Sunday, April 27, 2008


This nation's flirting with annihilation. Once a land of milk and honey, it's becoming more sour by the hour. WE (and that includes you GWB!) have traded democracy for hypocrisy, a land of the free for less liberty, less integrity, less honesty less diversity, less prosperity.

How much have we thrown away? As each day dawns, more is gone, On and on. On and on.

WE (and GWB) went on a killing spree. a mean, vicious, malicious war even though many were suspicious of the reasons why. A war not declared, but decreed by GWB. He lied, Thousands died, GIs and the enemy. No plausible cause, but because of a mad dictator Over There, and Texas prevaricator Over Here.

WE (and GWB) cannot erase the past. Memory of this rotten war will last, will not be forgotten, for generations. WE (not he) have suffered recession, near depression, inflation, frustration. humiliation. WE (and ONlLY WE} will long be a grieving nation for the thousands dead, not left behind. They will always be a weight upon our hearts and ever present in our minds,

But the U.S.A. may rise again if the voters are wise and remember come November what the GOP and GWB have done to WE who crave to save our waning democracy. A Democratic President and Congressional Majority may be the key.

If we fail, there will be four more years of A BUSH/McPAIN WAR DIE-NASTY.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


How many thousands of GIs must die before the Republican voters realize their lies have sent the bravest of our brave to early graves? How many thousands would have been saved if Bush had not stolen the presidency? There would not have been an Iraq/Bush war. The loss of a trillion-plus to pay the cost in death and devastation would not have been to fight a war neither side will win.

And, who knows? Even Dubya's approval rating might not have sunk to such record lows. His legacy? That's now all a part of our pathetic history, all because of Bush and the GOP. What a tragedy and a travesty!

The leaders of this corrupt political machine, this regime of lost esteem, should be put on trial, with the most vile among them sentenced to jail big time for crimes against humanity. But, of course, that's not the Republican style. Denial is their favorite game. What a shame! What a shame!

Who's to blame? G. W, B, and the GOP. The voters who put them there. Congress through its complicity. Our Intelligence which was not so smart. And the Supreme Court that upset the Democrats apple cart. Oh, what a House of Cards they've built. And now it's all come tumbling down.

But there's a way to turn things around. The Democrats are victory bound. Whether it's Hillary or Barack, we can take our country back. A brand new presidency makes sense to me and, hopefully, the vast majority who will cast their votes in this fragile democracy.
* * * *

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Experience might provide skill, determination, will to react to a pending attack from an enemy across the sea. But it can't guarantee common sense to make the right judgment when events get out of hand and demand responsible response instantly.

Commander in Chief's awakened late at night to deal with crisis situation that's threatening safety, security of the nation. Does he exercise his right to order military might to fight? He might. He opts, instead, for diplomatic negotiation to prevent a confrontation.

This is not a decision he alone, the president, should make. He takes the problem to those appointed to advise. Surprise! Best suggestion: "A-BOMB ANNIHILATION!" President's wary, very scary. Calls call in the military. Generals gung-ho. "THE WAY TO GO! "

President, doubts. Consults those with ten fingers and ten toes. Lays out the cons and pros. Discussion goes on, on, on. Some say "YES." Some Say "NO!" Some say "UH-OH!" Skeptics warn: "BEWARE UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES!" : Pessimists add: "CONSEQUENCES IMMENSE! " Budget Busters ask: "WHAT ABOUT EXPENSE?" Fence Sitters urge: "STAY ON FENCE ABOUT DEFENSE." Experts agree: "WE DON'T SHIVE A GIT"

President's a creep. Just wants to sleep. Yawns: "ENOUGH! HANG TOUGH. CALL THEIR BLUFF." Message to the enemy: "DROP DEAD!"

President goes to bed. Bombers soar overhead.
* * *


It's idiotic to assume a politician's patriotic just because he wears the flag on his lapel. The colors red, white and blue are not the only true symbols of loyalty to the USA. It's the character and integrity of the bearer that reveal the pride they feel about their home in the land of the free.

Obama doesn't wear the flag. That's not his bag. A pin on his suit coat might get him an extra vote or two, but it wouldn't suit his political style. His winning smile says a lot. He's proud to be leading contender for the White House, the first black ever to bask in such democratic glory.

His oratory alone didn't get him there. It's the quality people see in Barack that keeps them coming back. What he lacks in experience he makes up in common sense and judgment.

He's one of a very few who refused to send our GIs to Iraq to die in a war based on a lie by you-know-who. He supports science, education and lots of other legislation most politicos oppose because he knows what's good in every way for his home in the USA.

Barack Obama's honesty and integrity shine through. That's what you look for in a candidate for president of the United States.
* * *

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I believe how I was conceived, how I was born brand new and grew wIth the help of mind and brain to attain the skills I have gained and that I will leave behind.

I believe I know why I will grieve for those who sired and inspired me, who strived so I could maintain the health and gain the wealth that comforts me.

I believe all I believe to be correct and suspect I will know more before I leave this sea and shore and am planted in the earth below where I will no longer freely share what awaits me on my Judgment Day.

I believe when and why I will die I will not know for even science cannot tell me so. All the wisdom of the wise can only surmise and theorize, but cannot explain what the Master Brain had in mind when IT conceived what I believe is Me. I shall endure an eventuality until I know what IT had in store for me.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


If you were down and out and brown, flat on your back and black, white, poor and insecure, green and out of gasoline, out of luck, without a buck to support your family, low on funds and out of dough, could you deny you're bitter against an
administration that promised chopped chicken liver, but didn't deliver?

How could families old or young, on the bottom rung of the economic ladder, not be bitter? How could they misunderstand Obama, who feels their pain and seeks to change the system that's pouring them down the drain?

In his debating Obama's not denigrating the left behind. He's stating the way they must react to the fact uncaring politicians do not share their frustration. The next administration, unlike the last, must not slip into a state of denial or voice lame excuses that change will take awhile, don't be bitter, things will get better down the road (what road?), they'll be better soon (when the cow jumps over the moon) before the next mortgage overdue payment's overdue and the IRS is bugging you?)

Are you BITTER off this year than you were eight years ago? If so, McCain, who shares your pain, would like to know.


Saturday, April 12, 2008


Is America headed down a Dead End Street headed for a sure defeat all because Dubya broke the laws of our Constitution? Is there a solution to the predicament the president got us in? Will we ever win again? That depends on how the painful campaign of 2008 ends. If it sends the GOP to the political pits where they should be, there's a chance of recovery.

We started down the wrong track long before Bush decided to sack Iraq with an illegal, unjustified attack. Shortly after Dubya's reign began the Republican FLUSH in the pan, the also ran man began his nefarious plan to undo all the good Bill Clinton had done. In the process he made a mess of the U.S.

Through haste and waste, cut and paste he replaced our surplus with a loss that none of us will live to see the budget return to profitability. But does the Bush buffoon accept accountability for the four thousand plus GIs who died because he lied? The wounded, maimed who will never be the same, the death and injured innocent Iraqi citizens, billions lost in real estate, hate generated against America by the Bush administration, the crime, corruption and disruption, sadness, grief and misery unprecedented, caused by any president in modern history.

Politically, historically in wars one side loses, one side celebrates victory. In reality, all suffer equally. Insanity of man killing man affects all humanity. All are tortured by the same reality that he or she, them or they are dead today because of war, because of me.

This useless, fruitless killing spree will continue endlessly if we buy the McCain/Bush/GOP theory who want to strain our resources and keep killing our armed forces. If we don't prolong the war, as the habitually wrong predict, we will convict thousands more to bloodbath death and misery. Somehow that's what's happening now and we're still there. If our pulling out is a mistake, Iraq will have to make it on their own.

We write this all in rhyme to entertain and to stress victory for McCain will add tears and fears, pain and strain to the next four years. The Democrats vow to end all that. And that is where we're at. Let's stand together, band together, demand an end to the George Bush War!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


A horrid eight year nightmare is almost through. Voters did what they had to do. They threw the GOP out thoroughly and officially. But will the scars of war the Dubya left behind long remind the voters of tomorrow the pain, the sorrow the Republicancer left behind,

Dead GIs can never be replaced. Trillions lost to pay the cost of our attack on Iraq will plague this nation for generations to come. Some will say the war was necessary to free Iraqis from the grips of an iron-fisted dictatorship.

But what have we replaced it with? The myth of an elusive democracy, mired in hypocrisy, misery, despondency, poverty. Thousands dead and more resigned to a lifetime of disability borne of the futility of war.

The Republicans have been thirsting for blood and dragging democracy through the mud ever since that Dubya dud stole the glory from Gore and a whole lot more and proceeded, with the aid of a greedy GOP, to turn our government into a second rate banana state of mediocrity.

Now we have a lamebrain Sen. John McCane who can't wait to outdo W. Do you want him to?


How can any woman or any man, any member of any crowd, be proud to be a Republican? The GOP will always be the symbol of the Bush Regime that had a dream and scheme to turn America into a second rate dictatorship.

Luckily, they flipped their lid in their bid to do it. We knew it would happen sooner, not later. Dictators all eventually meet their Waterloo. This one will, too, with a little help and votes to spare by citizens who care enough to hang tough this time around.

Anyone with half a brain knows the Bushies were insane to try to stain our United States with their venom, their hate and appeal to the public weal to let them steal our freedom blatantly. Let's hope the Democrats will set them straight before it's too late.

We must reject their use of fear to steer the Left to the Right. And just when someone's needed most there emerges two up to the job who want to be the next president. Whether it be Hillary or Barak, we're confident either one will turn back the GOP as we surge ahead to victory over the declining economy and put the nation back on course full force.

First we must elect/select a candidate prepared to debate convincingly whoever's chosen by the GOP to perpetuate the past seven years of stagnation, of an illegal war that caused four thousand-plus GIs to die, of an incompetent administration that spent the Clinton surplus relentlessly and put our nation on the verge of bankruptcy, who helps the wealthy and denies thousands of health insurance.

Need I say more? You tell me. Better yet, tell it to the ballot on Election Day.

Monday, April 07, 2008


The US is in an awful mess, it's stressed and in distress, no less. It can only sink in one direction--- down, down, down. How can we turn DC town around?

FIRST: Impeach the presiDUNCE and Veep Creep before it's too late. Indict the GOP menagerie and get them out of DC Town. Dump lame duck Dubya's wrecking crew, everyone from Bush Clone McCain, on down to the many zany, not so brainy, somewhat insaney doers what Dubya tells them to. Let them do time for their part in the crime of the century in a federal penitentiary.

NEXT: Put Democrats in the deloused White House, fill Congress with the best men and women money CAN'T buy and hope they reverse the worse legislation the soon to die Bush misadministration rammed through during the final hours of their overpowering power. Then be sure our country's secure and will endure despite the dirty GOPolitic tricks.

We suffered through eight years of sweat and tears, of sneers and floppy ears. Hopefully Shore Mo Thit will Fit the Shan (translation on demand!) now that we know what Republicans can do to screw our democracy.

Just remember come November tender your vote for who ever's on the Democratic ticket. Let's stick it to the enemy of democracy and the masters of hypocrisy.

Saturday, April 05, 2008


We live in a world of wonder, wondering whether it will long be here or eventually it will disappear. Or will it still be here, but without people just like lt was when it was first created?

That could depend on blunders made by those who live by rules controlled by gold and greed and a constant need for more---which inevitably ends in war.

Or by the extremely wise who agree war is out of date and the only way we can survive, can stay alive is to agree we all are members of the same growing family of humanity.


While we send probes to Mars and other stars searching space for another place where there might be intelligent beings we’re seeing every day. And they, like us are willing to spend the time and expense to unlock secrets of how planets began and died and descended into nothingness.

There must be other humanoids in the void of distant space who seek lives like theirs a trillion light years away. Did they perish in their endeavor never to achieve success?

Is interstellar exploration going on? Will it continue when we’re gone? When Earth’s time has expired and all the wealth we’ve acquired has diminished into nothingness, when all that’s left are barren plains of dried up bones and fossilized remains will explorers be wise enough to surmise what the message of their demise implies? Will they vow never ever to allow what happened then to happen again?

Friday, April 04, 2008


When our nation is plagued by inflation or in recession, on the verge of depression, and the national debt is greater than it should get, what is the proposed solution? Eliminate support to the sorts of things no doubt our people can do without. Congress insists top of the list should be music, art and literature, culture, if you will, and sports of all sorts, and assorted programs designed to develop body and mind.

Needless to say our country’s precariously on the verge of bankruptcy, caused by war, waste and incompetence. Although it makes no sense, the only untouchable too muchable is military defense. The cost of war is by far Number One on our shopping list. Guns and planes are more important than healthy bodies and probing brains.

All which leaves one to wonder, will art die or will it lie in repose like a basket of dirty clothes? Will composers ever compose again? If so, when? Will those who chose art succumb to deflation of the dollar bill?
What will become of the impressionable young? Will they suffer from depression of the soul? Who can know? Who can say? What will become of the art of oil, pen and ink, words of the wise who make readers think, music that soothes the soul? If sports are cut short, will we witness a lack of physical fitness?

If all this is denied by schools, will we raise a nation of fools?

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


There's inflation in this nation no matter what they say.
Things cost more at every store than you used to pay.
Bucks are out of luck as you strive to save a dime.
Ain't it funny how your money loses value all the time.
No iffs or buts, from soup to nuts, from chips to cottage cheese
Foods that spoil in the freeze are favorite luxuries.
From shoes to booze to postage stamps to every single item
Prices soar ever more. tt's inflation adfinitem.