Sunday, March 29, 2009


I am a fictional nonentity concealing my true identity. I have no name, no face, no place where I was born. I am forever changing and rearranging circumstances to enhance the imagined romance that beckons me.

My fictional life thus far would rival any movie star. I am adored for talents I possess, for my gentleness, my calmness under stress, my courage and determination, a readiness to face any confrontation without fear or hesitation.

I am a man of the street who meets and beats the odds of self-created gods, of clods and frauds of my fanciful fascination. All this I endure and feel secure and sure of me, the only friend that welcomes me into my fold, worth more than all the gold in Fort Knox and that still is hiding in the rocks and mines of far flung places of my design.

My faithful fictional family dotes on me and quotes what I say for I am the oracle of all things historical that have not happened in my nonexistent inconsistent most eventful past. If something significant were to occur, I would be the first and last to know. I am a humble and repentant "I-told-me-so."

The woman I select for sex, I will treat with great respect. She will be quite fond of me and treat me equally. I will do what I do best, to fulfill her expectations regarding our mutual sexual relations and if I pass the test she will invest herself in me.

As I lay with me between the pages of my masterpiece of emotional and devotional release I will reach the climax of my elusive but all inclusive imagination.

My story has been told. I will fold my book and go to sleep. Good night, my friend.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We are living in an Age of Greed that fails to feed the economy's need. It leaves no room for you and me and millions more laid off, unpaid and afraid with no aid in sight to provide hope while we grope for a may never be a new opportunity.

As for the family budget, who can budg it or fudge it when extra income's not coming in and there's increasing doubt we can find a way to work things out.

Are we out of luck with the American buck? Is the euro the way to go? Has plastic, once a fantastic way to pay our bills, become the cause of our financial ills? Maybe we could live on long term credit---if we could get it.There is a way to defeat the rising cost of meat and all the other things we eat. Don't hold your breath. The answer's DEATH!

If you think you've tried everything to bring back the way things used to be, you must admit you haven't died. That may BE IT! Life in Heaven, building lots on Cloud Nine will be fine, food and booze and all you choose will be free, growing on a Miracle Tree, God's solution to pollution: He waves His Golden Wand and it is gone. There will be no disease, bugs or bees, tics or fleas or arthritic knees.

With this Earth going to hell fly up to Heaven and stay a spell.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


The U.S. is in an awful mess in a debate that just might seal its fate. It pits Dirty Rotten AIG defending greed against Uncle Sam who represents the Public Need. Which side will win it's hard to say. The winner will control our economy and destiny indefinitely The victim gets a bag of broken dreams and debts to pay for years to come. And then some.

It all began when the banks sank trillions into loans that tanked; They looked to the U. S. to bail them out. Uncle Sam came up with the cash they were to invest in the economy but instead they awarded it to their incompetent execs as bonuses for a job poorly done. When the U. S accused them of misuse of the dough, the banks said it was all done legit and refused to refund.a dime of it.

The banks and the government signed the contract and that's a fact. Exactly what the White House can do to get out of it will probably be sorted out by the courts. Who allowed the loophole in the law? Nobody saw it. No one wants to share the blame. The Congresspersons all agree it was a dirty rotten AIG shame, but all the same, a law's a law and must be obeyed. That's how laws are made. That's how the game is played. So please don't rain on Barack Obama's parade.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


One of God's most unintended consequences was His creation of prehistoric creatures. Outer space was such a peaceful place until the BIG BANG got it all together, and whether it would turn out good or bad it gave the universe something it never had---a planet which, in some future century would be called Earth, reportedly named after Eartha Kitt, but there's no proof of that trivia or could there be and we guarantee the inaccuracy of anything written in this SHIECE OF PIT.

Meanwhile, a trillion trillion miles away in a swamp named for Donald Tramp an ancient ancestor of a chicken laid an egg in murky stagnant water hoping it would birth a daughter and so it did. I kid you not, out popped a full breasted lady dino who shook her leg and laid an egg bigger than a keg of beer. Up jumped a draped in yolk and shell, hot as hell, a she-male loaded with viss and pinnegar ready to go, go, go.

If you wonder why the gestation period of baby dinos went so fast, in the distant past, daylight darkness could last a lot of years (not true) and the species had a lot of catching up to do.

There were no laws against incest because there were no laws. Brothers cohabited with sister dino mates. There was nothing else to do. All mates had twins and twins had twins and that's how the population grew.
God decided to ban creature to creature fornication to control the population. But copulation was more fun than fornication especially on vacations with friends and relatiions.
But God was not to be denied. God decided what to do. He got a fantastic but drastic solution. He'd make his creature children sick so they would die quick. That was a dirty trick but what else could He do? He conceived diseases still in mode today. Some died of suffocation, others of asphyxiation, most of constipation, a smelly way to go.

After all God's kids were gone the smell lived on and the cavefolks were mad as hell. How long could they endure the extinct stink of the rotting, rancid creature flesh before it turned into oil? To them oil was just a smell in the dirty soil. If they'd known what we know now they'd have died millionaires! But could they afford to wait for Henry Ford to make the Model T?

Well, the dinos are gone. The oil's still here. And it will always be. Someday they'll be making oil out of you and even me.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


When will We the People open our eyes and hearts and start to realize that war's not smart and killing's wrong and one happy song is worth a thousand tears. Fear will disappear, replaced by cheer and celebration as nations turn expectancy into reality and a vitality will inspire new desires for lasting peace throughout the land.

There will no longer be rule by dynasty or inherited legacy, by kings or queens demanding loyalty to royalty or by misfits unfit for tasks they have been assigned by happenstance of history. Only one superiority will be recognized and prized among the minority. Talent, common sense and intelligence, byproducts of inheritance, based not on health or wealth, but on gifts dormant in the body's DNA. At conception a mixture of thousands of parental genes influence what we will be genetically in years to come.

What determines DNA? Who can say? It emerges in a special way. A couple creates a child who, from the instant of conception harbors a dream to create a work of art that will startle and bring fame and acclaim to the family name. While one offspring will bring pride and joy another offspring from, the same couple will turn to crime and spend time behind prison bars locked in wars raging within his mind.

Which kind of human will emerge? One with urge to serve humanity, next a mild, well mannered child who in his troubled youth will explode in a burst of killing fury and will shock a jude and jury with his hate, and hostility and inability to adjust to a civilized society.

What does this all mean? Is the future hidden in our genes?


Barack Obama, a man of his word, was never heard to say he'd bring back the economy early in his presidency. He did vow to review laws and flaws of the Bush administration that caused the economy to tank.

Bank bankruptcies, failing, ailing industries massive home foreclosures began on Bush's ride and multiplied because Dubya couldn't decide what to do. Remember how Dubya used to brag he was the "Decider." His wrong decisions, indecisions, vision- inspired miscalculations should have sent him straight to prison for a long incarceration.

It will take time to deal with all the crimes the slimes have dumped on this nation and the Obama administration. Rest assured, Barack will eventually bring good times back in spite of the Bush stupidity.

We must call atention to Bush's invention of the illegal Iraq war, which by far, weakened the economy. It did more. While Bush was minding the store more than four thousand GIs died, some by suicide. Thousands were wounded, maimed and disabled whose lives will never be the same. These facts about this rotten war must not be forgotten nor should the guilty of the GOP get off the hook in the history books.

# # # #
Some anti-Obama pundits and other dyed in the BULL Republicans say things like "Obama has been president for two months and the stock market's terrible. How come he hasn't fixed it?" Obama is fixing what can be fixed with a stroke of his pen, like some unemployment insurance regulations and the ban on stem cell research, among others. But more about that in future blogs.)

Friday, March 06, 2009


When will politicians and lawmakers become aware the cost of health care in the U. S. is in such distress not only because so many Americans are uninsured and victims of dread diseases that can't be cured because so many greedy, dishonest physicians pad their bills, charge for ills they don't treat and cheat Medicare and patients royally because of incompetent clerks and assorted jerks working for clvil service perks?

On top of all that, some hospitals strive to keep patients alive in terminal limbo so they can milk insurance companies and federal budgets who, without doubt, are a part of the scam that jam the system. These are ignored as Congress members pro and con go on and on In these times of financial crisis.

If you'd like proof of these allegations just ask your constituents to share a few of their Medicare or Medicaid statements with you. How often have you spent five minuets or less in a "private consultation" with a doctor and found out later he/she billed the health provider several hundred dollars for an "in depth" discussion?

Are your billings listed in medical jargon you don't understand or recall having received and the provider has paid for them without question? And if you want to protest a charge it's too much red tape so you get fed up and forget the whole thing.

I once worked for Social Security in Baltimore and the waste and theft of office supplies and the phony payments for overtime were rampant. Everybody, including our supervisor, were in on the take and it was a big office joke. The usual excuse was, "It's only taxpayers money, so who cares?"

Each year, just before school opened, office supply cabinets were bare and reorders for hundreds of pencils, rulers, scissors and assorted "school supplies" were approved without question.

These are just a few of the ways your money is wasted every day in thousands of government offices by just one agency. Do you wonder where the trillions went? (MORE ON GOV WASTE IN FUTURE BLOGS. STAY TUNED!)

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Even before he became the Democrat Presumptive candidate, Barack Obama knew he'd make the grade. He made promises he knew he could keep. He knew they would not be quick or cheap, but once made he could keep and expand to every corner of the land and to every foreign nation dedicated to serve and preserve freedom and democracy in the U. S. and reaches out to other nations with the similar aspiration.

But first President Obama, must persuade a hostile Republican Party minority to put politics aside and support his stimulus program to return prosperity to the U. S. and a world in distress.

President Obama's stimulus program is not based on intuition or unproven suppositions, but on intelligence and common sense and on the combined strategies of civilized nations facing up to the now-or-never opportunity to make this time in history their finest hour.

The U. S. intent: prevent world depression. The Republicans will try anything, will lie and cheat and fight to defeat all measures to spare treasuries from bankruptcy and seriously delay the recovery of a threatened world economy. Their bottom line: Will what they do now benefit their party in future elections?

Democrats and Republicans are gripped in a battle of Need Versus Greed. The American Congress may, with the help of Democrats and, hopefully, enlightened Republicans and Independents determine the economic future of the free world.