Sunday, November 30, 2008


Father Time and Mother Earth wed and went to bed. She was hot to trot, He was not. He was inept, decrepit and tepid. He soon found out sex was no longer his cup of tea.

Mother Earth cried. "You lied. You said you swooned cute Mona Moon and got it on with that naughty asstronaut. You said you plucked Angel's harp from dusk till dawn and twinkled with Shooting Star while Sky Highguy was fighting wars on Earth and Mars,

"I thought you were the hottest guy in the sky. Why did you swear you had those love affairs with that queer in the hemisphere when you never made ii with Miss Milkyway? I say you're a fraud and a ccockeyed clod. What say you to me, Father T?"

"I told you true," said Father T. " I was referring to the former me. In the Tenth Century, B.C. I was the Cock of the Skywalk, the hottest spaceman in Starwars Town, the guy who never let Neptune down."

"But your bubble burst and you left a lot of broken hearts behind when you rocketed to the Twenty First. It's time Father Time hang up his wings and relax in the sack with the cumless Cumulus cloud crowed. That's it! I'll call it quits."

"But what about me?" moaned Mother E? "How can I maintain my reputation as the mother of all creation when my man can no longer do his duty helping preserve the beauty of flowers and trees, the birds and bee, the oceans and seas, our four-foot friends and even the seeds and weeds that breed in the breast of I, the only Mother on Earth?"

Sighed Father T: "It's time we both retire and give the task back to the Great Creator who created you and me and even created creation. After all, who and what are we but figments of God's creative imaginafion. It's time He ends His long vacation and resumes His occupation."

Sighed Mother E: "Yeah, and I'm getting tired of son after son after son. And what happens when they screw up their year? Soon as baby brother's here they disappear with God knows who. Next time I see God I'll say to him, 'Give a girl a whirl'."

"Forget it," said Father T. "After more than two thousand years, you ain't gonnna get it. God's in a creative rut That's what."

Mother E agreed. So wise was Father T. She took his hand and led him back to their wedding bed. This time they'd create a baby on their own So what happened? They had twins. Boys, of course. Cain and Able were their names.

God created a woman for each man. That's when all the trouble began.

Friday, November 28, 2008


Faced with the Bush disgrace and all its past and present sins, so many losses, so few wins, trillions spent, every cent---for WHAT? A Band of Bad Men with blood on their hands and ice in their hearts, commanded by an incompetent president intent on destroying himself, the Constitution and all it has meant until his insane reign. Bush and his twisted mind are the only legacy he can leave behind.

Will Barack Obama find a solution to this quagmire of political pollution?

Our president-elect, fearing the nation he revered was endangered by a stranger of democracy, a master of hypocrisy, he knew there was much he and supporters of his presidency must do to right the wrong and make America strong again. That is why he chose to run for president.

Obama looks ahead and anticipates a reborn land of law and order, where peace prevails from border to border. He views a land imbued with increased jobs and limitless opportunities. He foresees a future bright, shining in the light of a brand new day.

Obama knows all damage cannot be undone during his first call as president. He knows the nation and world he craves to save is paved with highways of unforeseen consequences and hostile foreign events. He stands ready to face facts and acts of war along the road to good and brotherhood.

Obama is confident peace and prosperity will be won, hopefully, not at the point of a gun, but by negotiated compromise only the wise can devise. He will do what must be done with the forces of peace and pride at his side.

This will transpire when men of war in search of peace act not as police, but will speak as one voice in defense of common sense and shared caring and experience.

When seas turn red and there are endless dead and words of love are said and acted upon, will war be gone for evermore?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


That the deal is done, the GOP has lost and we have won, we can safely say there was a way they could have saved a shred of dignity for a future run at stealing the presidency, but they missed the bus. That was good for us.

Think about it. The gang who sang the Impatient Song and got enough Democratic votes to go along with their campaign to impeach a president for messin' around with Monica did succeed. But one rule they did not heed in their effort to succeed. WHAT GOES AROUND OFTEN COMES AROUND!

Bill was made to pay for his cheap thrill with the LInsky girl, but he was not ousted for this whirl. He stayed in office until the bitter end and regained his dignity and popularity. True, he committed and eventually sort of admitted guilt for what he'd done. Just a lot of fuss to force a confession for his discretion.

Now compare Bill's sex to the myriad laws and violations of the Constitution, the refusal to respond to federal court injunctions and compunctions to disobey laws just because Bush told them to. Who do you think is more deserving of impeachment? Token President Bush and his motley of crooks and double dealers.

If the Republicans had taken action against the wrong doers in their midst, instead of insisting they didn't exist, they would have elected a few of the recalcitrant members of their party. They wouldn't have won the presidency but would have earned respect for their honesty and integrity.

Now the GOP is faced with the disgrace of having to rebuild a party of liars and deniers. How will they do it, you may ask. That'll be one hellluva task.

Monday, November 17, 2008


If any former contenders or opinion benders of the incoming presidential administration complain about some of Barack Obama's selections for the cabinet, let them not forget the Landslide President needs all the people power and political power, all the intelligence and uncommon common sense he can get to help undo what was Left Behind George Dubya Bush is sure to leave behind.

Minds will matter, not a lot of political chatter to help political hacks on their cimb up the ladder. Those who bring to their post originality and superior mentality, insight and a sense of right over wrong, in the long run, will pay off in pluralities at the voting booth.

Our next president will welcome both agreement and disscent and respect the content of what led opponents to confusion or insightful conclusions. Unlike the past administration of degradation, it's no longer "my way or the highway." This TIME it will be the right way, the OK way or absolutely no way at all.



Sunday, November 09, 2008


Barack Obama will live forever in the hearts and history of America and the Univerese as the candidate of Two Thousand Eight who was elected President of the United States and led the world to lasting peace and prosperity. His legacy to humanity was a sacred special sanity never known before.

Barack, who was black, attacked traditional bigotry and animosity and stood tall for brotherhood and the good life ahead. And he led a parade of trillions to freedom unafraid. This brilliant Harvard Law School grad, whose Dad was black, whose Mom was white, entered a fight nobody thought the color of his skin would let him win.

But this Constitutional scholar, a senator from Illinois, a man with personality and poise, intelligence and common sense, skill, strong will and a smile as warm as the sun on the Fourth of July knew why he had to reach so high so early in his career. This was the year he knew he could be a savior of freedom, liberty and democracy.

There was something special Barack knew: his beloved native land was in trouble as never before and he had to male a stand to help restore it to the democracy it was before greed and hypocrisy tried to take control of its soul.

Soon Barack officially will become the man in charge of change, who'll say "I CAN!" And he will. Until that day, keep the faith and hope alive and help him strive to be the greatest American president of this, the twenty-first century.

Saturday, November 08, 2008


I close my eyes for a moment's rest and am awakened by a chorus of more than a thousand ecstatic chanting, cheering voices, a multitude of resounding, palm pounding happy, clapping hands, whistles of encouragement and approval of the mantra of an echoing affirmation:"CHANGE! CHANGE! YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN!"

This affirmation of hope and dedication captures the dream and imagination of a troubled nation and the universe, aware the Mid East curse of catastrophe lurks in wait to destroy humanity and civilization. Can oceans of tears drown the fears, reverse and erase eight years of incompetence and negligence? Can courage and common sense, intelligence, dedication and determination take us to our destination, one land of freedom and opportunity for all who wish to be a part of a reawakened world community?

This is what awaits those who listened to the debates between the two candidates and Obama's intent when he become president.

The Obama Drama did not begin on Election Eve. Barack's plan began, many believe, when he decided "YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN!" He knew then and he knows now how to undo what George W. Bush did to push this nation into war with Iraq.

I have never met the man we owe our freedom to. But if I ever do, I'm telling you. I'll be proven right. Obama has the fight and fortitude, dedication and determination to win victory, whether it be militarily or through diplomacy.

When need is great and the weight of uncertainty clouds our fate, a leader always arises to come to our rescue. There was FDR to turn around our deep depression and lead us to aggression to defeat Hitler's insanity and threat to all humanity.

After Germany's defeat, Japan turned up the heat to extend the war until millions more would die. But science paved the way, Atom-Bombs saved the day and Peace and recovery returned the world to normalcy. Unfortunately, it took President Truman to bring the Japanese to their knees. Eventually, Germany and Japan abandoned their aggressive ways and embraced democracy.

Now Barack Obama, president-elect, pledges to end the illegal war started by a defiant, incompetent president. After more than four thousand GIs dead, thousands more wounded and/or disabled, Obama vows to end that war as quickly as he's able.

Again and again, American heroes arise to save the USA. Sometimes by war, sometimes by diplomacy, always in the cause of democracy and humanity.

This is where we stand right now. How and when it will end no one can tell, but until both they and we agree all war is hell it wll go on endlessly.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


We are in a deep recession on the cusp of a catastrophic depression. But there are ways to turn it around, to mend damage done by McCain's "my friends."

Let's jump off the McCain FRIGHT (spelled right) train and switch the track back to where engineer Obama knows we must go. If he has to raise taxes to fuel the express, so it must be. FDR proved it didn't have to take a war to speed a recovery. So shall it be for our ailing economy.

Roosevelt took command in the depths of depression, faced with a lack, of cash caused by the Wall Street Crash, He inherited Hoover's failed administration, with citizens facing starvation in a once wealthy nation, committed to soup kitchen nutrition. Fortunately, our current situation has not sunken to the times of "Brother, can you spare a dime?"

Will our Land of Golden Opportunity ever sink into the sewer of the super poor? Sure it could be if we don't find ways to save the USA! There are crumbling bridges falling down all over town. Highways in need of repair everywhere, public pools and overcrowded schools, parks where children play and seniors wile away the day. We need more police to keep the peace, patrol the streets and pound the beats, more firefighters to respond to alarms, save taxpayers from loss and harm. Why not funds and grants for scholarships and aid for those with special needs?

There are endless jobs unemployed can do to renew the magic of America. All this and more will happen with Obama in command.