home during the last fading years of her life.

I could tell she was depressed and grieving over the death of her husband who she loved and missed dearly. My wife had recently died so I knew what grief and loneliness were all about.

As a dedicated Scrabble fan I suggested that word game might help distract her from past painful memories. She laughed but was willing to give it a try if I would teach her how the game was played.

Believe it or not, our nightly Scrabble games, our frank conversations over tea and snacks at the evening’s end, the sharing of past memories slowly developed into a loving plutonic relationship.

It was the closeness of Scrabble, the conversation and tea and occasional laughs together that helped her deal with her sorrows.

Evelyn admitted to me once that our close friendship had helped her survive those troubled times.

Our friendship and. yes, our love affair, continued to the end. I want to share a dream I had the night before Evelyn died. I was falling, plunging through space. Evelyn’s hand reached out to me. I heard her say goodbye. I awoke, wondering what the dream meant. Now I know. Rest in peace, dear Evelyn.