Saturday, June 28, 2008


Other nations, cities, states and corporations, faced with similar situations, disgraced by inefficient or incompetent execs is rarley tolerated. Crooks who cook the books, wheel and deal, rob and steal get no sympathy from the corporate weel. Those who deny or falsify or just can't do the job they're hired to do are fired unceremoniously. All businesses react alike: do the job or get the axe, hit the pike, you're through! Too-dah-loo to you!

So why shouldn't Sneery Face and the two-faced veep at least suffer disgrace and. be IMPEACHED? Congress has been beseeched, since Dubya walked away with the presidency to get rid of this undesirable idiot and be done with it. But no, no, no! They would not go that route. Kick out a membe of the Bush dynasty? That would be a nasty thing to do.

A better solution, just violate the Constitution. Ignore federal legislation, rob the courts of their legal rights, lose sight of what is wrong or right. Yet, they impeached then President Clinton on a sex offense and lying under oath, both insignificant compared to what Bush has done, declaring a war without justification at a cost of trillions and thousands of GIs killed, wounded or maimed, many who will never live normally again.

In the name of decency and democracy, what Bush and Company have done can only be described as crimes against humanity. The insanity of the Dubya regime must be deplored, must not be ignored. This is not just politics as usual. And It's criminal of Congress not to face up to their responsibility, to deal with the illegality of the Bush/Chaney crimes and set the records straight before it's too late.

How can Republicans expect to regain respect of the nation after violation of so many laws they vowed to obey?

Sunday, June 22, 2008


What in the world is happening to this world? Floods and fires; loan shark liars, industries gone bust; lack of trust in politics; tainted tomatoes that make you sick and maybe dead; Wall Street in the red; foreclosures soar; prices rise at every store; violence, events that culminate in unintended consequence; incompetence in government that leads to fraud and amounts unaccounted for; mad cow disease that make bulls and breeders ill at-ease.

Forgotten are days of long ago that changed the lives of heroes, ordinary joes, friends and foes and so-and-sos; inventions, conventions, best intentions gone astray; the rise and fall of dynasties; ships lost on trips in angry seas; life and death of movie stars; Broadway plays, hits and flops; crooked cops and political sops; declaration, devastation, long duration, cessation of deadly wars, nations that won or lost, the cost in men and money; funny quirks in history; unexplainable mystery.

Sports, records, scores, jeers and roars; famous whores, ladies of the night, concubines, paramours and those pursuing similar lines with designs on thrones, desire to rise to royalty; songs and tunes, jazz and rock and opera, too; who was who, what did they do to advance the cause of romance; dance styles of the day that helped folks smile their troubles away; a world at work, a world at play, day by day.

The internet will lead the way. Ask GOOGLE and relax. the facts are stored electronically waiting for your inquiry.


Weather---whether you like it or you do not, as everybody knows, as the wind blows and pollen tickles your nose you realize seasons come and go. Weather changes a lot. Sometimes it's hot, sometimes it's cold. Some days are worth their weight in gold. Some months it rains, some months it snows. So it goes.

Winter, summer, spring and fall, Molther Nature makes the call. She consults with God. He gives a nod, says, "Go, girl, go." The next day snow covers the town, keeps coming down.

Mother Nature frets: "How long can this go on? Make it stop. It'll kill the crop. When it gets hot it will turn into a slushy slop. The cop can't make the cars go slow. They slide and flip from side to side on their crazy winter ride."

Winter, summer, spring or fall, Mother Nature's makes the call. But first she talks to God On High. He tells her why it should be hot in July. 'So folks will remember in December how nice it is to have no snow and ice and walk around in shorts and tights and stay out late at night watching lightening bugs light up the sky.

Meanwhile, back on our planet, Janet, with aches and pains, predicts rains and quakes and a plague of snakes with belly aches, When Big Blow Joe, who ought to know, stubs his big left toe tornadoes are about to strike. When he stubs his right toe bedbugs will bite you while you sleep tight.

Worried about hurricanes and tropical rains? Ask Insane Jane who has water on the brain. She drains, her mind every night, wets her bed, sleeps with a puddly pillow under her head. And there's Stew who does doo-doo to make dew bare ass in the grass. More on Stew tomorrow night.

Stay tuned. Have a nice night.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Does life begin at the moment of conception or with that special kiss between a mister and a miss? Is it in that instant when two agree this lifetime was meant to be?

In the sight of God and His holy messenger, in an ancient ritual ceremony, lovingly, two souls become one. Hopefully entwined for all eternity. Each is asked: "Do you?" "Do you?" Each replies: "I do." "I do." Then they hear the words they've waited for, as all lovers have since days of yore: "I now pronounce you husband and wife." With a kiss the sweethearts start a brand new life.

The organist plays a brief refrain, then surrenders to the orchestra that entertains the gathered throng with song and dance in celebration of a blessed romance. Family and friends drink and eat and, with checks or other gifts in hand, repeat and repeat, "Congratulations. Good luck, God bless."

Eventually the newlyweds leave to begin their honeymoon in the wedding bed. They're alone, together on their own, the hotel room their one night love nest. After a brief rest they kiss, they touch, they clutch consumed by passion and desire. When they are done, has a new life begun? Does reality really take hold the moment they consummate? Or does life begin when a child arrives alive one second young?

Regardless of how or why, the newlyweds have set in motion the creation of another member of civilization who will be the object of an everlasting ocean of devotion. As far as the couple is concerned, it occurred when that brand new he or her received a slap on the back that started life flowing and a tiny glowing bundle of flesh and bone, became a hearing, seeing human being,

The first breath, followed by a cry, perhaps a tear, tells the whole world, "I am here! I am here!"

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


What is the responsibility of the president? It Is to be wise, advise, bring opposing sides together so they can cooperate, negotiate and share a commonality.

Stubbornly maintaining opposing positions creates conditions favorable to the enemy. Disunity within the ranks leads to mutiny to the other side. A strong, united force stays the course where factions agree to disagree, debate, negotiate and arrive at a conclusion, confusion free.

When politicians seek conditions on which neither side concedes, if concerns are spurned the issue's dead, victim of a legislative loggerhead. The president must decide who is wrong, who is right and fight for his true convictions.

The president must present facts that are exact, historically correct. This the electorate respects and expects. Any less and the Chief of State loses the debate and the approval rate once held loses its validity.

If such confrontations occur all to frequently, the president compromises his/her capability and leads voters to question the stability of the nation under the current administration.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Well, pardon me for saying this, but do I miss some reason why a sitting, unbefitting president should retain the right until the final second of his last hour in power to pardon himself and others for crimes committed, permitted while the Chief of Stuff Wehadenuff is still in power?

When selected, was expected to be a liar and a denier. He lived up to his reputation as a man whose mind was on vacation, but we never saw an indication that this blah-blah hee-haw loved to violate the law and do it legally.

His interpretation of legislation was that he, the idiot resident playing president, could and would reinvent the Constitution so it would grant him absolution from prosecution from any crime he took the time to disobey as he set about to destroy the USA. He could and would and almost did.

Why should the worst president in history, the impeachable head of a fading democracy, be assured the right to serve out his time committing crime after crime with no punishment or time in jail? And retain the Constitutional power to reprieve himself if he is deemed guilty. Not only can he free himself, but also all his crony phonies---VP Cheney one of many---who hide behind the Constitution they ignored while disobeying the word of law. Could they be tried for crimes committed, possibly omitted, by presidential pardon when they become private citizens once again?

If it's so easy to rewrite the Constitution, why not eliminate the loopholes that give the Thief of State the right to pardon anyone who did what all illegal presidents do. It makes no sense to let a suspect charged with any offense get off the hook because the crook he served faithfully was equally guilty of the same crime yet served as judge and jury, with the power of the pardon, and rules to set the culprit free.

Hopefully that right will cease to be in the next presidency.


Even if your wage is slightly above the official level of poverty, keeping pace with the rising cost of the economy, surprising though it may be, means nothing to those who play the numbers game. They say those who draw less pay must learn to live on what they earn.

Even if those who earn more shop at a discount store, they'll find prices higher than they bargained for.

Families in a budget crunch argue there are many things they need besides food to feed their family---filling the tank of a rusting car; paying their share to support a war lost before it began; the cost of pills, doctor bills, unanticipated accidents, other events; soaring price of fuel to cope with winter's chill, summers heat; new shoes for baby's growing feet; insuring this, securing that, just managing to stay where you're at.

Economists insist wages are high enough to get by if you hang tough, do with less and do without. And if you need the jack to pay loan sharks back, there's always Wall-mart and Big Mac.

What do million dollar CEOs and big dough know-it-alls know about living on the edge of insolvency? If recession gets depressing they might find out what doing without is all about.

The minimum wage is not high enough in these rough, tough times, thanks to the George and Dick and their GOP wrecking crew did to destroy democracy.

Republicans are blind as bats. Democrats know where it's at. Let's hope voters kick the Bushlouts out. When the Dems take over, we won't be rolling in clover, but you can be sure it won't be the manure we've have had to endure for eight years of tears and sneers from Floppy Ears.


Saturday, June 07, 2008


Is this Age of Trauma near its end? Did the American debates, the election of Barack Obama and a rising voice of reason in this season of regret, get a message to these disunited United States and the other lands still free that we must act as one to undo what has been done freedom and democracy?

Will we soon have an American president and a government that will help lead this weary world into a new era of health and wealth and a strong and vibrant economy? Can our world's leaders put an end to insanity and the slaughter of humanity? Will they together usher in a lasting brotherhood where nations act and react they should and could?

If one good lesson emerges from the travesty of war let it be that freedom and democracy cannot coexist with the iron fist of a fascist state. That war is not the only way to deal with disunity and disarray.
For what it's worth, there must be a rebirth of sanity on this earth if we are to get one last opportunity to justify our right to be the keepers and the monitors of humanity. We live in an age of fragility where most nations of the world have the will and the ability to blow their neighbors thousands of miles away to kingdom com.

Is this earth of so little worth that one day we will blow it all away?

Friday, June 06, 2008


Throughout America's history, and in every great democracy, there are times of crucial need when nations cry out in desperation for a helping hand to lead them back to the promised land of peace and prosperity.

Because of their own leaderless hypocrisy and greed that deny reality, the vitality and morality that were earmarks of America's success are replaced by disgrace and distress. International entanglements that make no common sense; They are confronted by depression and aggression that ultimately lead to war.

Losers wring their hands, make unreal taxing demands borne of futility, lacking the ability to ensue a new renewal, they turn to cruel, fool alternatives where life gives way to disarray and men play the deadly killing game.

Confronted by ultimate defeat, one unencumbered member of humanity sees through the insanity of it all and calls the world to his side. "There is no need to merely ride this out," he tells the gathered throng. "When something's wrong, you don't submit. You find a way and fix it. And that's what we will do. Me and you and millions more working for our mutual good will discuss what's best for us. Could this work? It should. Why not give it a try?"

They put their shoulder to the wheel. Tried to turn it, heard it squeal. A squirt of oil. A spin or two. That tried and true wheel worked good as new.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


The game to choose the candidate for president is a wise exercise in grassroots democracy. Wannabes who want to be president present their case in the debate race in the best place to show their face--- the TV parade where facts are displayed and decisions are made.

Through give and take they make their case. They try it. Will the voter buy it? To determine who is most presidential it's essential that we learn even the most elemental facts that qualify the gal or guy to become our Chief of State,. The debate helps evaluate who will be the candidate.

The more she/he scores in every category the closer they get to tell their story in the major event as they represent their party as candidate for president. Most essential, the candidate must look, speak and act presidential.

Of course, we and the pundits must agree on who is more electable and respectable. Their height and weight also matter. Who would trust a short, fat slob to do the job? Would you? Of course, the color of tie tiey they wear and how they comb their hair help the voters compare the qualities of the he's and she's on display on a given day. And do they wear the flag on their lapel? Who cares? Do you?.

Health, wealth and vitality are qualities we consider seriously. The nominee must be a skilled orator. A bore will never score if there's any doubt what he/she's talking about. Their voice must be commanding, not demanding; exciting, not back-biting; erudite, not trite.

All these factors must be weighed. That's how the game of campaign politics is played. That is. when you're selecting the nominee for president. But when it comes to choosing the Veep the thing to keep in mind is, will he/she,. by dint of home state and party weight help the candidate?

One wonders, is the vice president qualified to take command if something happens to demand he/she assume the responsibility in moments of critical need? Though fully qualified the vice president may not be, he/she is a heart beat away from the presidency. Shouldn't the V.P. undergo the same scrutiny as the Commander in Chief if an unanticipated event sidelines the president?