Sunday, February 15, 2009


Last night I had a dream. I was siting by a gentle stream filled with peaches and cream at the foot of a chocolate mountain and a field of candy trees and hives of friendly honeybees saying "Thank you, please.". A magic fountain sprayed pink lemnade. God came down from Heaven and surveyed what my sleeping mlnd had made.

There were powder blue skies, cotton candy clouds and jellybeans in every color ever seen, a beach as far as eyes could reach and a church made of gingerbread where all God's children said their prayers and the preacher, a wise old owl, spread love and brotherhood and all things good as servants of the Lord should.

Was this a glimpse of Heaven come to earth to show God's children what life was really worth?

In my dream I began to cry, not with sadness but with love and joy. I had seen what awaited me when my fated day would be, I heard angels sing. I closed my eyes in eternal rest, God wanted me.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


There's s theory making the rounds in D,C. that sounds logical to me, that the pathological liars who control the GOP have a sure fire plan to attack Barack, take our nation back to wrack and ruin like Dubya was doin; screwin' the Democrats and the USA.

The brain-trusts that be at the DNC seem oblivious to the obvious: The rejected non-elected Republicans, sore losers to the core, are determined to sack Barack in the only way they know---accuse, abuse, refuse to admit they lost it fair and square. By hook or crook they'll look and find a way to change the minds of the bemused, confused looking for someone to tell them what to do.

Republicans know how to lie, how to cry when they face degrading defeat. But as Harry Truman used to say, they just can't stand the heat.

The GOP has a losing strategy: oppose the enemy at every turn. Spurn all efforts to repair the economy they broke. It's time they get up to snuff on lots of stuff they screwed and cease this feud with the Democrats, now the fat cats in D. C.

But no, they can't go that route or admit they're out until they mend their way and put the USA first before their thirst for power that turned sour in Obama's euphoric historic presidential victory.

In politics it's not so important whether you win or lose, but who you choose and what they do to benefit you and the USA. But if you and your party don't see eye to eye sometimes you must side with the other guy. You must express your view and do what your conscience expects from you. This is what is called integrity, one of the hallmarks of democracy.

Monday, February 09, 2009


Nice Guy Obama won the presidency fair and square and decided if there was a quicker way to make everything OK, why not try to share the power and determination with the former administration? We have plans on what to do, maybe the GOP has a few. It's been said, two heads are better than one. Maybe that's the best way to get things done.

While still friends, Obama will agree to end the political debate and set the record straight. On that assumption, Barack and his crew had the gumption to offer working legislation to get the USA out of the economic situation caused in part by lack of cooperation by the Democrats. Republicans and Independents, the trillions of voters coast to coast, even concerned citizens from foreign lands.

Instead of blaming who started this mess, let's keep an open mind and find mutually beneficial means to wipe the slate clean of rhetoric and cooperate to save the fate that man and/or nature have created and pledge to spare the universe from the curse of annihilation.

So far, Republicans have been playing the rejection game, trying to shame the Democrats by claiming they don't know what to do. This, by the party of Bush/Cheney who put this world in such a stew.

It's unfortunate, but a proportionate minority in this nation, and some in other lands, do not understand the critical condition the planet is in, from over population to starvation, economic and atomic disputations, climate warming and other alarming planetary situations.

This is not a game we're playing. Planet Earth could be decaying right before our eyes. Unless we're wise and realize what's going on, someday we and the Earth could all be gone.

Sunday, February 08, 2009


The older we get, the more we fret about this and that. I remember the time I told my wife I couldn't find my favorite hat, "It's on your head," she said. just like that.

"I can't find the pie I baked to donate to the county fair," she said in great despair. "Get up!" I said. "By gosh, you're gonna squash it. You're sitting on it. It's right there beneath your bottom on the chair."

"Who took off my clothes last night?" I asked, turning on the bedroom light.

"You might remember, It was I," she replied with great delight. "Your 'passionate yawn turned me on. Your peck on my cheek made me weak. Ahh, but when we did IT, that was IT!"

"What Was IT?" I was confused.

She was amused. "Don't you recall? You squeezed me tight, turned off the light and,.."

"What a sexpot was I," you reminisced and gasped with a chill and a thrilling sigh."

"No sexier than I," was her reply. "I, too, you sexy you."

I remember, when I was twenty-two, what young lovers used to do. We rolled over in
the bed, cheek to cheek, and went to sleep.


The Republicans will pay any price, will stoop to any destructive device, to sell America short. If they can win back the White House and reinstate a Mickey Mouse president and a YES-YES-YES Congress, they'll try it and the terrorists and our enemie will buy it.

The forces of defeat view the Democratic sweep as a one-way street with no U-turns allowed. They're out to convince the crowd they're down but they're not out and that, by any roundabout way they can command, they'll get another Republican back in control. That's their only goal.

And remember this: Republicans are no lovers of recovery. Making trouble and causing bubbles, that's their cup of tea.

The GOP, body and soul, is beholden to big business and the oil industry and they'll serve them well if the U. S. economy goes to hell. And the best way to decimate it is to legislate its demise by opposing legislation no matter how wise it may be. They'll oppose, the economic pros and those with common sense that know and fear depression will grow worse year by year if nothing's done to stem the slide and end the ride ever faster to disaster that the Arab sheiks seek.

Thus, by opposing legislation that will make this nation strong, the GOP may send Barack packing, lacking the support he craves to save his country from the rack and ruin that the Republican screwin' is doin' to democracy and the U. S. A.

* * * * *

Just one last thought you ought to keep in mind. The Right finds ways to do things wrong. That's what makes them strong. If we go along, we'll grow weaker week by week and year by year and, I fear, they'll win again.

Monday, February 02, 2009


What I want to know is this---Does anybody give a damn what's happening to Uncle Sam? Did he have a friend to warn him that the end of the trend where the economy was on the mend was near? That troubled times would soon be here? That another bubble---worse than the first---would threaten the success of President Obama's career?

When cracks in the foundation of our nation began to appear, was there not one pessimist to insist the future was fraught with fear. No doubt, no shout rang out, "Gef out while you can before the FIT SITS THE SHAN?"

It would have been nice if someone in the know had given that advice, but they did not. As a result the whole wide world is going to pot. And President Obama's got a lot to do to undo what ex-PresiDUNCE George W. Bush has put the whole world through.

Did any of the talking heads know what lie ahead? I kid you not, of -course they did. The PHDs, the economy pros, the CPAs and those that praised the phony rise that blinded unwise eyes to reality, they knew what was ahead, but said what they said while selling out at insane gains to avoid the pains of sudden loss and build up their cash to get ready for the crash they speculate is inevitable but, for them, could be profitable.

# # # #
The trick. buy long, sell short. Win or Lose? Depends on the stock you choose. Where it goes, who knows? Get advice when using this device to second guess the selling price.