Monday, September 29, 2008


Greed feeds the market frenzy, What this country needs is a government friendly to tax paying consumers who have become unwitting victims of rumors of a sudden crash. Unless they act practically, tactfully, willfully and skillfully, Wall Street will drive the nation down a one-way road to long range devastation.

Investors want to know their wealth will grow if corporations show responsibility and demonstrate the ability to see warning signs of sharp declines in profitability. The CEOs must not let the crisis grow while they secretly raid the treasury of gains that rightfully belong to shareholders, co-owners of the company.

Big biz has rigged the economy long enough. Congress, and the president, have not been tough on corporate crime. They looked the other way while execs wrecked the economy and skimmed the profit constantly.

What happened to the Enron cons who sucked their corporations dry? A few low level devils went to jail after months free on bail. Eventually they did their time, paid small fines, rejoined society. that make conviction of their crimes worthwhile. They'll retire in style on what they stole "legally" while piling up their slush fund earned from a corrupt, rigged bankruptcy,

The Enron robbery is cited here because it demonstrates the straits our United States can get into when Republicans rule totally and ignore legislation that's intended to end violation of GOP sanctioned chicanery.
Hopefully, the Democrats will put an end to that.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008


If you require or desire a chronic liar, chitter-chatter about lots of talk that doesn't matter, If John McPain's the man who will turn you on, remember he may soon be gone.

If you reject incorrect rhetoric and suspect that it's expressed for shock effect, stick with the mind of a man with superior intellect. Big John will soon blow a fuse disconnect his brain and he will lose.

Forget McClown and stick around, learn the Ups and Downs of D.C Town,Who's Who, Who's In, Who's Out, What's It All About? No doubt, Obama's the way to go. McCain is old and on the wane. Palin's young, untrained, under strain. Bush is vain and insane. The GOP's headed down a one way lane. The Democrats have everything to gain.

No doubt, the Ins will soon be out. If and when the Outs win, a new era will begin. So get in on the Ground Floor. They'll be minding the store. Need I say more?

Monday, September 22, 2008


Let me explain:

We've got Sarah Palin. Knock the "L" out of Palin. What's left? P - A - I - N ! Then there's John McCain. Change the "C" in Cain to a "P" and what do you see? P - A - I - N which rhymes with McCain, insane, an addled brain, a campaign on the wane.

It's plain to see the irony of what awaits you and me and the future of democracy if these two become the "P" and "V. P." of what was left by the Right that was wrong, thanks but no thanks to G. W. B.

What's ahead for four more years if voters fail to use their head and elect/select the GOP and the Bush clone, J. McP. ? A long, painful recession leading to a possible deep depression, bankrupt corporations and lower expectations for the U. S. and foreign nations.

Can't you see what's happening to this place, a microscopic spot in space? The human race is a disgrace. Misery. Agony. Hypocrisy. Starvation. Aggravation. A generation's brains on vacation.

It doesn't have to end like this. There's a way out of this abyss. Embrace good and brotherhood. Think less of ME, more of WE. There can be a bright tomorrow, less sorrow, less sadness. less madness, golden sunsets for the old, in the end a friend to guide them to a place of grace, peace, rest and the best that's yet to be in eternity.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


It's idiotic to assume a politician's patriotic just because he wears the flag on his lapel. The colors red, white and blue are not the only true testimony of loyalty and dedication to the nation of his birth. .The character and integrity he displays reveal his zeal more than a plastic pin he seldom wears.
A pin on his coat might get him an extra vote or two, but it wouldn't suit Obama's style. His humanity, his sanity, his lack of guile and duplicity, are greater proof of loyalty than a simple pin could ever be.

Obviously, Obama takes his candidacy seriously. His speeches are not filled with empty Bush/McCain cliches. But his oratory alone didn't get him to where he is today. It's the quality people see in Barack that keeps them coming back. What he lacks in experience he makes up in common sense and judgment.

Obama is a treasure beyond measure, wiser than Bush/McCain could ever be. He opposed sending GIs to Iraq to die in a war based on lies by you-know-who. He supports science, education and lots of other legislation most politicos oppose. He knows what's good in every way for his neighbors in the USA,

Recently Bush/McCain and the Brains behind the GOP picked Sarah Palin as John's running mate. Think that's great, that her smile and good looks might tip the scales in McCain's favor? Maybe so. But McCain has suffered repeated bouts of cancer. It's unpleasant but it must be said.

If McCain wins and dies in office or becomes disabled who's next in line? Sarah, less qualified and least experienced to be our president than any other candidate. Could she serve as Commander in Chief? Good grief! The military decisions she might make? Gimmee a break! Negotiate the peace?. Make final determinations on inflation, depression, recession? Use a little imagination, then decide. Is Sarah qualified?
AFTER THOUGHT: What have we got with McCain/Bush/Palin running the show? Red ink. Red GI blood running in the street. Higher prices. More Republican debt, much worse than taxes, you can bet! A trillion here, a trillion there. How are we going to pay? Mortgage away the U. S. A.


Many resent the extent to which the networks and the politicians went to convince us who we should love and we should hate and who we should nominate for president.

The live events were a source of entertainment and enlightenment about what was said and what was meant and how the truth was bent to fit the facts presented carelessly to confuse and abuse the intelligence of voters trying who to choose on Election Day still a few months away. They asked themselves:

"Should I choose what's best for me or for democracy? Best for the economy?"

"Who will vote to end the war? Bring peace to the Middle East? When will this nation end inflation?"

"What about this climate situation? How will this warming affect my next vacation and the continuation of civilization?"

"I've always been a Republican, but I can't stand what McCain stands for. More war? What for? So more GIs will die fighting? Why? So oil prices can climb higher than the sky,?"

"Those politicians are nickel and diming me to death. Maybe I'll go Democrat. No, Can't do that. Independent? Makes no sense. They can't win and I always stick with the winer. But who'll win? Who'll lose? It's so hard to choose. Guess I'll check the evening news,"

"The speakers all refuse to admit what they're for. How they'll manage the D. C. store if they're elected or selected, as the case may be. I'll just have to wait and see."

And so will we!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


What I am about to say might be considered politically incorrect, but ask I must. I trust you will understand my reasons why I, like you and billions do, love this Land of Liberty and realize it can't survive endurably without wisdom and stability.

Sen. John McCain is a true patriot. Like it or not, he may become our next president. His selected running mate, many believe, is not qualified to reside in the White House. If President McCain should die or be disabled would Vice President Sarah Palan be able to asssume the awesome tasks all heads of state must face?

Will she reveal the hidden qualities and abilities she must draw on to carry on successfully? Will she serve with wisdom and precision to make the right decisions when faced with matters of state, with war and peace, with the economy and the ecology, with foreign nations and a thousand and one critical situations the president alone must resolve? Can she respond one-on-one, face to face, conduct negotiations with determined dedication and feminine grace, realize her determinations could send millions into war where untold numbers of GIs would die and loved ones would cry and live with their pain and loss eternally?.

Being president is not all fun and games, fame and cheers and adulation, four years of yesterdays, todays and tomorrows, endless sorrow, tears of joy, hometown GIs returning home alive and well, heroes from a living hell; and there are those slain by foes, in flag-draped coffins traveling to their final rest at Mother Nature's welcome breast.

Is this the job for a small town girl, mayor of a strip mall town, governor of a thinly populated state, oil wells, hockey games and heavy snows, seals, fresh fish and eskimos. Sarah, are you braced to take your place in a world different from the town where you were grown, larger than you've ever known?

Friday, September 12, 2008


When will voters see through the bigotry, the racist baiter haters, the cheap-skaters who will spend a dollar to save a dime and blame the Democrats every time taxes rise. They ignore what they are paying for: the Trillion Dollar War Bush lied to get us into. Don't they know what this wonderful country's paying for? What it's people are going through?

Thousands homeless, thousands more about to join their ranks, laid-off workers just like many of us, were unemployed, riding the bus seeking jobs that are not there, bankruptcies everywhere, businesses and banks gone bust, politicians lie, deny, don't know why. Who can you trust to do what must be done to make our nation Number One again?

There are women, there are men, even children under ten who fear they'll never ever see again the world they were born into, the happy times they knew when Dad went to work each day and Mom stayed home to make sure we were all OK. When childhood was a time for kids to play and look forward to the day they'd be grown and have children of their own.

We, victims of this nightmare, all recall---coming home from school hungry as a bear. Mom was always there. "What's for a snack?" happy children shout. Mom throws back her head and laughs. "There's milk and cake in the fridge," says she "Baked some cookies just today,"

"Just for sis and me?" Mom nods her head yes, kisses her children tenderly. It's how life used to be before Before Dad couldn't take it anymore. Why'd he have to die? Mom tries not to cry. Tears tell the reeasos why.

As just a tot you knew a lot you couidn't talk about, but you remembered when the rent came due. Payment on the home we owned and bought brand new. They managed each month to pay, somehow, some way. Then we kids learned the truth. Who'd have predicted? We were evicted. No more trips to the candy store, No moire weeknds at the shore. No more of this, less of that. Dad put on his hat, kissed us all goodbye. And went away to die. We never saw him again until he lay in his box at rest. I cannot let myself forget.

Back when all this came about we had hope we'd make out.There was a vote for president. The candidate of promise lost. His opponent won. Our nation suffered a terrible cost. The man who could have found the right road back lost to Sen. John McCain, He was white. The loser was Sen. Barack Obama. He was black.
Times have gotten worse since then. Two men with different goals. One who believed only White Was Right. The other had a different role to play. To serve and save the U. S. A. The public rejected his fervent plea. He lost the race Because of His Race.

When all was said and done, what might have happened, had the.Black Man won?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Obama's got the brains, the pluck, the will, the skill, the experience and common sense; intelligence and education to lead our nation back to where it's meant to be: the greatest, democracy this world will ever see.

This is the Land of the Free, of opportunity, ingenuity and unity. of community and brotherhood and all things good, where dreams turn fantasy into reality. It's all this and more. Much, much more.

But in spite of all our might, our sense of wrong and right and decency, there's one commonality on which all Americans do not agree: BIGOTRY. There still exists pockets of hate in the United States. it's a threat to the future of the U. S. A. and the American Way,

A case in point: the campaign to elect the next president and his running-mate who must restore respect and leadership that eight years of failed Bush policy have done to rob us of the Number One Position we have celebrated, almost unabated, since the days of FDR.

There have been wars on foreign soil, battles royal over oil, political and ethnic uprisings in the Middle East, in Europe, Africa and other places; times of famine, times of feast. At least we weathered it all, times great and small, created by man or God, but we got through them successfully,

Then came 9/11. Death and grief beyond belief. economic devastation faced not just by this nation but all of civilization. The crisis created the recovery of the failing George W. Bush Administration. He launched an illegal war against Iraq and pursued a policy of false expectations and failed foreign relations.

The war slogs on, the GOP and Democrats are at it, tooth and nail, to determine who will prevail in November---Republicans, headed by John McCain, who vows to continue the prevailing, failing Bush/Cheney policy and Barack Obama who seeks a way to end the war and restore peace to the Middle East.

Most Americans agree with what Obama WANTS to do. Economists and militarists agree he's on the track to peace in Iraq. The GOP, led by John McCain, would remain no matter how many more GIs are slain and trillions down the drain until the endless war is won.

But John is white and Barack is black and it's feared enough bigoted voters will turn their back on a chance to end the killing spree based on race and nothing more.

Let's halt the hate of a dedicated leader simply because he's black. Barack may be our last great hope to bring peace, prosperity and humanity back to a crumbling world community.

Sunday, September 07, 2008


Republican blusterous foolibusters relish trying to prove they can cut the mustard when the truth is, they can't ketchup with the hotdog opposition's positions and are stuck in the pastures of the trashy past.

How long will it take these wiener-whiners they're beHEINZ the times of their saladbar souperiors and throw all their garbage in the Dubya Dumpster? I say nossiree to their spoiled groceries. I never sausage baloney like theirs outside the Bushtershops.

We, the owners of tomorrow's people's salad bar, know just where we are and where we plan to go. So lettuce show you the way from here to there. Grow your crop in our more fertile soil, kiss John McPain and Iraq oil goodbye and help us turn the U. S. A. back into a true American Pie.