Sunday, January 27, 2008


A billion trillion years from now when the earth's no longer here and the moon and stars have outlived their warranty and Disney and Wal-Mart have merged with NBC, CBS and FoxTV and all our families have ceased to be and Christmas trees and cottage cheese and all the ships at sea and coffee, tea and chicken soup have gone the way of the hula-hoop and all the angels are living on Social Security and all the banks have declared bankruptcy, when corner bars have moved to Mars and Baby Ruths are free, and whatever is forever and forever's history, who will solve the mystery of how we came to be?

When Jack and Jill went up the hill without the pill and came down with a daughter, when Mary was not quite contrary and did it with an otter and Goldielox and the Big Bad Fox had lox and bagels for their dinner, when Snow White went to bed one night with Dopey, Doc and Sneezy and found that pleasing them all at once was really very easy, when Cinderella met a fellla and he gave her a slippery slipper and Jack the Giant Killer fought Phyllis Diller and she was the winner, when Alice went to Wonderland and we wonder where she went, it's rumored that she was living with a camel in a tent, and Mother Goose played fast and loose and mated with a moose and did, indeed produce a baby and they named her Jucy Luce.

Now I admit that every bit I reported is distorted. pure rumor and sick humor, falsehoods spread by Robinhood, verified by Adam and Eve, I do believe, and though it all may be unfair I dare you to deny it, With this I close my bit of prose, Ain't it all a riot!

Friday, January 25, 2008


What if there'd never ever been a cigarette, a pipe or a cigar, never ever been a war or a fume spewing truck or car, a bullet or a gun, never been anyone who killed his neighbors just for fun, never been pollution or a revolution, never been a God knows what to fill our gut with cancer?

Here's the answer to it all: if there'd never have been a Berlin wall, a Holocaust, millions lost to Hitler's lust, hate to hasten nascent fate before its preordained place and date, no HIV or Aides or plagues created by man's plan to nuke another's land. Millions have been lost by runaway inflation that sapped the solvency of every nation, theirs and ours and every other, we would all be like sisters asnd brothers, one big free family,

There never would have been a tyrant intent on killing an entire race? There would not have been a Hitler, a disgrace to the human race. No doubt, the world would have been better off without him.

Of course the curse of natural ills has spurred the growth of diet pills, wonder drugs and potent potions, inducing cures, reducing pain and easing strain on hearts and other body parts, vitamins replacing nutriments the body lacks, formulas for fighting unanticipated strokes and heart attacks, ointments meant to ease arthritic pain in knees and other muscular extremities.

Scientists have solved the plague of polio, used stem cells to help the body grow new parts naturally or surgically transfer living body parts and man-made devices and reduce prices on myriad procedures to a fraction of what they were not so long go.

What a wondrous world this might have been if hate and sin had not set in, if cruel fools had not existed and incompetent presidents had not insisted he were right and the world was wrong, that nations had to be stubborn and strong to get along in an age when nuclear threat again is center stage.

How do yoiu view the future? You decide. But stick around for a long-term ride, It's a sure bet you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


History is a mystery based more on myth and questioned fact, filled with incidents of violence, fired by lust and mistrust, based more on romance and happenstance, greed and gold, freedom bought and sold and more tales untold than reason and reality. and the advancement of humanity.

Books are packed with inexact fact, truth out of proportion and distortion to justify why man must die to satisfy the desire of a leader who believes war will bring peace and salvation to a troubled nation. So wars are fought and men are shot and blood is shed and the good are dead just because a madman said it had to be to defend our liberty.

But when the battle's done and we have won and we visit our son in his grave, what did his death save? How free are we while others wait to share his fate, dictated by hypocrisy and financed by a bureaucracy out to destroy our democracy?

Did our hell dispel the terror or was it all a tragic error?

Monday, January 21, 2008


Back in days of yore millions poured to this wilderness from every foreign shore in pursuit of freedom and liberty. Our ancestors sought the right to worship free, unfettered by laws and government dictatorial domination. They abandoned Old World traditions and struggled under harsh conditions to fulfill their mission in this wild, untamed American wilderness. They carved out a land that let all worship God in their own way, till the sod, build their home in a land where prosperity awaited those who could overcome adversity. Equality is what they sought---and got.

Unless they were native born Indians or black Africans. Natives were murdered, robbed of their land. The Blacks were sold into slavery, denied the rights of all humanity.

That was then. This is now. America's a different world somehow. Insane hate and segregation are on the wane. Legal if not yet universal equality has made great gains. Gays and Straights relate and hate between the two today has given way to understanding and respect. Blacks and Whites and other races and religions work together in harmony, cooperate, agree and disagree respectfully without trace of hostility.

Taboos have neared their waterloo. Who would have believed a generation ago a woman and a black would lead in primaries for presidential candidacy? If they win and either becomes president, it will change the course of history. It appears evident either Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama will be the next Commander in Chief of this free democracy.

It took ages for us to agree democracy thrives on diversity. Those with ability, intelligence and common sense----men and women of worth---can save this earth in these times of trial, tribulation and potential annihilation.

The GOP had its chance. They failed miserably. Democrats will lead the way to a revitalized economy and a safer world for all humanity.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


There's a lot of hoot and holler on the Wall Street Dream of Schemes. Buy a dollar for dime. watch it climb back and, with a little luck, there'll be a war and we'll sell guns to friend and foe and every terrorist we know, then sit back and watch the show.

The killing \will be chilling, but thrilling to companies billing at inflation rates for legal. lethal weapons of destruction. Of course. that depends on how many dead, the price of lead and TNT and who wins the victory.

While war is going on, peacenicks will fill the streets from dusk trill dawn demanding that the troops be gone. But victory cannot replace a son dead as war goes on and on.

How can we lose? God's on our side. Thus say both we and our enemy. Both sides will just have to wait and see.

Friday, January 11, 2008


In the beginning I didn't care who would win the Main Event, president of the U. S. A. As long as he/she was a Democrat, that was OK with me. I believed either leader of the pack---Hillary or Barack---would be up to the attack on the GOP. That either he or she was capable and qualified to be the salvation of our nation and rescue it from the devastation of the Dubya wrecking crew.

But I wanted to see the battle for the Democrat candidacy be fair and square and let the people determine who would win and begin the long road back to recovery and democracy.

When Sen. Obama won in Iowa and Sen. Clinton scored well, too, I knew we had a choice of two we could depend upon to carry on when the Republicans were gone from Pennsylvania Avenue. But then Hillary Clinton's crocodile tears caused fear she might not be strong enough when things got rough in the tough, demanding job ahead.

If Hillary couldn't take the heat of a first defeat and broke down and sobbed on the job when the stakes were high and things went awry, how strong a leader would she be in times of stress and adversity? Her tears revealed a weakness unbefitting anyone intent on being president.

So the display of tears gained her support of voters who mistook emotion for devotion to the task ahead. They rallied to her side and give her a few point lead in the fast paced New Hampshire race. She scored a victory of sorts and now sports a winning smile. She bought the votes with the help of females who were sympathetic. It was pathetic!

The question now is, how did she turn on those tears? Is she a weak, weepy, whimpering woman who must have her way, who knows how to cry to make her day? Was it just an act or was she, in fact, too lacking in fortitude to control her moods in moments of adversity?

Well, we'll just have to wait and see.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


It took Bush almost seven years to use that half-wit brain between his ears. Now he fears recession will rear its ugly head. But, he adds, we ain't there yet.

Does he see the light that moneywise things ain't bright? On Monday he spouted his sick rhetoric about a strong economy. Next day he negated and regurgitated what he'd said and, instead, saw dark clouds of recession up ahead. There's an indication inflation will plunge this nation into debt,.

But, he added, "We can't take growth for granted." As he ranted, there was growth---in anxiety over the growing debt and bad, bad news on the internet and the worst ain't over yet.

The soaring price of oil. Growth! Trillions wasted on Iraq. Growth! Booming bankruptcies. Growth! Rising cost of food you eat. Growth! The upward surging ranks of unemployed. Growth! The credit crunch. Growth! A bit of this, a bunch of that. Growth! Even Dubya, the Denyer in Chief, can't deny. Recession's where we're at.

Talk about growth? There's growing concern about issues the Repubs will never learn to deal with because they have no feel for the down and out, the working poor, the unemployed. the dwindling middle-class, the uninsured, unsure of today or tomorrow in a beg and borrow economy and a wholly out of control national debt where growth is exactly where we should not be.

We're heading to the end of the Bush blend of idiocy, hypocrisy and incompetency, adding to instant instability and a misadministration's inability to confront. And now the GOP asks the suffering mass to vote them in and bail them out? Talk about growth? There's a pile of Dubya denial a mountaihig and growing.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


The clock struck. The schmuck's tucked in his bed. Let the creep sleep. He and all the would-be GOP candidates would only speed our downhill slide to worldwide suicide.

The fate that might await is just around the "coroner." The foreigners who hold our bonds might dump them quick and if they do we're through. Not just You, not just We, Us and everybody on the bus on the bumpy road to bankruptcy.

Will there be after November a second or two of celebration, excitation of short duration, then back to the same frustration for the duration of another weary year? Will next year be just a number, 365 days to wake and slumber, a bummer with another summer, seasons and no reason for all the whoop-de-do and ballyhoo, the noisy thing folks do before settling down for another Big Brother smother of what's left of our once free, flourishing democracy?

Nothing's changed but the rearranged, jigger figures that creep a sleeping civilization ever closer to annihilation. Another year has come and gone. The same senseless war goes on. We'd better hold our horses until a leader comes on the scene who can clean up this Bush latrine.