Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mumbly Ed and the Tale of the Beautiful Mind

First of all, for those who don't know I work at a Retirement Community. Not a nursing home, so not too many crazies. But we still have our share, which is irrelevant to this story.

There is a man we call Mumbly Ed. He is a guy in a wheelchair, probably 70'ish, who mumbles alot. We poke fun at him and his breakfast ordering habits by aiming our mouths into our shoulders and saying "Rumma rumma rumma rumma PANCAKES." It's quite amusing.

Don't you judge me, by the way. We make fun in the spirit of friendliness. I actually do like most of the people for whom I work.

So back to Mumbly Ed. A few weeks ago a server came in and told me that he had given her a piece of paper with a link to his blog. His BLOG?!? We HAD to see this. I loaded up the page and was instantly impressed by the fact that the man has been blogging since 4-05. More than four YEARS of blogging for a 70+ year old man. Then I noticed that he had been a newspaper reporter/editor for 50 years. That would explain the blogging.

Next I started reading the blog. Apparently he has come up with a style of poetry/blogging that uses internal ryhme and alot of allegory to make his points. He covers religion, politics, race relations, music, pop culture, history, just about everything you could imagine. He also hates Dubya.

So here are some samples from the blog.

"The mirror of our exterior reveals us as either achiever or deceiver and disbeliever."

"What the eye inspects the mind directs to the subconscious the guilt that filters from our no nonsense sense of common sense to the conscience of our soul."

My personal favorite so far... kind of like a spoken limerick:
"I went to the funeral of the inventor of the urinal, a man of unerring aim who rose to fame and great acclaim and made a splash seldom seen on the scene among visitors to the local latrine. He was really a standup guy who helped keep the men's room dry. To honor the man who aimed so high, pee on his grave as you go by."

So now it's time for the website. Go to:

Once you have read a little, do the world a huge favor and share this blog with others. I'm not part of any blogging communities or forums, given my disgusting lack of spare time, but those of you who are should share Mumbly Ed with the world. You won't regret it.


Monday, March 11, 2013


(Probably one of Ed's last Post. He died at 88 and 1/2.)

Wegads was on the blink, I think. because I  mizzspelled misspelled the word misspelled.  Printers can print but they learn to spell at night but not during the day.  We  worked night and day.  Thats how we learn to spell krectly.     

There are other reasons why my blogs have been delayed. I  fell and broke my wrist and since my wrist is attach to my hand and my hand attached to my wrist I had to be careful how I spell misteaked  mistake.  

To tell the truth my wife was a better speller than I  was so I always blamed my spelling on her  and I miss her very much.  On Sunday June  19 I will be 88 years old and I  will miss her even more.