Tuesday, December 28, 2010


What is money really for? For buying more at the corner store, for buying pills curing ills and paying doctor bills, for food to feed thousands in need and water fit to drink, to teach our young to learn and think and and ease the pain of seniors soon to die .

There are more uses for dollars and cents than paying rent and things like engagement and wedding rings, occasional marital flings, lawyer fees, child support and days in court and unanticipated complications caused by outlaw in-laws regarding visitation invitation situations at special family occasions.

When it comes to war we really find out what money should, but is not, important for---improving education, medication for millions uninsured in this nation, full employment or better compensation for those searching for work to do.
We can’t rely on elections to effect correction to the jobless situation. Nor a new administration to create occupations instantly to erase mistakes created by a previous head of straits. And a misleader who neither could or would admit his errors was a terror to the renovation of a nation left in ruins.

Isn’t it strange the Party of Change told the Party of where to go an that’s where they went after all our money was spent with obvious intent to begin a war we can’t win and will be lost at any cost.

Prattle, prattle, lose the battle, then criticize those who cannot win the Dubya booby prize while the spinner of lies and killer of thousands of GIs puts all the blame on President Obama, the Man of Change. Ain't that strange?


For the known first time in the history of labor, Santa Clause has been charged with breaking Federal laws regarding the hiring of illegal immigrants in the manufacture and distribution of a wide variety of patented instruments designed for use by children of all ages.

Included among these unregistered and totally uncontrolled duplicated weapons of war and that foster evil intent are look-alike weapons that encourage and inspire violence, racial and ethnic hatred among immature, mostly male members of an impoverished, illiterate, largely uneducated anti-social criminally driven segment of the street gang minority.

The children were indoctrinated in a belief not in the fairy tales of God, Santa and the Easter bunny, but in their right to rob, steal and claim ownership and priority over other people’s property.

Many of these kids grow up to be merchants of pornography, pimps or prostitutes, car jacker or Internet hackers, you name it, they’ll sell for it, go to hell for It.

Yet parents get one unanswerable question----Is there really a Santa and a God, or are they both frauds of commerce and criminality?

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Do you realize that God, the greatest creator of creation, set the pattern for the entire world’s civilization of people, beasts and at least a million other living, breathing creatures?

All are blessed as guests upon this vast Universe and have the same or similar abilities to see and hear, to eat and chew and do a lot of things that bring them all together as members of God’s uniquely different, but completely interrelated, far-flung members of His multiracial family.

Of course God, in His dedication to variation, conceived plans like DNA and genes and change to compensate for living and unanticipated existing climatic conditions even the Lord could not control. But His overall goal had to include the role of the soul and a whole lot of other rigmarole still in the planning stage for the future page of history and the mystery of how Planet Earth came to be the home, temporarily, as part of God’s unequaled creativity.

This must have been part of God’s strategy
of His plans for Humanity:

Create a universe of truth and consequence directed by humans with common sense and intelligence. Let events occur as times goes on and let mankind find solutions to wars and revolutions. Let crimes against humanity run their course until the good and right with all its might forces the blight of evil fade away.

Let sanity replace insanity, a mental menace never meant to be. Let disease be cured or disappear and let there be no fear to end the cheer and joy that will, hopefully, fill this sphere and all God’s creatures surviving here.

Let beasts of prey live out their day, then provide sustenance to aid the health of humanity. Let the universe be green to fill the scene with beauty and joy and assist the farmer’s crop to stop starvation plaguing nations begging for a better, more productive life, not one rife with hunger, early death and lingering poverty.

Let all mankind be blind to hate, maintain an open mind to find new avenues for the brain, exercise compassion for the insane and respect the wise who seek agreement and consent through rational, intelligent compromise.

In all relationships beware of slips of tongue and thought that distort and short-circuit views on the verge of convergent compromise.

Feelings are revealing in what may appear appealing in unexpected moments of stress, but defy the logic gone to waste in the haste of hurry to greater woe and worry at the end of an uncharted, hard hearted dead end road,

Listen to the mind more than to the heart and endless wars will never start. We all will survive until it is God’s desire that we expire or rise to a hire plane in His Heavenly Domain.

This is just a part of what God must have had in mind when He decided to create HUMANKIND.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Freddy the frog could bark like a dog, Oink like a hog, choo-choo like a train, And that ain’t all. HE could bounce like a ball.
climb a wall, crawl like ants in the pants of a hot romance dance, roar like a lion and if he kept tryin’, maybe cry like a baby sucking its bottle, cooing alot and ranting while panting and wetting its pants.

Freddy was ready to imitate this and that, the meow of a cat, the crack of a bat, a tire gone flat, the sound of a rat caught in a trap, the clap-clap-clap of the immense audience at the close of a hit of a play on Broadway.

Freddy the frog---and this is no joke---could mime anything anytime, but never thought he could croak. Then one night he soaked his throat in six bottles of Coke to wash down a big bowl of Navy beans.

“I’ve found the source of the sound surrounding me,” he told his fans joyfully. “For the first time you will hear a frog mime a croak.”

Freddy the frog ate a bowl of Boston beans, bite after bite on stage, then washed down the musical poot-a-toot beans with his new found art he thought was a croak was a facsimile

He held the microphone to his rear. At first the crowd began to cheer. Then suddenly they smelled what the ear could only hear. They booed and shooed the pooh-poohing, frog out on his rear.

And that was the end of Freddy’s gas passing croak less break winding career.

Monday, December 13, 2010


About three years ago I was living in Florida and my wife and I faced her inevitable cancer death.
We decided, when she passed away, I should sell our Florida condo and move to Indy to be near my son rather than the Florida sun.

The inevitable happened. The condo sold quickly and I moved to be near Larry in Indy where I lived until his work allowed him to transfer to Florida where we both now reside.

I now have both my son and the sun, the way Betty, my wife of more than 50 years, wanted it to be.

Now my son and I remain closer than ever, living with memories of the past and looking ahead to a happier life.

There are times when we miss the years in Indy and when we look forward to a hopefully long and happy future in the Sunshine State.

At 87, I will continue to blog as long as the future permits, am thankful that I have my son and daughter to comfort and care for me, my writing to challenge me and good health to bless me in my years ahead.

I want to thank bloggers everywhere who give me reason to continue my writings in the years ahead.

Thank you, one and all. ED (Wegads) WEILAND