Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Take this question/suggestion for what it's worth. Isn't it time politicians get down to earth and concentrate on what's on this planet.

There are thousands of bridges falling down in every city and town, highways and byways desperately in need of repair everywhere, schools with children in overcrowded classes being taught by frustrated, poorly educated teachers as well as some well trained but restrained by rules at their schools that insist they pass from class to class with untrained brains who can hardly read and write, add two and two, still rely on fingers and toes and come up with totals that are sometimes incorrect.

What do you expect from kids who don't get enough to eat, live in crowded quarters devoid of heat, wear ragged hand-me-downs and shoes with holes in soles?

How about hospitals where the destitute are ailing in a system that is failing to provide proper skills and the equipment and implements to treat and, hopefully, cure families uninsured who must endure deprivations because of their lowly station in life.

Washington can and must expand research into the theory of stem cell applications to cures of chronic diseases and transplant procedures that grant hope for a longer life devoid of pain and strife?

Where peopie can spend more quality time with family and friends, read and learn and earn more money, enjoy more bright and sunny todays and tomorrows, filled with love and laughter? And when the end must come for them to bid this world farewell with a sense of content and accomplishment.

The GOP always accuses Democrats of "tax and spend." But they never say what Democrat-motivated tax dollars support---rising price of pills and doctor bill's, nursing homes and senior facilities; fuel to heat homes, gas for cars, booze and baby shoes and other nonessential necessities.

Taxes pay the freight. Government must operate profitably. What they spend depends on what taxes generate; taxes are how they earn what they must learn not to burn. Taxes fill a need. Let not them be consumed by human greed.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Our American dollar once had hoot and holler. It was the king of currencies, the big cheese of economies, master of the marketplace.

It set the pace for making and creating a need that once did not exist. Dice were rolled and the hottest cold cash in demand changed hands throughout the U. S. and in every single friendly foreign land. No one wondered why. War was just a way to live or die, be part of the scene, enjoy the hours in-between.

That was then. This is now. Somehow things are not the same in the world's fast changing money game. And it's mostly about war and the economy.

The American buck is out of luck time and again. Unease about the interlocking economies creates hostilities and jealousies now and then, against the traditional currencies and the euro, the newest hero dough on the go, sometimes higher, sometimes lower, but always a player in the international money show. If the currencies would not compete and work together, the nations could minimize the storms that rise between them.

Why must we have war with brief of peace before more dying? Because the weak must surrender to the strong, must learn to get along. To concede diplomacy is a better way. That might is never right and right is sometimes wrong.

Why do nations always have to prove their superiority? Have those who fought and won the last war survived only to sire sons who might die the next time around?


Joe the Plumber, also known as Plumber Joe, could fix a leak in a week when he was at his peak. He had a secret fixer mix of which I now speak:

Joe pops a glop of bubble-gum in his mouth, chews until his cheek gets weak, his gums are numb, his eyeballs bug. He adds a wad o' chewin' t'backy util his teeth go clickity-clackity and sucks untill they get stuck, quacks lke a duck, moos like a cow, meows like a cat, takes two gulps of mother's milk and sits on a log and barks like a dog, He shouts "'THREE CHEERS FOR SCHMERE NEAR BEER!" and pours it in a fat cat's hat, adds a pound of pure manure---from a horse, of course--- and lets it brew a week or two. Even if this fails to fill the bill he sends this note we quote:

"Flush my mix down a toilet bowl. If it leaves a stain of green or brown wash it down and see me the next time you're in town. If the color's red call your family doc instead,"

All this said, Joe went to bed. He drank a snort of port, a drum of rum, got high on rye and pumpkin pie. Felt superfine on dandyline wine and slurpentine, suffered a six pack whack, almost choked on a diet Coke

Plumber Joe fell asleep for a week. When he awoke he was too weak to leak. So he decided to go with the flow. He now lives with Minnie the Mermaid in the belly of Jonah the Whale fifty fathoms below in the Sea of Pee.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Even if you're idiotic enough, unpatriotic enough to fall for Republican bluff and stuff like that dumb Joe the Plumber number, Keep in mind the kind of mind you'll find running a campaign for a fallen hero, John McCain.

He boasted about supporting a total flop and now denies it. He shopped for a running mate and found a governor of a state that tolerates a woman who sanctions hate and bigotry. She, of limited competence, intelligence and experience, as vice president, would become president if McC dies or is disabled. Given his medical history, that's a possibility. Aware of his precariousness, could he make a dumber choice? THIS is judgment worthy of a president?

With the US in recession, possibility headed toward depression, how could she lead a bankrupt world back to solvency? No leader with intelligence and integrity would place this nation in such a situation just to win a nomination. McC did.

Is there a better reason to vote for Obama. THERE ARE MANY!. McC HAS NOT ANY.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


John McCain is a profane indellible stain on the good name of America. He is a pimple pure and simple on the lips of American politics. True, he served democracy as a prisoner of war, but he left that reputation far behind when his mind and patriotism became twisted by the tight fisted bigotry and lack of integrity of the Republican Party.
For a brief time while he was ahead he displyed a phony sense of dignity and integrity. But as soon as the awareness of Obama's intelligence, decency and honesty shone through, McCajn weakened in the polls and desperation stepped in. The McCain campaign abandoned its political appearance of fair play. The more he played the blame game the weaker his following became.

When the dirty politic failed, McCain curtailed his attack on Barack. But it was too late. The hate and desperation proved McCain for what he is: a poliician who will do anything to win.

The Democrats played it cool and correct. The Flip-Flop took reverse effect. They snorted, booed the man they once supported. When the McCain troops booed, McCain knew he had screwed himself. Some of his faithful now won't vote. Some might back Barack.

As for Sarah Palin? Just one more resom McCain is failin'!

Monday, October 06, 2008


John McCain's a hero. That we know. He tells us so at every opportunity. He crashed his plane in the Pacific, was nabbed by the enemy. He spent four years or more in a Nam slammer where he was tortured and abused and refused release ahead of sked because his dad was top Navy brass.

That's the story in nutshell, but it must be said he acted heroically and earned the fame and won acclaim when he finally was returned free to the USA. He was a hero and a patriot because he served his country faithfully. But his bravery and devotion should not blind voters to the notion that his actions and decisions made him qualified to be a candidate for the presidency.

McCain's selection of Alaskan governor Sarah Palin, as his running-mate, an inexperienced beginner on national scene, is not the only reason why she does not qualify. This sensitive matter must be discussed: Because. of health and age, it's possible McCain will not remain president full term. If he dies or is incapacitated this would put Palin in the White House, unqualified though she might be.

There are many unrelated reasons why McCain ls not the right guy for the presidency, which we will discuss in a later post, but we feel the possibility of a Palin presidency is most worthy of concern as election day draws near.