Sunday, March 30, 2008


Someday the demand for oil will fade away and alternate energies will fill our needs. Ocean waves in the seas, corn stalks swaying in the breeze, the sun and hydrogen that can't run out, and other sources,no doubt, will be found.

Why not burn hair from barber shops, outdated pills and dollar bills, horse, pig and cow manure for sure, a bit of this, a bit of that and fat lost when you lose some weight.

The possibilities are great. What you eat and what you ate are great candidates. Mixed with shallots and lost election ballots they generate a lot of gas passing through you as you do what nature tells you to do. Bagels, lox and dirty socks, clocks that lost their ticks and miss their tocks, worthless stocks and Goldielox' golden locks kindle quick making electric.

Fossil fuels we use to brew our booze, make our shoes and print the evening news that fill the tanks of trucks and cars and----who knows?---may someday speed the way to Mars and other distant stars. And when oil's out of season will there still be reason for deadly wars?

Energy farms will keep us warm, cook foods we eat, illuminate our streets, run factories, computers and TVs, provide the amps that light our lamps. Future generations will own their own generators, enjoy cheaper vacations to distant destinations.

Green power will be made from flowers, plants and weeds, even seeds, to satisfy our wants, needs and greeds. But what will the world do after it's abused and used up all the scenic greenery, the corn in the granary and the grapes in the grapery? Plant some plants, burn your pants, do the hootchie-cootchie dance or buy more batteries at the Wal-mart store.

When all these things are up in flame life will never be the same and all that gold in the earth won't be worth one slim greasy, grimy dime.

Friday, March 28, 2008


Each night when Dubya shuts his eyes and tries to sleep a parade of four thousand-plus dead GIs march up and down around his bed. He waves his hand and they dissolve in the air. "Just a nightmare," the president sighed, closed his eyes and tried again to go to Slumberland.

But just as he started to snore there was a knock at his door,. "Mommy's come to hear my prayers, dim my light, tuck me in, kiss me good night," the president sighed. "When mommy dear is here I feel so good.". He put on his jammies, His mommy held him tighed. "When you do that," the president sighd, "I know I'm doing right." She kissed his teeny weenie, tucked him in and said nighty-night.

Seconds later there was another knock at the door. "Must be pop," the president sighed. But to his surprise, it wasn't his pop, it was a traffic cop, leading thousands in hospital gowns up and down around his bed. Some clutched crutches, some were wheelchair bound, some couldn't see, most were missing arms or legs, an eye, a nose, a couple toes, a few of these, a few of those. Dubya's VP came out of the closet and shouted with glee: "What will be will be! Three cheers for life and liberty!"

The Army band came marching in to serenade their Thief in Chief. "We'll be glad when you're dead, you ass hole you!" And all the disabled vets chimed in. "Sooner or later, you damn dick tater cornafater."

Dubya who had finally gone beddie-bye woke up and sighed: 'DIdja hear that, Dick. The band was playing my favorite song just for me!"

"Didja hear that song. you TexAss ass. They wished you were dead. That's what the music said."

"Anything to please my dear GIs," the president sighed. He went into a deep, deep sleep and never woke. And that ain't no joke. .

Monday, March 24, 2008


On a sunny Easter Sunday a chocolate bunny was left out in the heat. He soon felt hooey-gooey and began to melt. First to go was his nose, then his paws and toes

His chocolate tears, to his surprise, dripped from M&M jelly bean eyes and formed a muddy puddle on some nearby plants. A hill of ants, who like to eat things sweet, sucked up the muddy scum the Easter bunny had become. A magic duck mixed up the muck and a bunny bush grew and, do you know, it bloomed an egg. The duck sat on it and hatched a full-grown bunny hare. I swear.

How this happened you tell me. But since this is a fantasy, anything can be. The runny bunny was reborn. Clouds rolled in and it was no longer sunny. The bunny, sweetened by the magic duck, waited to be eaten as was his destiny. And this all happened faster than the magic duck could quack.

Friday, March 21, 2008


A handshake for old times a sake. A firm embrace. A smiling face. Bliss that comes from just a kiss. Sharing, caring, declaring love. Birth of lifetime memories. Dashing through a summer rain. Gentle landing of a plane. Slipping, falling in the snow. Sleeping through a movie show. Watching little children grow.

Eating a favorite candy bar. Smoking a true Havana cigar. Sipping an ice cold glass of beer. Hearing people cheer and roar for the candidate you voted for. Snacking lip-smacking wine and cheese. The aroma of exotic teas. Pleasure beyond measure as years go by.

Sunday at the Jersey shore. Reading, eating, time fleeting, swimming, hoping rain won't come. Sunning. turning lobster red, a sand pillow beneath your head. Hearing children shout with glee joyfully romping by the sea.

How much better could life be? Memories, please memories, do not abandon me.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Once dead, I suspect I'll finally be free of misery, of worry, aggravation and sexual frustration, of pain and rain and changing weather, of money lost by falling stocks controlled by manipulation. I'll no longer suffer from cold or flu and diseases that bedevil. I'll suffer no iils or chills, pay no bills, cash no checks or check my bank account amount.

I bet I will not fret or sweat when I'm no longer one of us except in dreams and memories. I surmise, when someone dies they sit around having smokes, telling jokes, reading the news, schmoozing, boozing and refusing to pay back taxes or overdue dues

Once dead and gone they gorge on pies and cakes and spicy foods that cause heartburn and bellyaches, consume huge amounts of fatty meats and sinful sweets and go off all diets when they die.

At least I believe all this is true. If my heart and assorted parts are not replaced and my body's a total waste after I'm dead a spell, assuming it's not from hell, I'll return and tell you what I found while hanging around waiting for the Benign Divine to make up His mind about what happens to a beat-up of eighty plus waiting for the bus to take me to Eternity City, U.S.A.


Hear all ye sinners, disbelievers, shouters, doubters, don't find outers. intelligent designer whiners, Creationist insisters, brothers, sisters, shoulder shruggers, take my hand, come with me to Darwin Land, maybe ye will understand why the chicken came before the egg way back before the world began.

Keep in mind if ye find mistakes in claims I make, Take 'em with a ton of salt. It ain't my fault. I never kissed a therapist, the fist of a nooclar scientist, If that makes sense I guess what I'm about to spout will make even less.

The beginning began before there was no man, no electric fan or garbage can, no no or yes, more or less. There was a lot of smoke and fire, ice and lice and tiny mice but no dinosaurs, carnivore's, baseball scores or Walmart stores.

There was a mess caused by God who got the blame before he came to steak a claim or eat a Big Mac in a sack or suffer constipation which started all the consternation over whether the Creator caused creation.

Then came Darwin from some foreign town who turned everything upside-down when he started an evolution revolution which robbed God of his claim to fame.

Does anybody really care how we got here from there? Fact is, we done it and we gonna stay awhile. Say "Cheese!" Smile! But don't dare switch the dial. Stick with CNN. You just may be born again a ballpoint pen.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


When the sky is blue and clouds are few and the sun shines bright but not too hot, I meditate on what I've got and what I'd give to live each waking day in this kind and carefree way.

I marvel at the towering trees, revel to the balmy breeze, am grateful to the buzzing bees that sting a bit but bring a bit of sweetness to the land that is home to my family that means so very much to me.

When I die I take comfort I will lie in peace and tranquillity among the gifts that God has given me and granted me the ability to reimburse my mother, Earth, for the wealth, the health and worth she has bestowed on me.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


It makes good sense. When you consider the immense extent of diversity in this land of multiplicity, you begin to understand why there is such animosity among groups who disagree vociferously. When a people don't see eye to eye on issues that affect us all, our democracy could be headed for a fall.

What causes nations to go to war? A drastically growing population. When there are too many mouths to feed, when there's a need for land to expand, when the cost of living gets out of hand, the short term answer is WAR

Statistics show that when births increase to such a state that the poor have no place to live comfortably in harmony, something's got to give and inevitably it does. Inflation, near starvation, deprivation act to separate a nation into haves, have-nots and lots of other opposing forces.

These factors foster revolution. Multiplication of the population in a nation without the wherewithal to deal effectively poses problems for which sound solutions must be found.

When thousands are unemployed, living in a void, when decent jobs cannot be found and common ground cannot be achieved it creates desperation leading to crime, thousands more spending time in jail because their government and industry failed to do what they should: reduce the ranks of the destitute and left behind. Put them back on the employment line!

We must deal with the lagging economy, turn disparity into prosperity. It won't be easy. But it must be!

Friday, March 14, 2008


When darkness rules the heavens the stars will disappear. The moon will lose its glow and will no longer show the way in the dead of night. The sun's fire will expire, greed and mad desire will control coal and other fuels.

Everything that kindles will be worth its weight in gold. Matches will be sold at a hundred bucks a strike and there will be no guarantee these magic sticks will light. Only in our sleep will we see a sun still shining bright.

Darkness that surrounds us will confound us as we collide with this and that. We will fall constantly. not knowing where we're at. And walls of jet black air will declare control of Earth.

No longer will we see a smile, admire a style, start a fire for a barbecue. Poets will not write about flowers that bloom in spring. They'll fling away their writing tools and babble endlessly words that disappear in the darkened atmosphere.

Loss of light will cause distress, destroy awareness. We will care less about fairness in a world where we're alone in a crowded room of gloom, doomed by blackness that dominates the sky. But new leaders are on the rise that don't need eyes to see what's in air. In the world of darkness the blindman is the king.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


George Bush, the demented president, the Texass ass, has his brain in his tush. He pushed the USA into war based on lies that have killed, so far, more than four thousand GIs.

Well, to hell with GWB, madman of the GOP, who stole the presidency, not once but twice, with help of the Supreme Court who sold democracy short and put this campus sport into a job for which he was not qualified. Result: this insult to the human race, this liar, set the world on fire.

Dubya, like his dad, has an obsession to wage aggression on Iraq that lacks an ounce of common sense, but caused immense damage to our national defense and sentenced our troops to execution in a war of great expense in American lives and greenbacks to topple Iraq's mad butcher of Baghdad.

Even with Sadam gone, the war drags on. It will until Dubya gets his way. He might if voters don't do right. Be gone with John McCain. The GOP's hopeless hopeful, stubborn as a Texas mule, says he'll pull this nation together. How can this brainwashed intellect expect us skeptics to misconstrue what he says he'll do if he becomes president? Don't let him. Get him out of here before he starts another war.

Don't people realize McCain won't end the war. He'll extend it to satisfy the vanity of Bush's insanity and ploy to destroy democracy. Barak will bring our troops back from Iraq if we elect him president.

Don't let more GIs die for no damn good reason why!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


There's no beginning, no end, no heaven, no hell, no wishes in the wishing well. There's just one breath. It starts with living, ends with death.

There's only one once in between the first and final scene. There's no present, no past, no first, no last, no slow, no fast. We come, we go, we never know when this movie show will end, when the curtain will fall if at all.

The only truth that touches me is energy I cannot see but share with every flower, tree and creature on land and sea. All is all a part of me and I of they. We share each night and day, feel the same pain in a different way. Who's to say love will steal my heart away.

I do not understand the trite I write and why it comes out rhyme most time, what puts these words into my brain, lets me compose a brief refrain about a falling rain, a moving train, tragedy of a falling plane. Each word is like grain of sand and is the land where we reside where no one ever lived or died, laughed or cried for there's no way and no one to decade.

Is this world just foolish fantasy? We'll just have to wait and see.


We were once a loving family, a girl, a boy, my wife and I finding joy in simplicity, a day by the sea, a night of TV, a well remembered memory of life as it used to be. No sorrow could invade the life we made, the games we played, the future we faced unafraid.

We recall the night a shooting star lit up the sky, so high, so far but yet so near. We recall a perfect fall followed by an early snow and temperatures of ten below, so cold for ten days in a row, then an early spring and everything was bright and new.

We recall all the things we did when our kids were small. Watching TV ''toones together when snowbound by windy wintry weather, shopping for gifts at Christmas time, listening to the churchbell chimes. Faded, ragged 'jeans, so cool, sunning at the township pool, riding bikes home from school.

We recall temper tantrums, terrible teens. Daughter's first date, came home late, the scary wait until we heard her at the door. Worry, that's what moms and dads are for.

So much do we recall. It's all just memory now. How will we endure? Is there a cure for a broken heart?

There was Iraq. A senseless war. No turning back. An incompetent president would not relent. Just sent more cannon fodder to replace the wounded and the dead. A war based on lies. Just plain murder in disguise.

Our family, torn apart from the start by patriotic pride that made our son decide to join like-minded youth who bought the lie as gospel truth. He fought. He died. We cried. Emptiness gnawed inside.

One night, our daughter, with tearful, reddened eyes, vowed to share her brother's plight. She went to war. They both died for what they believed right. Was it worth the fight? We cannot decide. At least they tried.

We miss our children with sadness and with pride.

Monday, March 03, 2008


When God created the human body he never thought it naughty or bawdy. He wanted to try this gift, He gave each guy to learn what sex was all about. When He created Eve He didn't believe sex could be so complex,

Even later the Great Creator, watching Adam and Eve achieve satisfaction from this exhaustive action, wondered: was it worth the fuss just to make another Us?

But when God saw the world's first lovers hugging and kissing under the covers He suspected sex was something He was missing.

God wanted to give sex a try, but not with Adam, Eve or some sexy Angel he'd conceive. How could He do it with Eve or others He bothered to father? How would it look in the Bible Book if He confessed He'd committed incest? God was vexed, He'd never know the joy of sex.

Sunday, March 02, 2008


Just like Dummy Dubya's gimmicks of the past, the one-time "gift" won't lift the economy. The stupid stipend might pay a one time weekend spending spree or delay the deadline for a pending bankruptcy.

The nation's governors have urged the U. S. to invest in public works to create long-term employment. Bush says nonsense. He insists his tax rebates will temporarily help the economy. And he wants thousands facing bankruptcy to "wait and see" how that turns out. No doubt Bush and the GOP don't know the economy's all about,

They're hoping fore a "short-term stimulus" and forget about tomorrow. When the doles run out, we can always borrow to keep the nation out of troubled water. The truth be known, a one-time dole won't get us out of the hole we're in. It won't lift the income of hard-hti families.

The freebee gimmick's just a way to hide what's making the economy slide dangerously toward a longtime depression. The one-time surge will make some people splurge on necessities like paying loans or buy chicken bones. But once the money's spent it's back to watching every cent, counting pennies. nickels, dimes, coping with these hard times.

Bring our troops back, sack Iraq, fire that pack of hacks destroying democracy; then quit and that will be the end of it. It'll be bye-bye GOP, welcome to DC Obama or Hillary! That'll put America back on the road to solvency.

Work, you jerk, will turn the downtrend up. A permanent wage will set the stage for renewed prosperity. When steady, ready cash comes regularly there will be a trend to over spend. Result: a hot economy. Will we then fret about runaway inflation instead of potential recession or depression? Rebuild the bridges, dig more ditches, tax the richest buns of sitches.

Why not try to leave the economy alone?, Let it rise or fall on its own.


SHE GOT CAUGHT: Poor Hillary's been stung by the Killer B. She's off her pace and is losing the race. Ain't it a disgrace! She had her shot and she got caught between a HARD PLAC E AND BARACK.
* * * * * * *
McCAIN'S WORN-OUT BRAIN: John McCain's claim of experience is just plain nonsense. He's got an old, worn-out brain that keeps repeating the same dumb Dubya refrain. "Remain in Iraq, don't bring our GIs back, until we win."

John must know he's wrong, but he goes along with that stupid mouth that went south long ago. Who'd vote for an old goat who promotes a losing cause just because Dubya said it's so?

McCain and that George without a brain claim the winless war must go on until more GIs are slain and we sink into a bloody sea of tragic hypocrisy.