Thursday, July 30, 2009


Was Rod Serling right? With the sterling quality of his mind was he trying to tell the world there is a way to change what is meant to be? The unanticipated fates of the the future, based on mistakes of the past, can be avoided if forces in control alter their course before the results already have occurred.

But in spite of what is or is not done, the time will come when the world will die. Everything and everyone will be blown to Kingdom Come. Some will wonder, some will be struck dumb and numb, fatalists will welcome the unanticipated event, the majority will plea to God and/or Rod to change the rules before or after the game has begun or is nearly done.

Rod Serling knew and tried to warn the world, an indirect prediction cloaked in science fiction, that this universe would end unless we were willing to mend our killing ways.

Rod Serling, like Bible warnings of Armageddon, feared the End of Days would soon be here. But it is not too late to at least delay fate and avoid terrors caused by the errors of our ways.

Unless action is taken, unless there is an awakening here and now, somehow, all humanity is forsaken. We and They are living in the Twilight Zone of our own making, financially, militarily, medically and morally.

The world is aching for a remaking of its laws and legislation, in nations where the downtrodden and oppressed are dying of starvation and lack of medication, where the poor, the insecure, victims of a potentially fatal disease who are not insured cannot be cured, where millions are killed in wars and jails are filled with guiltless victims of petty crimes, where theft of a loaf of bread, a piece of meat, a bit of fish can make an impoverished peasant wish he were dead.

These lost souls exist in a different kind of Twilight Zone, alone, no home or life to call their own. But their misery’s not a fiction fantasy. They are real in a zone from which there’s no escape.

Most were born in the Poverty Zone and lone way out is to die. Why?

Sunday, July 26, 2009


How many stars are in the sky? How did they get there? What are they for? Is there room for more? Will there ever be a moon? A month named June and Honeymoons?

Although the Bible credits God for this incredible creation, as a skeptic, I refuse to accept speculation and want to know what is so is so and who says so.

How did God get the rocks and earth and other basic building blocks from somewhere to here and there and everywhere in an up high empty sky without the aid of construction crews? How did He determine the location of every constellation in so vast a construction site in the middle of the night when there was no illumination to read construction instructions?

Who supervised the shipment of all the heavy equipment that hadn’t yet been invented? And what about the basic costs, the budgets and the overruns. the unanticipated snafus, expensive tools lost when dropped in space which are costly to replace?

Were there rules and regulations, building codes and loads of inspections to determine corrections in the plan unanticipated when the project began?

The Biblical story of God’s empirical miracle, although absolutely illogical, made sense in those ancient times when nickels and dimes didn’t exist and an assist from the authors of The Book was all it took to speed creation on its way.

For despite occasional interruptions and slowdowns in construction, production was ahead of sked. When the sixth day end drew near what never was somehow was there now.

The celebration of God’s creation of the universe and, particularly of Planet Earth, must have been a phenominal event even though there was no-one present to cheer because God had not yet created Adam and Eve who created Cain and Abel to fill the empty seats at the dinner table, lending credence to the fable of the First Family that was yet to be.

At the outset of this speculation about creation of the universe, I expressed doubt about how it could be done even by someone as able, as capable as the solely wholly Holy One.

I speculated how could the Lord choose construction crews as assistants when man and beast were nonexistent, to be created at a later date if God agreed there was a need.

What about equipment even God could not, as a matter of fact, fabricate what He could only surmise, visualize and theorize. There were no factories, no steel, no wheels or super, high grade lead free fuel. 0nly a fool would discover oil to turn into gasoline for machines like Henry Ford’s Model T, the modern creation that revolutionized transportation and made feet obsolete?

I’ve come to the conclusion my infusion stems from anillusions that what God conceived cannot be believed until what has been created has been validated.

The answer will not be found In the stars but in what I can touch and/or see, taste and/or smell, accept and/ or reject or any other and/or explored. What remains to be seen is not on my scene screen and it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

Skeptic will be my schtick until I die and even when I pass away I’ll refuse to go until it’s proven to me that it is so. When I get to the Other Side, assuming another Other Side there be, I’ll know what’s so and what’s so-so.

Friday, July 24, 2009


If America’s recovery is to work all Americans must agree. GREED will benefit and feed only those who already have achieved success and will accept no less. GREED motivates and feeds their obsession. They are not affected by repression or recession. They are in professions or careers that immune them from dramatic changes in the economy.

With exceptions all they care about is the bottom line. And as long as ‘‘me and mine are doing fine don’t tax me to support people in poverty.”

NEED motivates the have-nots to strive to get what the greedy have got. They'll work hard to make their efforts pay. And if they achieve success, hopefully, they’ll be willing to help those who barely get by on less than less. Their conscience tells them: “You’ve done that, you’ve been there. You’ve done that. You should care and respect their NEED.”

They should realize what President Obama is trying to do to restore the economy makes sense and deserves a chance to advance the quality and quantity of medical care for all citizens of the USA.

If the President’s plans SUCCEED, and, indeed. many already remain confident Barack is on the right track. He was elected because he promised change. Now when he tries to do it---and has done so much in just half a year---bear with his wise leadership on our trip through the troubled waters of GWB and the GOP.

The President’s success in cleaning up Dumbya’s mess will take time. The way Bush screwed up the USA in eight
painful years was a crime.

Bush’s lies caused the death of thousands of GIs and millions of innocent civilians and spent money like a drunken sailor on an utter failure in Iraq. That and so much more is what Bush will be remembered for. What a shameful legacy he left behind.

Oboma offers a new kind of Chief of State. He has already proven it’s never too late to right what’s wrong. So string along. You’ll get the change you voted for.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I can’t have a birthday. How can that be? According to the records, I do not exist. The gist of it is this: my momma was raised in slavery. So was I. She was raped by her master, a bastard of a man. He had the right because he was white to do anything he wanted to to his lawful property.

I was born a boy in a house of Southern belles, but my arrival brought no joy. I grew up just another hand to work the land and serve white folk whether it be food or drink or commit sins against almighty God; But I trust God understands I was prisoner in a hostile, hateful land.

I know I’ll get to Heaven. Let my masters rot in hell.

One night my momma wake me, “Get dressed, we gonna ‘scape. You daddy he rape me again, then watch whiles other white mens do the same.”

My momma and me, we made it to freedom land north of the Mason-Dixon line, where folks were kind and treated us fine and momma and me, we lived free.

Years went by, it came time for momma to die. I sat by her bed and cried. Not momma. With eyes wide open and a smile, said: “Don’t worry your head, my son. For me, life in Heaven‘s already begun. A brand new cabin’s gonna be my home. The angels made my bed, clean sheets and all.

“There are pictures on the wall. Sun’s shining through a window by the door. No more work. lots of rest . I get the best. Pork chops three meals a day if that’s what I crave, and a pot of hot tea to keep me warm while I watch the cherubs play.

“Imagine that! Me, once a slave, treated like a queen. God done seen to that.”

Momma sighed, closed her eyes and passed over to the other side. I won’t say she died. Because maybe there’s a better life waiting for you when this life on earth is through.

After I told the story of mama and me he signed my citizen papers, wrote down my brand new age. shook my hand, wished me well.

As started for the door. he called me back and said: “You were born in 1924. You will be sixty-five on the Fourth of July.“

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Solomon Wise was very wise. People came from miles around just to hear the sound of his booming voice discussing nuclear fusion which would be just an illusion until Einstein was born to add to the confusion. Wise’s replies ranged from simple things like is the world square or round to subjects more profound like how many ounce make a pound.

Since in this Biblical setting questioners were always forgetting it was too soon after the birth of Earth to make determinations about the future of civilization. Sol wished they’d stick to questions about creation and hope some dope invented a telescope so he could grope with such situations. But Sol had to reply to protect his reputation.

“It’s fair to surmise,” said wise old Wise, “the World is square. If it was round it would bounce up and down until it found solid ground and would land with a big bang and therein lies the tale of the first fire sale since Walmart passed gas that would start the end of the trail of SHELLY SMIT that contaminated the atmosphere from here to there and everywhere in between. And that’s what made the planet green,”

Nobody knew what Sol was talking about, but no doubt, neither did he. And that’s what made Wise so wise. It was good that nobody understood and not understanding made them less demanding of an explanation of what he said he said and meant what he meant he meant. But if Sol could come up with a notable quotable creation, his imagination would be a verification he was the wisest wizard of all. .

A mentor to inventors entered the scene. He invented a scientific device that would precisely settle the irrefutable dispute, who’s wiser, Wise or the Wise Guy? But his advice had a price and both sides had to pay.

The inventor took a locket from his pocket, unlocked it, revealing a tiny mirror. He held the terrific scientific looking glass for all to see. Wise and the wisest of the Wise Guys had a peek. In a commanding voice the scientist said to the locket: “Mirror, mirror, I hold in my hand two reflections for your inspection. Who’s the biggest sucker in all the land?”

The voice in the mirror laughed. giggled and wiggled and went into such convulsions that ii smashed its glass The scientist fled in a flash, clutching the cash. He was the wisest con man in all the land..

Monday, July 20, 2009


Has the American dream lost its steam? It’s not what it seems to be for me and mine. The price of homes are in decline, getting near the bottom line, so why am I being left behind?

Prices in stores all over town are less, not more, than they were before the cash crash. lenders offer lower rates and bait and switch dealer feelers are at last a thing of the past, thanks to federal manipulation regulations.

So what’s happening to my economy? Why am I out of the loop, no longer part of the group that can scoop up the savings, satisfy a few compulsive cravings? Why can’t I afford to down a few---a draft of beer, a glass of wine--- with that old gang of mine at the corner bar?

How can my neighbor buy a brand new car when I can’t even afford a ten cent cigar? Why can’t things for me be the way they used to be?

Me and millions know why things ain’t the same they were before. We’re playing the game but don’t win no more. We’re just a bunch of no good lazy slobs ain’t got no jobs. All the experts say things will change.


Monday, July 13, 2009


Is uncomplicated unadulterated, XXXrated adult sex replacing old fashioned passion as the brand new rational substitution sollution for dating, mating, loving or hating and communicating?

Are traditional marriage vows out of style or will they return in a while when lovers learn there’s more than one way to get burned.

When the flames of mutual attraction and simultaneous instantaneous satisfaction go kaput you’ve got to put the fire out. And that can be a hot potato for a lover guy and his no longer green tomato when the flame is turned to low and chills for lack will and fading thril.

A promise of true love stipulated in the marriage vow is antiquated and should be promptly expurgated. To base a promise of life-long longevity on “love, honor a d obey until I die” is a lie that can lead to trouble with the burst of the marriage bubble.

What seems so right in the darkness of night sometimes fades in the reality of a bright new day.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


The President hung up the telephone, turned to the microphone. His face was pale. His hands trembled. He tried to restrain the convulsive words falling from his lips. He was about to disclose the most unprecedented event in history since the birth of Planet Earth.

The revelation about to be broadcast simultaneously throughout the world would instill hope and faith in uncountable trillions alive on Earth and trillions more in far flung planets throughout the fearful universe.

“We are about to witness the most unprecedented event since the dawn of creation.” the President began in this historic communication. “If you are standing, please sit down. What I am about to disclose will cause many to cheer, some to flee in fear, most to pray and welcome the dawn of a brand new day. A skeptical few will cry out FRAUD! FRAUD! THERE IS NO GOD! But my fellow Americans, I have spoken to God and He is coming to Earth!”

Sobbing and sighing, laughing and crying, skeptics trying to decide has the President gone insane or is he just playing a political game? The opposition’s position: “The President said it. He’ll regret it.”

The Pope views the news as a sign of hope for a world on the brink. “Just stop and think,” one prime minister said. “Now we know God is not dead. He’s alive and well, at least for a God as old as He must be.”

“Hallelujah!” Christians hailed. “Hope He brings His son along. And all the saints and angels, too. What a family reunion that will be. Ain’t’ nothin’ wrong God can’t fix. And He won’t pull no dirty tricks like those Washington politicos.”

What‘s the reason God’s on this momentous trip on a rocketless ship fueled by His power of creative motivation? He’ll be here in just a second or two. God just has to say: “Be thou there now!” And by His command the trip is done. He decided to take this ride at a time when Earth is on a slide into oblivion?

There are a zillion quadrillion trillion million reasons why which can be summed up summarily: Earth’s lost its soul, is headed for the black hole where all civilizations that have lost control of their original goal must go.

This can be a short stay, just forever and a day, unless some future circumstance merits them a second chance to advance to the democracy they used to be.

If Earth fails a second time, God knows when it will rise again. And He is not about to tell. Suffice to say, Earth has an open date with hell where the devil waits patiently. It won’t take long, a millennium or two will do.

Eternity’s been through this several times before. Will one more time be the last? We’ll just have to wait and see.


It’s inconceivable and unbelievable that one day this place we call Planet Earth will cease to be and so will we.

This speck of real estate, in U. S. currency, based on the current economy, will not be worth a diddillc squat. All the oil in the soil, all the gold under locks af Ft. Knox, all the money on Wall Street where cheaters meet and bankers tank, brokers go broke and suckers get soaked won’t be worth a pig in a poke.

All this seems absurd, but it all occurred--haven’t you heard?---when the A-bomb came to town and all the world came tumbling down.

Ain’t It strange when a pound of small change melted down cast into a knife to take a life outweighs all the bills in Walmart tills thrown away on bargain day or deposited in the Piggy Bank of Banker’s Mistrust, saved for a rainy day that never came, ain’t that a shame.

What fell, hear tell, wasn't water. It was SLAUGHTER!

Friday, July 10, 2009


Earthquakes and tragedies beyond comprehension sends a wake up call to all who own property within the proximity of the trouble zone which stretches from Frisco and L. A. to the Jersey Shore and---who can say?---other places in the USA. and lands on foreign shores.

Quakes and floods, deemed Acts of God, leave bloody paths of death and devastation in their wake. Who is to blame? Not man. He did not devise or improvise acts that would justify so many to die and a world to cry and wonder why.

Nature is not to blame. Along with man and beast, all lands and seas and monkeys in the trees, wind and breeze, the common cold and all things good or bad had to be created. Who or what, when or why, without hesitation or explanation, created the universe and all earthly things to be. Who decided life should begin and then created the plague of sin?

With all due respect we must direct the blame for quakes and floods and all things lethal, for good or evil, as acts created by the will of God. Man is just the instrument for fulfilling God’s original intent. God gave man free will. From the dawn of eternity man has assumed free will gave him the right to kill, to sin and do what he will, to satisfy his lust and to trash the trust God invested in him in the beginning.

Should God review the laws He made that man has disobeyed? Obviously, man can’t abide by the kind of plan God had in mind. The disregard for God’s will has gone on much too long. Man is wrong. God has the right and has the might to do what He can to redirect the will of wayward souls in a world clearly out of control.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


We all live and all will die behind one of two hidden faces. The mirror of our exterior reveals us as either achiever or deceiver and disbeliever. What ever the current event of the moment might be.

This mirror reflects, respects only what it can deflect back to the viewer only what he or she wants to see, and rationalizes the unwise will compromise, tell lies, revise or marginalize, defy or deny the lie it tells itself.

The mirror of our interior does not deny that what poses as a lie is, in actuality, a hidden and forbidden truth swimming in the ocean of our repressed emotions.

What the eye inspects the mind directs to the subconscious the guilt that filters from our no nonsense sense of common sense to the conscience of our soul. Once awakened, the inner shame transplanted to the brain cannot be taken lightly.

The nightmarish dreams we fall into nightly are the black holes of our soul which we seldom can recall or control when a new day has begun and the sun is shining brightly.

But no matter what the forecaster predicts, disaster warnings loom foretelling unavoidable doom that must be faced and placed into the routine of our uncertain, curtained sorrow.

Life’s a game of sham and shame, deny and blame, laugh and cry, live and die, solve all problems with a sigh and a nice big slice of mom’s deep dish apple pie.