Sunday, August 30, 2009


The Republicans miss the boat almost every time they vote to sink the ship of state by opposing nation-saving legislation from potential ruination. The action of this distraction is no reflection on the GOPs mentality. They know exactly what they’re trying to do: screw the USA to pave the way to victory and destroy President Obama’s legacy.

Their contempt for Democrats reflects their lack of common sense, dollars and cents and current events. All they’re concerned about is returning to Pennsylvania Avenue.

The history of their complicity with idiocy dates back at least to FDR when they opposed Social Security as a socialist ploy to destroy democracy. They were wrong!

They fought Medicare and Medicaid, trying to make America afraid these programs were a socialistic plot. Obviously, they were not. Republicans were wrong again.

Every time the Democrats try to hejp the working class, the middle class, the poor and insecure, the GOP spouts the same old poppycock.

Now the GOP is raising a storm about health reform. The Republicans refuse to concede the left is right. All they hope to do is send President Obama to his Waterloo

It’s about time voters reject this shlock, part of the Republican stock in trade, designed to make voters afraid. How long will the gullible string along with the GOP---WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

Friday, August 28, 2009


I walk in a graveyard of my dreams. It all seems so real. I reach out and feel markers in the dark, crosses, Hebrew stars, evidence of futile wars; crashing cars, incurable disease, crimes of hate, suicide when fate decides the hour’s late.

It’s night. Stars are bright. The moon’s draped in a cloudy shroud. I seek my resting place, cry out: “WHERE AM I? I CANT FIND ME!” I touch my eyes. feel tears. My ears hear fear pounding In my heart. Is this how death starts?

Sadness I feel is not for me or members of my family. It’s for those below I used to know. I hear their last good-byes, their fading sighs, the unanswered Whys.

Someday I’ll lay among the dead, hear visitors walking over my head, Shovels digging in the ground. I know the sound. Death again Is knocking at my door.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


To thine own self be true. This I cannot do because I don’t know who I am. I know I’m not Bill or Phil, Don or Ron. I know my name, but not the me who hides behind a face of unfamiliarity with an identity assigned to me quite accidentally.

If my sire’s sperm had turned left instead of right, I might have been a female, which I am not. If the wormy sperm had, had direct confrontation with the ovulation who knows which I would be? Maybe this, maybe that, maybe a combination of we two, maybe three or four or more, or maybe just an ordinary baby.

Sex, you see, is quite complex. It takes a confrontation of two with motivation and concentration to attempt creation. It can fail or succeed depending on implantation of the seed, fertility and the She's ability to breed.

As it sometimes happens, I became a He. What kind of He will I be? Will I be witty, will I be wise? Or just like some other guys, will I tell lies to disguise my true identity?

Saturday, August 22, 2009


As soon as the RepubliCANTS knew they’d lose they chose the abuser-accuser-sore-loser way to steal the White House back from Barack Obama. It's the only way they know how to win. They lie, cheat, steal and misdconSCREW everything the Democrats try to do to clean up the mess Dumbia Bush left behind.

They’ll do anything they can to defeat Democratic candidates from every state on every slate who are fair and square and dare to care more for the future of the USA and the American way than for Republican lies,killing GIs and abandoning millions ill and uninsured who might be cured or at least be free of pain and agony with a little help from the GOP.

It’s about time we become less a nation of greed and reach out to those in need who cannot afford to feed their families. And a small tax on their wealth would help support health care for this needy nation. This is a pittance the rich never would miss.

If the rich were a bit less rich, and the poor not so poor, the economy might benefit and we could recover, not overnight, not quick as a wink, but faster than you think.

Friday, August 21, 2009


It was unbelievable. The inconceivable was achieved. No one believed it could be done, but they were wrong. It took a long time before war was declared an international crime.

Before all nations could agree with the final negotiations, ten million died, two million maimed, six nations shamed. Governments corrupted, love and lives interrupted, misery plagued humanity.

But when it was over, as predicted, the afflicted were cured, convicts reformed, weather was controlled, the young never grew old, seniors retired to life in the Florida sun, guns were outlawed and sugar buns became calorie and sugar free in the new bagel economy. The world became a land of milk and honey and non-inflationary money.

Thus began an era of scientific achievement, full employment, endless enjoyment, clean water and air were everywhere. Life was sweet, streets were neat, airplanes could not crash, banks never lacked for cash. Sin was in and every bet was guaranteed to win.

This became a reality in the year three thousand three. One world reigned, nobody complained. All refrained from breaking laws and God became Santa Clause.
* * *
This was my tale of a universe at peace, told in verse, of course.

Monday, August 17, 2009


There’s a better world awaiting you when this world frees you to seek something new to do and another place to be.

When life has lost its zoom, when gloom has replaced the bloom and the name on your waiting tomb says “to whom” and your bedroom’s lost its boom, you need a new broom to sweep clean the gray and replace it with the glow of green and other colors to enhance the scenes of your dreams.

Suddenly you are breathing perfumed air, swimming in a sparkling sea with playful fish who wish you well. You can tell this is where you want to stay forever and a day. This is a world that’s pollution free, where there’s no disease, the food you eat is fat and carbo free and there’s no such thing as calories. Where scales are out of date because nobody’s under or overweight. Where there’s no army or police in a land of perpetual peace.

You are in Heaven, a heavenly place to be. There are no fools to create rules you’ll be forced to obey In this land blessed with health and harmony, love and brotherhood and all things good. This is how life should be, not how it’s become in the world you came from.

This is where angels live rent free on condo clouds, where no one plays radio or TV late at night because there is no night, the sun shines bright 24/7 in Heaven and songs of love enhance the harmony of serenity and tranquility.

This is the world you are welcomed to if you lived a life of worth on earth. From the moment you enter through the Golden Gate you take your place next to masters of the universe, authors, artists and musicians, scientists, physicians and a few honest. honorable politicians.

There’s an endless list of great achievers, believers who advanced the cause of human relations and civilization. And there are untold billions of ordinary folk whose decency and honesty won them an invitation to this “other world” community.

So when your time comes to go, you are welcome to become a member of this Heavenly family!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Terrorists are on a tear everywhere in Iraq, Afghanistan, throughout the Middle East and wherever hate and greed supersede the peoples’ need for relief from strife and a safe and sound belier life.

Buildings, homes where families live and strive to stay alive are reduced to rubble mercilessly. Hospitals, where victims of bombings suffer pain, face futures disabled, unable to function normally, after months trying to stay alive, give up the fight, close their tear-filled eyes and die.

This is one picture of terror’s effect on humanity. How long will this insanity persist? Who can say?

There are other kinds of terrorists unique to the USA. They don’t bomb and kill. Their goal: defeat the Administration’s health care legislation. They’re recruited and trained by and for the GOP and other enemies of democracy and turn the Town Halls into vrebal and often fist swinging brawls. They lie, cheat and beat their breast and do what Republicans do best, protest and cause unrest. This is how they pave the way for victory on Election Day.

If these shock jocks spread fear this year and next, voters will become so perplexed they won’t know what to do.
That will make them captives of the GOP.

If “obstructionism” becomes the new “ism” of the enemy it will spread like wildfire and minds for hire will become the profession of the chronic liar.


See what a good boy I am. White folks like me because I ain’t worth a damn. Republicans can slam me all they care. They know I’ll do my best to do my worst as long as I am the first to wear clean underwear.

The GOP will abandon me if and/or when I remember who I used to be before I became what and who I am, an intellectual spectacular flop who made it to the top, a member of the “other party,” a guy who wears the winner’s pants, the loser’s coat and may wind up scapegoat on a sinking boat.

And where can you go after you’ve reached the top? You go KERPLOP!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The GOP Rabble Rousing Wrecking Crew is doing what it did before, to disrupt the recount of the presidential election and win the selection of the loser, ex-boozer, liar, denier candidate as the precedent setting president.

Remember the uproar of Republican thugs outside the voter recounting room? What a stressful mess they caused! All because they knew the opposition candidate, Vice President Al Gore, had won. If he’d became President that would be the death of the Bush dynasty.

The GOP boo crews yelled and screamed, pounded walls. Nobody tried to stop this disturbance of the peace, not the police or GOP security forces, of course. Through near riot and dirty political pressure the GOP got its way. Gore quit. That was IT!

As a result, what did the people get? The worst president since Herbert Hoover who lost to FDR who brought an end to the Great Depression and put America back on the road to a reinvigorated economy.

What are the no-brains doing now? Opposing everything Obama is trying to do that‘s best for the USA. And It’s working far ahead of sked.

The GOP would have upset President Obama’s victory if they could. But they knew his overwhelming popularity would block any attempt at their chicanery. And as the Administration piles success on top of success the GOP knows it’s fighting a losing game but they play it all the same.

Disregard what GOP spokes-jokers say. They had their day and muffed it.


Tuesday, August 04, 2009


I awoke last night and to my delight something was happening in my pajama pants. Two passionate ants were having insect sex like I’d never seen or felt before. Suddenly, my thighs---to my surprise---exploded with a windy roar that flew out my fly and the sexy ants kept right on with their romance, not missing a beat as they flopped at my feet.

They rolled over and over in a spasm of orgasm until they reached my fly, slid right in and began a second go-go-go on my gonads that drove me mad with ecstasy and fired my desire to join the orgy on my anatomy.

From everywhere on my bod from head to toe and all my hair in between, the romancing dancing scene could be seen but not an inch of me was exposed because the romancing ants completely covered my anatomy.

Then I heard this music pouring from my pores, my nose and ears, my eyes and between my thighs both front and rear.

I saw a crowd of aquatic ants skinny dipping in my commode, slipping and dripping in sheer delight. The sight of naked ants drove me mad. I stripped and dove into the bowl as ants screamed and scrammed as they saw my head get stuck in toilet water. Rescue crews rushed to flush me free but no luck. I drowned in water up to my ears and eyes.

When I got to the Heaven Seven Eleven I read all the news in the local paper about my caper down on Earth. For what it’s worth, I want you to know I’m a hero romeo in insect Heaven where all the angel ants can’t wait for a chance to romance with me.

Monday, August 03, 2009


The time has come for America to stop being so dumb and be thankful a miracle worker has come to save us from the Bush disaster faster than naysayers dreamed it could be done.

This master changer came to the White House a trusted, virtual stranger with the will, wisdom and determination, the imagination, education and creation to save this nation from the devastation of the George W. Bush Mis-administration.

President Barack Obama came into office with energy, synergy and innovative ideas galore to manage the White House store like no president had ever done before. He defied tRepublican liars and deniers, did what he knew he had to do---and before he’s done he’ll do a helluva lot more--to open the door to undreamed of opportunity that will bring a healthier economy for you and me, our country, the freedom loving lands and all those craving to be free.

Look at what President Obama’s done already and he’s ready to do more. The Bush-destroyed economy is on the mend and the end’s in sight. Win or lose. he won’t give up the fight until Congress gets it right. And at this writing the presidents fighting a winning battle for health reform. Unless there’s a last minuet storm of protest there’s a sure bet it will get passed---AT LAST!

The president changed the rules controlling credit card over charges. Obama barges in like a bull in a China shop when he sees unfair practices that should be stopped. He’s fought for families to keep their homes when foreclosure was knocking at the door.

The list goes on and on. But Republican wrecking crews spread false news, he’s done nothing to change Washington. The GOP fears if Obama succeeds, as expected, he‘ll be reelected in 12. And if the changes he makes create a lasting lusty economy, the Republicans will be the party of alsorans.

And that’s the way it should be in a true democracy.