Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Trillions of years from now, we still don’t know how, planet Earth and all real estate of worth will be gone. It's a foregone conclusion there will be no stars or moon, no candy bars named Mars, no brand new cars or Cuban cigars, or big fat bellies of bottles of Shmucker’s jellies, no pizza pies or ham on rye's with kosher pickles on the side. No June brides or buggy rides.

It will be the final days for the Universe, for better or for curse and riding in the family hearse. Make no conclusions, have no illusions, there’ll be no exclusion, just one big explosion, ocean to ocean, as far as the eye can sea. And as for the likes of you and me, the honey bee and the old oak tree and the fly and flea they’ll be hiding in the hide of the long deceased economy.

The final year of the world is near and will appear as God completes his first away from home vacation since his inauguration as king of the soon to be reversed universe that the land that grew from a grain of sand will return in one big boom to make room for whom the Lord decides to create to replace in its space.

He’ll land on Earth from His berth in the sky where He was birthed to visit every nation except those that caused Him aggravation and messed up His plan for the perfection of Man.

God never envisioned His likeness would be duplicated in prisons, the subject of racial divisions, of Supreme Court decisions upsetting His visions on rights of blacks and whites on race and religions, on pigeons and larks littering waste everyplace in public parks.

But there were troubles brewing ensuing and Man worshipped green as a symbol of wealth and health was the victim gain.
God found it odd an was aroused not by female nudity, the purity offered by love and affection and rewarding security. He again became sold what pleasures the treasures of gold could provide and yearned for days of old and sought their turn and bought it. He decided the time had come to try something new to redo a failing situation.

God realized what creating Man in His image had done to His reputation and wisdom declaring equality for minorities and granting priorities for those who survive
until age sixty-five and scores more.

It was the Creator’s intention to be master of creation and let Man use his mind to define the God-given skllls of his powers to invent.

Thus, it seems God created Man as a partner to make the mirracle of life what He intended it to be.