Monday, March 29, 2010


Have ReDUMBLICANS lost their minds? Democrats hope so. Have they forgotten what a rotten presiDUNCE they dumped on the people twice by stealing votes and cooking books? If they have that’s why they are willing to try another stupid stunt so soon.

Now they dare to swear the vote declaring the health reform bill is unconstitutional. This from the regime that schemed and tried to ram the sham of illegal “presiDUNCIAl AL” scam down the throats of voters for eight stolen years.

Now, somehow, they’ve exempted themselves from guilt and attempted to use the document they bent and twisted to justify their right to illegally violate the dictates of our Founding Fathers.

They lied and cheated, misquoted and deleted phrase after phase in an attempt to make their case. When that didn’t work the jerks wrote about two hundred or more amendments on health reform, some that made no sense, others to destroy the original intent of what the President’s bill was all about.

It became obvious that many GOPers in Congress had never read the bill they rejected and expected no-one would detect their lack of intellect. Incorrect! Sharper eyes realized some amendments took positions opposed to what other GOP submissions supported, some opposed issues that never existed in the bill. Did amendment full of fitter submitters read what they allegedly wrote? Or was this all to delay action to the point of no return?.

These were just a few of the tricky politic maneuvers losers used when they didn’t have a clue what to do.

Never fear! The bill will pass this year and America’s and President Obama’s dream will be a reality.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


The GOP loser abusers, the protesters who refuse to face reality, will fight the will of the majority of Americans who share the belief that the not quite wealthy, not quite healthy, need help to get their act together.

President Obama cannot’ do it all alone. But with Congressional support, a liberal court and solid backing at the voting booth by millions who respect the truth, he and we cannot lose.

So let the opposition squeal and appeal to voters to repeal the legislation this nation needs to lead us out of this Bush-push situation into the jaws of ruination. Let the GOP be the cause of laws that slow the progress the U. S. is making.

Those in cahoots with the GOP hypocrisy, determined to destroy our democracy, will eventually come to the conclusion that the Right is wrong, that their cause is just an illusion borne of confusion. The GOP is just an intrusion on the highway to inclusion.


The GOP opposition is afraid to make a wise decision that could improve the failing economic condition plaguing the USA today.

They’re opposed to health care reform which should be the norm in this land of the free and the bulwark of the world democracy.

They spread the dread of socialistic control and a whole lot of terrorist rot and a desperate plot to blot one of the brightest events in the history of our land of freedom and equality.

The bottom line: Republican reactionary alarmists and political propagandists are not concerned with what might be lost. They care only about increases in their taxes and how it could affect their pocketbooks.

These health reform opponents resent the fact President Obama’s successful legislation will benefit the unemployed and uninsured. They fear the chronically ill will increase the cost of Medicare. They react with negativity. Students and families will be more secure and reassured by protection under federal law.

The GOP and the two percent minority don’t care about the millions retired and living on Social Security.

They’re the party of the ME! ME! ME! and the NO! NO! NO!
P. S.: The threats to assassinate supporters of health care reform and their families raised a storm from liberal Democrats and few Republicans. The GOP denied any responsibility for this shameful act. True. a few apologized. But who can accept their denial of this vile act? Is it Tricky Dick diplomacy all over again? Commit the crime. Then deny it. They try it all the time. We didn’t buy the lies of Watergate. the Swift Boat fiction, the Iraq War, the misquotes, lies and tries to twist the truth at the voting booth.

It never works. But the jerks do it constantly, Proof of their stupidity.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Oye! Oye! Oye! Joy, oh joy. I’ve just turned thirteen. Do you know what that means? I’m a bar-mitzvah boy. I’m also a man! I’ve got a date with God; I’ll do the Haftorah and a whole lot more. Family and friends will say, ‘How do you do? So, nu. what’s new?’

“I’ll reply. Today I am a man, according to God’s plan. I’ll do all I can. I’ll work diligently to fulfill my destiny.” “What will you be? A doctor? Lawyer? PhD? A Chief of industry?”

“Frankly. sir. I don’t know. But I might be a rabbi. That appeals to me.”

“Let me tell you this, my son. Your great adventure has just begun. What you finally become may not to be some big success, to earn ten million, more or less, Do you know what God wants of you?”

“Tell me. sir, what does He want me to be?”

“A kind and loving family man, husband, father better than any child is entitled to, to protect and earn the respect of friend and foe and all you meet and all you know, do not cheat or steal another's wife, be good and true for all your life, earn an honest living, be generous in your giving, but give not what your family needs. Good deeds must start at home and be from the heart.’‘

“God expects a lot from me .But I will try. I will try.” “Indeed, you will. But now let’s go, have a bite of this and that, hope we don’t get too fat. Hm mm. That lox looks good, chopped liver, fish and cheese, bagels, too. All so good! What should I do? I say. eat up my bar-mitzvah boy, Enjoy. Enjoy!”

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Of all the holidays I remember from my childhood, it's Seders at Uncle Lou’s and Aunt Dora’s Cincinnati home. The many members of the Weiland family fill a special place in my heart.

Their spacious home was blessed with the festive holiday, the incredible bounty of traditional Seder foods and the aroma that
dominates Jewish homes everywhere throughout the world during Passover week.

Nothing can compare with chicken soup simmering in the pot with matzoh balls and carrots swimming in a sea of greens, a variety of veggies complementing tender pot roast with deep brown gravy. And seltzer water to wash the good food down.

It’s impossible to recall how many joined in the Seder observance and the endless flow of Passover delights, cakes and assorted sweets---almost none catered or commercially prepared---created by Aunt Dora’s pastry chefs throughout the seven days of Passover.

Passover, a time to meet, to greet, to eat, to thank God for the bounty for which we are blessed, to read and repeat the stories in the Hagadah of our ancestors’ struggles to be free to live and worship God as did their forefathers in centuries past. It is similar in many ways to the American Thanksgiving that celebrates what America and a religious freedom in a land of equality sometimes take too much for granted.

Of course, Uncle and Aunt Dora and members of their immediate family have passed away and the Weilands and many of their heirs have migrated to cities near and far from their Cincinnati roots.

Uncle Lou’s home probably no longer is filled with the Passover perfume of chicken soup and matzoh balls, the highlights of Seder delights, the joy and the cheer. The oft repeated prayers shared by Jews everywhere, in homes, in congregations, in America and in nations far and near.

And the voice of Uncle Lou still echoes in the hearts and minds of Weilands everywhere---”Next year in the holy land of Israel.”

After all these years my memory is not what it appears to be But I recall, not all, but at most of the Seders there were 50 or more to share this sacred holiday---family, friends and associates of my uncle, a prominent attorney and participant in charitable events locally and throughout the Jewish and philanthropic communities..

At a special birthday party for Uncle Lou (I think he had just turned 92, give or take) as he rose to pose for photographs, he looked across the sea of smiling faces, who had traveled to Cincy from many places to share in this special affair, Lou Weiland said in appreciation, “I’d rather meet my friends here than at my funeral.”

Uncle Lou has since passed away. May he rest in peace.


This is for those who dine in a public place, then blow their nose and/or wipe their mouth and face in paper or cloth napkins and dispose them in an unclean plate.

Do you know. it’s a fact, a thoughtless, unsanitary act could trigger the spread of a serious, contagious disease?

Do you realize an unprotected, unexpected cough or sneeze could send harmful germs into the air, resulting in who knows what, when or where or how it got there?

One more thought I’d like to stress: when you finish your restroom business, wash your hands with plenty of soap and a lot of hot, hot water! That’s one way to prevent an infectious event.

There are ways waves of sickness begin and if not checked, can grow into epidemics that make some people sick, or even worse, send them to an early grave.

The good news is, these threatening unhealthy conditions can be controlled by following the age-old axiom sure to ease the spread of disease: “An ounce of precaution is worth a pound of cure.”

There are times when medication, or hospitalization, is needed, or when a dose of grandma’s chicken soup has succeeded in warding off the common full-blown winter cold.

If you rely on the Farmer’s Almanac or some quack mail order remedy, or unproven theory, you’ll never hear about it from me. But I can’t ignore those who say: An apple a day will keep the doctor away, especially if you forget or neglect to pay your bill.

Seriously, listen to your family MD and your health provider who ever he or she might be. They know a lot more than you or me or the guy next door.