Friday, April 30, 2010


Israel and the Middle East may never achieve a lasting peace, but at least, for now, they must trust each other or smother in another senseless bloody war.

The only way to avoid a major confrontation is for our nation and Israel to see eye to eye on matters of brotherhood and humanity.

We can disagree on policy, the economy and military strategy. But when it comes to diplomacy that threatens democracy and the right to remain free, we and our allies must not rationalize by giving in to fools who change rules, to appease and please an unwise majority willing to compromise, who don’t realize there can be unanticipated consequences of abandoning common sense.

How many wars are lost at tremendous cost when intelligence loses out to ignorance!
Wars are motivated by greed and need for oil, fought by men who die on foreign soil. Both sides pray for peace. Many pay with their lives. Survivors endure years of pain and disability, a limited ability to cope or hope for a world free of war.

If Israel and America stand together in peace and war, and if other militarily strong nations go along, there’s possibility Arabs will choose hostility over the futility of another war.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


God was Himself a being of creation, the first divine in what would become an endless line of human kind designed identically with the same body parts---lungs to distribute air and assist the heart in pumping blood, this life sustaining fluid throughout the body, known as the anatomy.

God knew He was sent to this empty place in space to create everything it would need to succeed now and in the unlimited time to come. God did not know how, but He sensed He would be given the power to create when the hour to create would begin.

God was created with knowledge. He was the first of a new species known as “Male” and knew He would prevail the Powers on High but as He scanned the empty sky, He wondered why He was granted the power of creation and the imagination to do what He had to do---the whole goal suddenly flashed in words into the memory of His mind.

“Ye. Oh God of the Universe, shall create from fury and fire, flames raging higher than the eye can see more stars than fish can swim in all the oceans and the seas. Mighty trees will burn and crash and turn to ash.

Waves from seas and oceans yet to be will drench the land and and quench the flames and whirling floods Will send their steam into the air.

Finally, a few centuries later after a series of earthquakes and severe shakes that left breaks and lakes in their wake the ground settled down as massive fields of gray and brown until tiny leaf filled twigs broke through the rock and sand and began to grow into plants and trees of giant size, as yet not seen by eyes of beast or man but they were part 0f God’s creative plan to add greenery and eventually a variety of living beings with many of the same things God possessed---eyes to see, ears to hear. a brain to explain pain and strain, a need for frequent rest so the limbs could do their best to meet the tests the creatures would face on this planet Earth.

How did God acquire the power to create the great universe when He had never seen such sights before? Would his power lead a to more unheard of miracles? A ball of fire so vast that its cast its light on all the stars turning day into night and day to night and traded place with the moon who all too soon changed its shape and size moving through the midnight skies trading places the ball of fire; How did God know. Why are these two objects of of God’ \s imagination and filled with raging flame ball of fire called the sun that warmed the planets, ever so.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


When you do the crime you serve the time. I'm all for that. It's only fair. Play the game and win? You're in like Flynn. Lose? Hoosegow is your bad news.

Try to scam Uncle Sam? Better take it on the lam. Get caught, go to jail. Dirty deal on the Dow? Worthless stocks pure manure. You confess? Cell in hell your last address.

Be a crook, cook the books? Caper looks good on paper. Investors gypped. You get tripped. Once high liver. Party giver. Take a trip down The River. Twenty years hard labor. Extra time for bad behavior.

Took the gift. Took the graft. Life a blast. All high class. All that past. Couldn't last. Like or not, sought and caught, Now you rot. What you got not what you thought you'd get. Ain't seen nothin' yet!

Politician on a mission. Fishin' expedition. Find a racket. Milk it dry. Be a wiseguy. Be a kidder, not a bidder. Be clever. Boost or bash whatever. Show me cash. Buy me booze. Pay for any cruise I choose. Send me call girls, buy me whores. All in secret behind closed doors. You pay this, you pay that. I deliver votes. fat contracts. We both get rich, we both get fat. No evidence. All off the books. Looks good? Shake, OK. Have a nice day, Mr, President.

NOTE: It's evident, no president ever went to jail. Never arrested, out on bail. Maybe impeached, forced to resign. But the pension. perks for life, a kind requiem when they die. That's the bottom line.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Happy Days are near again, cheer will soon be here again. Fear and trauma will be gone as Barack Obama carries on to a sunny, revitalized economy, all because he had the knack to bring the nation back.

Obama knew what had to be done and did it. He knew how to win and won it. Bush lacks, Barack reacts. Now red, the deficit may be gone one day and our economy will be back in the black, hopefully to stay.

From Day One Obama tried. Republicans lied, misunderstood. What the President did turned out good. He knew it would. So did the GOP, but they feared an Obama victory would spell a lot more distress for the “Party of No” that had no place to go but up. But once you’re this far down a turn around is an improbable possibility. Obama, with a smile did his best and all the opposition could do was protest, protest.

Millions invested to save the banks and ailing, failing industry apparently did the trick. The cash we loaned won’t be repaid in full on the quick, but as customers return and sales turn losses into profits it’s just a matter of time until every dollar and every dime is repaid with interest on the debt. Turns out, no doubt, Obama’s bet will pay A-OK!

Cash For Clunkers? It benefited car buyer,. sellers, wheeler dealers, bank loaners and the auto industry at a time when bankruptcy was knocking at Detroit’s backdoor. Now some production lines are on a roll and car makers are setting a goal for profits in a year, less or more.

With more car buyers, earnings of suppliers to industry and increased money feeding the economy, prosperity will again
soon be a reality.

In many ways Obama deserves praise for a job well done. If the Tea Party smarties and the GOP will stop telling lies about everything Obama tries and the greedy voters realize what’s good for one is good for all, we will soon stand tall the way we did when Bill Clinton and the Democrats gave us a surplus economy.

Then came the phony Dubya war and you know what that cost in thousands of GI lives lost, in suffering of grieving parents and close relations, in billions spent for armaments and war events that made no sense.

And how about the buddies in the killing fields who refused to yield to enemy fire? Many are dead, their blood runs red. Thousands have no homes to return to. They rest in graves in a land they fought to save but did not understand what it was all about.

What of the millions of civilian innocents, peasants whose presence in Iraq, Iran or Afghanistan whose lives are filled with incidents of violence and misery, of poverty. of continuing tragedy? Why must they face death day after day? Is there no way they can be free, can know a life of happiness, free of stress, unsure of when each breath will bring them one step closer to an untimely death? Must death be their destiny, suffering their legacy?

And the Iraqi victims of a war who paid with their lives for the lies of an American president’s dishonesty and an industry’s warmongering greed beyond the need of normalcy?

Is death and disaster the 0nly master of the universe where life goes from bad to worse and civilizations suffering from starvation and degradation facing dislocation and evacuation from hovels they called homes and now are forced to roam aimlessly from place to place without space to embrace their family in love and security, to say, “Here we stay and no one can make us move away. Until we decide to abide somewhere we would rather be, gather around me, family. Be brave. One day we will be free.Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Do the best you can. YES YOU CAN! YES YOU CAN!”

Say a prayer. One day it all will be over over there.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Voters are a fickle lot. They opt for change. Ain’t it strange? They get what they want, now they want it not. They assumed their expectations would lead to immediate cuts in taxation and increased compensation. They were wrong. Now they want to go along with the opposition who, by its own admission, is out to give the rich and upper class all the breaks. The poor, insecure and uninsured get a pittance, an admittance of where Republicans are at regarding Democrats.

In France they said, “Let ‘em eat cake!” In the U. S. it’s “Let ‘em eat stale bagel mit a schmear with warmed over, second hand recycled beer.”

But do Democrats have a voice when tax bucks are squandered or laundered? Not when the GOP is on a spending spree,

Next time you vote select Democrats again. They won’t keep you guessin’ if depression or recession reappear.

Change costs more than pennies In your pocket. With luck, bucks invested today pay off big tomorrow and for many tomorrows to come.

Some sums come and some sums go and some become dot coms ot a recovering economy.

Thursday, April 01, 2010


Those who chose to oppose health care reform are unpatriotic idiotic enemies of democracy/ They’re the epitome of hypocrisy who care more for their unfair share of “gimmee-gimmee” than they are for the recovery of the economy, the health of the poor and uninsured, the chronically ill who might not get well, could even expire, if their medical costs keep going higher. And what will happen when they retire and can’t afford the nutrition they need, the pills the doctor prescribes?

When you realize how many can’t find any work to do, can’t repay the loan on the home they thought they owned, how can you defy a law that just might buy insurance to carry them through the endurance of long term, painful recovery from effects of serious injuries or debilitating disease?

President Obama and financial experts agree the economy will be healthier when health care is the law of the land, available to all on demand.

The insurance industry and GOP will lie, defy, try to kill health reform.. It makes sense to those who value dollars and cents more than common sense.

The nation’s need supersedes the greed of those who want more for them and less for you. Give health reform time to prove the experts right.

The opposition GOP doesn’t care about the U.S.A. They just want to defeat Democrats. They know if the President is a success Republicans will get the gate next time around. It’s why they hate whatever Barack Obama tries to legislate.

The GOP will lie and cheat to defeat the Democrats. That’s where they’re at. It’s how they pushed born loser Baby Bush into the White House twice. Take this advice: don’t let them do it again!


Plant a seed in the Garden of Greed, cultivate it with hate and fertilize It with Republican lies and water it down with the
sewage and sludge at the bottom of the Devil’s well.

Where in hell is the devil now? He’s hosting a party for the GOP and major industry. The wealthy, healthy two percent and the seniors who don’t want to share Medicare with the chronically ill uninsured and/or unemployed who might be cured if they could pay their own way for pills, doctor bills, inflated hospital rates and long term care and still afford the basic expense Iike food and rent and have a few cents to put away for a rainy day.

But they cannot while those who got a little or a lot have put the poor on a spot, that’s what.

The greedy choose, The needy lose. Who’s in? Who’s out? No doubt about it. Pay up front or do without it.