Thursday, July 29, 2010


Some people forgive and some forget. Others can’t remember what they forgot to forgive and took it with them when they met their too-da-loo Waterloo.

He recalled all the rotten things his mind reminded him of, this and that and a lot that he forgot.

Why has all this been so amiss in the abyss of forgiving inside the body he had resided in during all the years of lies to friends who trusted him and found his fantasies reassuring and enduring.

“Has my memory taken leave of me?” he wondered? “Is it playing hide and seek with me? Why must it do these things to me?”

He was too ashamed to face the disgrace of wasted years, unshed tears and baseless fears.

The thought he fought in his youth had proven to be the awful truth of his declining, defining years. His mind and memory no longer belonged to him. He belonged to It.

To remember what he tried his best to deny en flamed his shameful past that haunted and taunted him, yet wanted him not to forget.

When he died they buried him in a plot surrounded by blooming forget-me-nots.
They put this eulogy on his stone: “He forgot to die or notify his friends and relatives of his demise, Now here he lies beneath this stone, alone, with all his lies, barred forever from Paradise.”

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Many moons ago winds began to blow, then came a hurricane and endless rain destroying freshly planted grain. Country lanes became seas of mud, streams of blood, fallen trees, tangled debris, bridges, homes, barns destroyed. Chicken
coops could not be found, dead chicks and mother hens never to lay an egg again. Pigs missing from their pen. The barnyard owl’s unanswered “Who?” was muted in the gloom.

Victims of the blight that washed away the rich black earth and everything of worth, mourned their loss tearfully But the farner’s
life must go on. Tragedy is their legacy.
They surveyed what nature made and stared at the sky, a cloudless blue invited them to build anew.

They stared in awe at the raw land. Could anything ever grow there again.

From unclaimed lumber and bricks, sticks and stones no one owns, mounds of topsoil here, there and everywhere neighbors sharing labors poured in from all around, praised the Lord, raised the barns and homes, shared yarns about the worst cloudburst since Noah sailed his ark through dark, uncharted waters searching for a place to disembark God’s menagerie.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Many fear and many cheer and many deny and defy the prediction of the coming of the End of Days. The Mayans predict the day and year---Dec. l2 in 2011. Historians and theologians are not as precise as they envision the rebirth of Christ. To some, the date and time grows near, but when Jesus might reappear is still uncertain. Disbelievers deny the prophesy as the ravings of the Religious Right.

But then, again, there are those who say nobody knows. It just might happen in the darkness of one night when a light so bright burns the eyes it turns the skies into an inferno that rivals hell. Who can tell?

Ancient writings, in translation, are causing speculation as to the validity of the illustrations and ancient scrolls which predict the end of life on earth. For what it's worth, believers believe they will achieve eternal life if they accept the son of God while still living on this sod.

It's predicted those who are saved will embrace salvation, experience reincarnation and live forever at the side of the Lord. But those who defy the Word will live in a world grown deadly grim. Fire and flood, oceans of blood, cries of pain, rational men and women gone madly insane, drought and rain, a sun intense and events men of science cannot explain---these are the envisioned punishments awaiting those who spent their life debating the predictions and convictions of the blind believers.

Who's to know who's right, who's wrong? Who's to judge the judgment or what was meant by ancient script? Were those of grace lost in space or did they land in that holy place? Was the trial and tribulation that plagued all civilization, if it indeed occurred, just a phase of nature's ways which had nothing to do with the so-called End of Days?

The world will go to its doom with an atomic boom or when there are so many people and not enough room or when water and air are fouled beyond repair or when the birds and bees and trees and all those and these from sea to sea are no longer there. But until that happens don't despair. In a trillion trillion years it's gotta go. Just remember, I told you so.

Monday, July 12, 2010


What a wonderful world this could have been if there were no wars to lose or win, no-one to die before their time, no big time crime, no minor offenses, no accidents or unanticipated consequences, no disease or killer bees, no fattening foods or calories.

What if there were no hops for brewing beer and ingredients for all the booze to celebrate good news and cheer each New Year without fear of rising prices, droughts and floods the world can do without?

Of course water’s a necessity for quenching thirst of man and beast, for trees and all God’s greenery. To replenish and refresh the waterways where fish swim and play and go to school and evil greedy men thoughtlessly, carelessly, impatiently drill for oil in the once pristine seas.

In the process, they make a mess of the ecology, pollute the shores, bankrupt stores and do scores of things that bring down the Dow and lots of stocks and put a wealthy nation on the rocks.

What about devastating rains or hurricanes, heavy snows, tornadoes or a wind that blows and weather so cold it freezes the nose and toes and all the wheat and corn that grows, destroy the greens kids and teens and elders, too, need to feed themselves and their families?

When the Universe was created. God could have abated a lot of troubles by not inventing flies and fleas, worms and killer germs and all sorts of insects that affect and infect all creation.

Why did He bring nicotine and caffeine on the scene when water and Coca cola would have been enough to quench and drench our thirst and do our laundry?

Was God in such a rush and quandary that He overlooked all the books that would be written in praise of aqua, pasta, matzoh ball, knishes, gefilta fish, pizzas and all the other American dishes?

It’s said it takes a good man to admit his mistakes. Can the Master of the Universe, for better or for worse, concede He’d erred a bit in the six days it took to finish His task? is it fair to ask, did God grant man the power to decide his fate one night when it was late and He wasn’t thinking straight?. Or did He actually believe Man, created in His image, would have God-like ability to determine his own destiny? Will the day come when His wisdom in this respect will prove to be incorrect?

Is it too late to expect God to uncreate His mistake and alter His decree to grant man the ability to control his future independently? Would this one miscue lead humanity to its Waterloo? Would He still be around and sound of mind in the coming age of terror to answer to this fatal error?

How could even God, the wisest of the wise. realize in the Year One, beyond eons unknown, what the world would be like in this, the early days of the twenty-first century?

If God knew, and is true to his calling why does He not act to exact retribution from the sinners and reward the winners for a job, even if not well done, at least they tried to abide by rules that benefit all humanity.

Friday, July 09, 2010


How quick voters have forgotten rotten decisions by Republican administrations, especially those of George W. Bush, that got us into a phony war that led to recession, near depression and destroyed a healthy, wealthy economy.

Voters recall the reason why, but that was then, this is now. Somehow politics play tricks that stick in the memory, ignore past history when they rejected the party in power for the power apparent who elected a president promising change.

The new administration came to the realization errors of opponent’s past last longer than anticipated. But some Voters feel they’ve waited long enough, that Obama’s promise was a bluff. He didn’t follow through so they may want to try someone new even thoughRepublicans never do what they say they’ll do. They lie and try to shift the blame.
They did that lie and denied they started the war that caused the deaths of thousands of GIs and innocent Iraqi citizens.

Bush blamed the 9/11 attack on Iraq, another time Bush abused the truth to embroil us in a war over oil and to feed the greed of America’s war-based industry.

The Iraq War, at least five years old, still goes on. Profiteers hope it lasts for years and years.

Meanwhile, Dubya sheds no tears as GIs die while he swills his beers, wiggles his ears, appears unconcerned as thousands die, our costs soar high, the fight goes on and the end is out of of sight.

We can’t forget how Ronnie got us in deep debt taking loans to hone the false economy and left a bill for Bill Clinton to pay which he did in the old fashioned way---created jobs. expanded the nation's work force and erased its debt.

True, Bill had weird sexual desires, but was rehired for a second term because his system worked. He left a surplus for Dubya to destroy to support that phony war.

Enough of Baby Bush and all the rest of the GOPers who did their best to mess up the US. We now have a good Democrat who will put us back on track and correct mistakes made by lesser predecessors.

President Obama deserves credit for cleaning up the White House mess, but does he get it? Not from the GOP who blames Democrats for this, that, even goofs by GWB and the GOP and there are plenty of these, thank you please.

Just get on the Internet and ask Google for a list of Obama gifts that benefit the working man, the credit card shopper, the Medicare user or victims of computer crooks. Or what Obama’s done or has tried to do in spite of GOP trickery.

Check your memory, you’ll agree, a vote for the GOP is not for you, me or democracy.