Friday, February 29, 2008


Remember Napoleon Bonaparte who fiddled while Rome burned? He had a dream to rule the world he knew, but it was shattered at a place called Waterloo.

Now there lives a twice selected president with similar dreams to rule the world as he knew it but he blew it. After many failures this prevailer is all but through and soon will meet his Waterloo.

The truth is this: In politics, the rotten are soon forgotten. But not in Dubya's case. Scientists couldn't wait till he was dead to find out what was in his head. George okayed to be x-rayed certain they'd find: A mind superior to Einstein, a brain as brainy as Cheney, .

Instead they found inside his head a monkey mind and a brain dumped by a donkey. All Soaked in pool of booze, served with meatballs and spaghetti. I kid you not. The news was hot. It was all the rage, featured on the funny page. .

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Heaven's a heavenly place to be. It has no future, has no past. It has only now which will last long after there's no Dow, no Wall Street cheats to tell us how best to invest our hard earned cash and watch the market crash.

At least in theology and theory, Heaven is so heavenly because it has no up or down economy, no get rich or kill the sonofabitch obsession, no depression or recession, no bending laws or small print clause to seal deals where everybody steals and nobody feels a pang of guilt for fortunes built on scam and sham.

In heaven there's no win or lose, no news to confuse you to choose the latest red hot stock which is really just a crock of schlock due to fall when the insiders sell it all and flee with their stash of cash to tax havens overseas, not (HAVENS, NOT HEAVEN. if you please.)

When you come to Kingdom Come, no matter where you come from, you'll leave a sum of cash behind. But keep in mind, that sum will come not only to some you specified in your will before you died. First in line are banks and shysters who have designs on your unspent investments. Debts must be paid before heirs can raid what they consider should be theirs.

And what about legal fees? What courts collect that, in effect, go to pay for filing fees, unresolved legacies and overseas bank accounts, amounts of gold hidden away or givin' away in anticipation of your demise?

What's your guess who will get the largesse of your estate you hate to share with Uncle Sam?

The measly millions the government takes may pay for a bomb or two to drop on Timbuktu or who knows where. maybe on you. Does anybody really care?

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Those who say they love the USA and cherish our democracy must give a damn for Uncle Sam and live or die for liberty. We don't need another tired, uninspired politician. We need a leader who knows the score and what the Bully Pulpits' for. He'll tell Congress what to do and they better follow through.

Our president must use his power to serve the people most in need. Not the special interests consumed by greed. He must not be inhibited by those who contributed to his campaign in anticipation of private gain and special favors to friends and relatives.

Power brokers, other jokers, high rollers, those who control the price of fuels, must be told rules apply equally to giants of industry and the ordinary workers in the shops and factories. That those who try to ignore or circumvent powers of the president or disobey federal laws will cause prosecution, that the Constitution will be the solution, the Supreme Court once more will be the last resort for all who try to sell our nation short.

Government officials---appointed, elected or selected--- must no longer be protected from prosecution. When all is said and done, everyone, including presidents, who intrude on the law must answer to their violations.

These are laws, rules and regulations guaranteeing equality of all charged with acts of criminality. They'll keep our nation strong and free, will preserve our love of liberty.

This is what must be in the next presidency..


A child is born. Another member of the human race takes its place with millions more who were not here two minutes ago. Finally he/she did arrive alive. Well? Time will tell. For now, there's only joy. Girl or boy? Black or white? Oriental? Planned or accidental? Elemental. A birth to add to family's history.

A child is born. Pure energy. It defecates. Urinates. Wakes, sleeps. Creeps, then crawls. Walks, talks, laughs, cries. Has father's nose, mother's eyes. Where did it get that curly hair? Skin so fair?

Until now we've called this child "it" No matter. She's a cutie. Will be a beauty. He's skinny now. He'll get fat on grandma's chicken soup. Depend on that. He'll trim down working out at the gym. You'll hardly recognize him.

Fear, fright, sleepless nights. Everything turns out right. He's OK. Be thankful for the day.

It's a daughter. Be glad you've got her. Girls are less risk of death by war, But if she has a son. Army will put a gun in his hand, send him to a foreign land. Command him to kill. He will.

Each child's a precious gift. Lift voices to the sky. Maybe He will heed your plea. End insanity. Save humanity!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


John McCain's campaign is on the wane and, desperate to reduce the pressure and the strain, remain the leading contender as a member of the GOP, he's got to attack Barak, the apparent democratic candidate for president.

So what must he do to undermine the popularity and electability of this charismatic senator who, in all probability, will be his opponent for the post? Attack Barak where he's least qualified.

But what McCain must comprehend, success of a leader largely depends on advisers selected, Congressional compatriots elected, dedicated to a stated cause, the laws the president seeks to enforce, and of course, on how he uses the bully pulpit to make it all come together.

Success does not depend only on what the leader's won, but what gets done and how it serves the body politic. The trick? Surround the administration with the best brains in the nation. Fight for lower prices, devices to ease inflation, improve education, lessen contamination of the air, the waterways. These are issues that will raise praise and applause and further the cause of democracy and, in every way, the U.S. A,

We don't need more foreign woe, the status quo, the outward flow of our dough we must reject tired ideas that should have been expired long ago. We don't need John McCain who would retain the brainless Bush legacy, We need a push into the Twenty-first Century.

We need Barak Obama desperately.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


He stood proud and tall. He and his wife had it all, lived like movie stars. Grand home, expensive cars, winners of Wall Street wars. Luxury, security, health and wealth, so much more. What else could the good life have in store?

Their kids were grown and on their own. Living in an empty nest. A time to reminisce, to rest, be thankful they had been so blessed. Time to recapture, rapture romance they knew when they were young, dedicated to making dreams come true.

Ever so slowly it began. He forgot where he'd parked the van. Misplaced his wallet, lost his keys. Lost track of realities. '"Got to call my mom," he'd say. Forgot she'd passed away. Talked in his sleep, some times he'd weep. Joked about it when he awoke.

His dad died when he was four. Got lost on his way to his house next-door. Kissed his wife and son goodbye. Bought a gun. blew out his brains. Insanity in the family? "Could it happen to me?" he asked himself inwardly.

First fleeting signs of senility. Loss of his mobility. Uncertainty, hesitancy. Slowly his lights burned out. Life did a turnabout. Memory faded, then fled, Left a vacancy in his head. Alzheimer's took up permanent residency.
It happened when the kids were grown, on their own. He and his wife together, alone looked forward to a future heaven sent life in retirement. The empty nest.. A time to rest, to reminisce. Recapture, rapyure, romance they knew when young, working hard to make dreams come true.
Their eyes were always filled with love. Hers did still and, yes, sadness too. He stared at her with eyes that saw, but did not recognize. The smile on his face replaced by: "Who am I?" He listened, waited for her reply. "You are my love," she said and held his hand. He nodded. But did he understand?

Monday, February 18, 2008


Bush and his brood will soon be out, but have no doubt, his underlings will still be pulling the strings, Dubya's clones will set the tone. Through abuse and subterfuges they'll win more battles than they lose.

Dubya will still be the man without a plan, but how things pan out's not his concern. The Democrats will never learn they cannot spurn the powers that were when Bush was the Big Cheese. He'll still in there somewhere as the triumvirate---Cheney, Rove and Rice---run the show from stop to go. So what else is new?

The Congress of the Left will try to legislate as it's supposed to do, but the scamps in the enemy camp will block the changes when they can and, as Republicans, they will. It will be a hard pill for Democrats to swallow as they follow the enemy over the hill.

The Party in Power will find it hard to undo the crimes made legal and no matter how they try, the courts from the Supreme on down will screw 'em by giving the final word to the Theater of the Absurd.

Thanks to the pranks of the past, Bush will have the last laugh when all is said and little is done.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Hillary and her crew, the advisers who tell her what to do, must realize the prize she sought is all but lost. We could pay the cost of victory for the GOP if Hillary is our nominee.

By hook or crook, she'll cook the books to make her look like a winner. The fact is it would likely be the opposite. She might wind up the loser. It's time to face the fact the less experienced "beginner" is on the right track to turn back the GOP and win the presidency for we who put democracy above Hillary's selfish wish to be the wannabe. Obama is most likely to be the savour of our democracy.

With the possibility of victory fading rapidly for Hillary, it seems she'll do anything to swing the delegate numbers in her favor. She craves the presidency so intensely she can taste it and is willing to waste the opportunity her party can defeat the enemy.

The polls and the winning string of victories in the primaries are proof an overwhelming majority of democrats---and possibly independents and Republicans, too---favor the senator from Illinois. The GOP candidate---whoever he might be---would rather face Hillary on November 4.

With potential success knocking at our door we can't settle for either/or. With Hillary it could go either way. Obama's our best bet on Election Day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I am a fictional nonentity concealing my true identity. I have no name, no face, no place where I was born. I am forever changing and rearranging circumstances to enhance the imagined romance that beckons me.

My imagined life thus far would rival any movie star. I am adored for talents I possess, for my gentleness, my calmness under stress, my courage and determination, a readiness to face any confrontation without fear or hesitation.

I am a man of the streets who meets and beats the odds of self-created gods, of clods and frauds of my fanciful fascination. All this I endure and feel secure and sure of me, the only friend that welcomes me into my fold, worth more than all the gold in Fort Knoxx and what still is hiding in the rocks and mines of far flung places of my design.

My faithful fictional family dotes on me and quotes what I say for I am the oracle of all things historical that have not happened in my nonexistent inconsistent most eventful past. If something significant were to occur, I would be the first and last to know. I am a humble and repentant "I-told-me-so."

The woman I select for sex I will treat with great respect. She will be quite fond of me and treat me equally. I will do what I do best to fulfill her expectations regarding our mutual sexual relations and if I pass the test she will invest herself in me.

As I lay with me between the pages of my masterpiece of rages, my emotional and devotional release I will reach the climax of my elusive but all inclusive imagination.

My story has been told. I will fold my book and go to sleep. Good night, my friend.


Monday, February 11, 2008


As politicos come and go, you know, Dubya ain't so smart. But he was a whole lot dumber when he stole the show with daddy's dough and an insane brain below his bellybutton. He's got less than nuittin' from his hips to his lips to that queer little sneer between his ears that flap as he dishes out crap. You poke a hole in his wooden head and the sap spouts out. And that's what Bush is all about.

So goes the tale of his intellectual tail. He has brit for shains and is convinced he was born of royalty destined to be king of everything from C to C, (the report card he worked so hard to get his college degree.)

Dubya presumed when his approval zoomed right after Nine/Eleven that he, AWOL Texass Air Force flyer, chronic liar, dedicated denier, filled with fire and desire had the knack to whack Iraq to pay Hussein back for the attack he didn't do. With the help of zany Cheney and his gang they figured war would last no longer than a week or two and Sadam would meet his waterloo.

You know the rest. They hung the bad Baghdad daddy and Bush, the smarty, had a victory party. That was more than four years ago and the war goes on with thousands of GIs dead and Iraqis. too, and Dummy Dubya doesn't know what to do.

Which brings me to my point: we elect, we don't anoint, our presidents. They ain't royal. And Bush should have been boiled in his high priced oil.

The would-be dictator taught us thus: we are and will always be, not an aristocracy, a democracy that's had it with the GOP hypocrisy. Making like a king was Dubya's thing. Soon we'll be through with that ding=a-ling!

Friday, February 08, 2008


As the nation heads down the homestretch to the dead-end of the most wretched presidency in America history, I, for one, and billions more like me say to the departing Dubya: Goodbye, Bad Luck, you Dumb-Cluck Schmuck! You stuck it to us, now get back on the one-way bus to TexASS and leave the driving to US!
* * *
Before the new president takes up residence in the former house of Mickey Mouse, a thorough cleansing must be done. There'll be a ton of things to do, Number One: Fumigate the whole damn place. YES, Dubya left a mess, a total disgrace. It must be inundated by bugs of the electronic species, littered by feces ground into the carpet nap the sap chews on now that all hope is gone.

A cursed cursury infection inspection found big eared bugs all around, listening in on dirty trick fixes on past stolen elections, mixed with crummy crumb bum tax break snacks consumed by party hacks celebrating kickbacks to the party coughers who take the crooked cash but never cough it up.

The anti-bughouse brigade checked out the book Bush claims he wrote. Presidential bookworms were eating all his P's and Q's, gulping them down with Dubya booze while he and Laura were on a cruise. It didn't make the Evening News.

Thursday, February 07, 2008


We, The People, will have our way. Let not the promised words be briefly heard only to fade away in the verbal avalanche of a typical election day.

Let not the Left and the Right and all shades tn between be only vaguely heard or seen between the rabble-gabble of the political scene,

Let the voice of choice not be just one endless stream of meaningless cliches and promises that are at best said in jest to wrest votes and headline quotes for the "come and go" candidates you hardly know.

Trust the hopeful hack who admits to you our nation's in a BUSH of double trouble in Iraq. Doubt the sincerity of he or she who vows to bring the troops back, not in a coffin or a body sack, not barely alive but hooked on crack. Let him have the limbs he had before he went to fight this illegal, ubwinnable Republican war.

Let his Family never see the sorrow in his eyes or the suffering when they see him with one less limb or even more. Just share with him the pride he he must feel inside for having done the best he could to aid his buddies in distress.

Thank God he and we are finally out of this mess.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008



...the historic vote has shown that WE THE PEOPLE do not stand alone. We collectively own our democracy, our land of the free. The Right were wrong and will always be. The time has come to show our true colors---the RED, WHITE and BLUE of equality.

Americans began their freedom fight in 1776 to fix what foreign royalty did decree was the way the populace had to pay. They paid their dues in blood and tears and have renewed it in victory after victory throughout more than two hundred years of liberty.

The cheers you hear will remain and gain in intensity and immensity thanks to a Constitution and Bill of Rights that protected our democracy from the small of mind, the blind of heart and the false glitter of greed that sought to lead We the People astray.

But today and, prayerfully, evermore, we sing with one true united voice We the People's Choice of a trueenlightened,
brightened land, a land of brothers, sisters, of one hue. Never again will we be a Me and You. WE are a WE!