Monday, July 21, 2008


Fantasy is reality for those who deny fatality is the end of everything . It's pleasure and pain, snow, wind and rain, heat that greets a summer day, memories good and bad, sad and glad that never go away, even when we die. There is that possibility.

Who's to say what dwells in the infant mind. Perhaps the first reality is the need to feed. The natural act of suction needs no instruction. The mother's production of the fundamental essentials turns a lump of clay into what it is today. Along the way, does fantasy become reality? How could we from nothing become a living, breathing, teething, yearning, learning member of the society of family?

The whole process of creation defies explanation when you wonder how it all began. In the beginning there was Man. But how can Man create a mate to help him substantiate the theory of creativity? The Bible says its so. But is not the Bible in reality a fantasy? If you believe in heaven and hell, is that not fantasy? If you believe God is no fraud, that the Garden of Eden really was, that there was Noah and the Ark, that once the sky was dark, that a power greater than Con Edison turned on the moon and sun, then you have no doubt that what shines out there is, in reality, reality.

Life' a mystery. It has no living history. Theory could be fantasies or reality. Nobody knows. So it goes. If nothing's false and nothing's true and me and you and the whole true blue never were and never are because it just can't be unless you believe in fantasy.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I can see it now. Bush and Zany Cheney. The cheap creep Veep is reading a comic book on how to shoot, looking cute in his hunting suit, with a shotgun by his side trying to decide when to shoot you-know-who. Dubya looks sharp in jockey shorts and a tattered T that says "A Vote For McC Gets a Third Term for GWB!"

Behind their behind that was left behind is a fan club member carrying a sign offering "War for Sale - Doomed To Fail."

Next, Air Farce Minus One flies by, dropping WMDs on GO-P heads, followed by a trailing sign which reads: "MISSION MISSING FAR TOO LONG, FINALLY ACCOMPLISHED!"

Take Heart! It won't be long until Bush and His Tush are gone, along with Old Man John, Veep D. C. and the rest of the misplaced menagerie.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


A liar with desire to set the world on fire starts a war. With no show of emotion and devotion to a notion that his war against Iraq will prevent another attack on the USA basically is true. The terrorists are busy killing us and their enemies, destroying economies, enjoying it immensely. Why come over here to do what they do better Over There?

Forget the lives they've lost. When they accost us and our friendly enemy, that's no cause for their distress. Death's just part of the business of being terrorists.

Insurgents based in Pakistan are so busy attacking Afghanistan, why risk that, we might strike back if they rain on our parade? What they would have to pay out of pocket to ship their rockets here by American express would break the back of attackers and computer hackers stacked up, eMacs at the ready. Paying bribes to sneak suicide bombers through detection and strip down inspection this close to our presidential election is just a minor complication. It happens in the best of nations.

To be blunt, imported terrorist are not a threat. Worldwide inflation, recession, even depression, rule out aggression from any enemy nation on the face of creation. They're only a minor complication on the road to world domination.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Whether you're a racist, a sexist, a Democrat or a Republican who can't stand McCaine pain or the president's incompetent mismanagement, you must agree, only a united Democrats can save democracy.

We're in a mess. Only the Dems can deal with this distress. Not with a guess and settle for less. With sensible solutions destined for a Democratic win. That's where it must all begin.

Bush lies got us where we are---in an undeclared, illegal war. Thousands of GIs dead. Thousand more wounded, maimed, framed by a Dubya of evil intent. Trillions spent for armament that made no sense and led to unintended consequents.

The economy? It's in the pits. Enough red ink to sink the Ship of State. Recession headed for depression. Is bankruptcy waiting down the pike? Like it or not, that's what we got. Democracy going to pot. All because of a president rotten to the core. Need I say more?

What to do? Exterminate the rats. Elect Democrats. Hopefully, Hillary and Barrack, Not McCaine, insane with a brain like GWB, master of misery and Republican hypocrisy. A war monger who will keep us longer in Iraq while seeking more countries to attack.

Because of voter stupidity, apathy and Republican criminality, we went from Clinton prosperity to Bush idiocy. Will we ever see the light again? Can Democrats make things right again? They just might. But not overnight. Maybe not even in eight more years, It may take a generation or two to undo what the GOP got us into.

There's only this to say as we await Election Day: Bye-bye GWB and the GOP Three Cheeers for Obama and Hillary and Democratic Democracy!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Any writer worth his mettle will never settle for second best. If he has nothing to say he won't convey it. He takes no stock in schlock which is just a lot of crock. He'd rather put his mimd at rest, be thankfl he's blessed wth writer's block.

I offer this advice for free: Take delight in what you write, but beware or you will drain your brain and run out of excuses as to why you've lost your creative juices.

Talent comes and talent goes. Where it comes from nobody knows. Sometimes it flows from unknown genes, from trauma in your early teens, from incidents and events that affect you when you least expect them to.

Genius comes from all races, from slums and bums, from winners, losers, and child abusers, from rich and poor and starving masses, from upper, middle and lower classes. It keeps you guessing, expressing and digressing. Consider it a curse or blessing. It makes you glad or makes you sad or makes you wish you never had the obsession to excel. It's sometimes hell to be special and alone in a world all your own,

No one understands the demands you place upon yourself that put you on the empty shelf of self-destruction.

Monday, July 07, 2008


I'm still young, eighty plus a few, leaning on a cane, still telling my brain what to do, I have a few aches and pains predicting rain, a back, that's somewhat out of whack. I seldom stage a sack attack, although I assure you I've not lost the nack. My heart's the smartest part of me. It's been beating since my infancy and only stops temporarily for traffic cops when I drive erratically.

I choose to be booze free and don't do drugs but swill water with a iittle pill that gives my date a ten second thrill when I fill the bill so I can prove I'm still the man I used to be when I was only twenty-three. My body's not so slim or sleek even though I walk a mile once a week when I'm at my peak.

I hear everything I want or need to hear with that gadget in my ear and see everything I want to see when the girl that passes by is a sex-pot of sixty-three. I sill have all the body parts with which I was born and they have worn along with me, but I don't care as long as they fit in my underwear and let me know they sill are there. But what happened to my hair?. It was on my head when I went to bed. It was black with streaks of gray. Since it fled my head is cold beneath my hat and I look old and fat and when that happened I don't know. My mirror's cracked but doesn't lie so I guess I'll kiss my youth good-bye.

That's how it goes. I've still got ten fingers, ten toes, a nose, two ears, two bifocal eyes and, to my surprise, few foreign parts from other guys less fortunate than I who were laid to rest with parts missing they may need for kissing and such things when they get to the other side.

I still enjoy the thrills life provides. I'm safe and sort o' sound on this round planet of my birth. So let the fly guys pass by the moon on to Mars and far off stars. Perhaps I'll join these chaps one day in the sky. I'll flap my wings as they go by on their way to where man has never been before.

Me, I'll settle for the Jersey shore, a red hot and a pint of beer, grateful that most of my body parts and me still are here,

Wednesday, July 02, 2008



America was once the United States. a freedom loving people bent on attempting a great experiment meant to hold the world together, come calm or stormy weather. We were a race---not black or white or any other shade, but just a people who did what had to be done.

As a race we knew our place in history. It was no mystery. We were a people with a soul who would lead the whole wide world to the day in history when all would live in peace and prosperity. And this was becoming a reality when something went terribly, intolerably wrong.

The USA became the tool of a fool, a maniac whose goal was to rule by power. Where we are today? Headed toward Armageddon?

Dubya is not a leader. He's a breeder of discontent. In the beginnig he was not winning the support of the people, caught in the grip of his arrogant lack of leadership. He began to slip big time in the polls. Then came 9/11, Dubya's gift from Heaven. He played the savior bit. His false bravado became a hit with a public stunned and out of it. His losing streak went up lickity-split. That was the start of it. Anti-terrorism was his theme. It worked like a dream.

Bush knew a war would make him a star. With well crafted lies and a gang of equally crooked guys, the scapegoat of note became Iraq. For five bloody years there seemed no turning back. But now the world is tuning its back on the Bush War and prays for ways to end it, But depend on Bush to lie us into another storm.

As was his plan all along, this ding-dong president looks forward to the next event, INVASION OF IRAN! Does Dubya give a damn how many more GIs will die? Billions, maybe trillions more down the drain because this insane Thing wants to teach us he is King.

What might avoid this fruitless fight before it's too late? Does Congress have the guts to IMPEACH this nut and all his crew? Who knows what Dubya will doodoo in the final hours of his power. We may all be dead as he goes ahead and bombs Iran and sets his sites on Germany, Japan and even Alabama, Louisiana and Indiana and any other states who voted for Obama. He might even bomb the whole damn USA. Meanwhile, folks, have a nice DOOMSDAY.