Monday, April 27, 2009


Jake was a cold-blooded snake who never tried to mate a female of his kind. He could never find a snake that gave him an ache in his heart for that is where love affairs usually start. His blood ran cold, I am told, because that was the reptile style of the breed.

Thus, he never believed he needed a lady snake to take him in her arms and introduce him to the charms of wicked complex sex. The fact that neither he nor she had arms was a complication of the situation. This was true of snakes, worms and wiggly sperms that squirm between the legs (snakes have not got) to meet and mate with eggs.

I mention Jake's blood ran cold. I failed to add sex had naught to do with his urge not to merge. But a roll in the desert sand at 250 degrees in the shade made the passionate feeling less appealing.

Then Jake met Murtle the Turtle who lived quite well in a beautiful shell. She had four legs, two for walking, two for hugging. She didn't mind lugging her shell home around. Jake moved in and a love affair began.

Living was tight but it was right and they found room for loving every night. After a while a little turtanake was born. It had its mother's shell, but was growing longer like its slinking dad. They had room enough for a large family. Some were turtles just like Murtle, others just like Jake and, in between, tikes with shapes or shells the likes of which you've never seen.

They lived together happily in Murtle's shell rent free. Jake passed away at four hundred three. Murtle lived to see the twenty second century. How many offspring did they sire or inspire? The amount kept mounting. They stopped counting af a million three, give or take, according to Jake the Snake.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


The baker had a broken mixer and but couldn't find a mixer fixer.
He asked his friend Jake the Snake, most adept at shimmy-shake.
"Help me out in this matter. Shake your tail in my bowl of batter.
Be my mixer, make this batter better, ready to bake."
Jake did his job. It sure was fun.
But when the mixing job was done Jake the Snake could not be found. They looked here, there, all around.
In a sack of flour, behind a chair. They couldn't find Jake anywhere.
The customer became most irate. The birthday party couldn't wait.
The baker baked the cake, creamy and light. Everybody wanted a bite.
Birthday boy puffed and blew. Candle fires went out.Then they knew.
One candle began to shimmy-shake. Kids cheered. It was Jake the Snake.
As was the style of this reptile, Jake emerged with a snakey smile.
He did what few would dare, returned unburned, none the worse for wear.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The day I crawled out of my mother's shell and saw the sky and watched my dad go saiing by I knew I was born to fly. In our family nest way up high in a tree all we birdlings chirped joyfully. We were blessed with wings and when we flap them up and down or hold them stiff, if the wind is on our tail we can swoop low and see how more fortunate we are than they who can walk and talk, but cannot fly.

We birdlings were soon to realize the wonder of the skies, the warmth of the sun, the glow of the midnight moon, the twinkle, twinkle song of the stars that sleep past noon and you have to be up close to hear their welcome tune. And on special nights the Man in the Moon will croon along with the twinkling tune, angels will strum their heavenly sound and the cherub children will cheer cheerfully.

But we, the birdlings of all kinds, and they, with minds superiour to ours, know more about the moon and stars than we mere birds could conceive. But have they ever heard the music of the sky or learned why God put humans so low and heaven so high and so many light years in between?


Isn't it strang, a nation that responded to change with a vast ovation could suddenly turn its back on Barak Obama who offered hope for a new tomorrow?

And who do too many now rally around? A rabble of losers, abusers, accusers and users, the lost but never found hangers around who respond to sound and fury, who serve as judge and jury for a nation adrift, in need of a lift out of an intolerable situation.

The lift it needs is not motivated by greed. It is caused by desperation, privation, slow starvation, inadequate education, lack of medical care and no opportunity to share the riches of the USA.

Thousands of things President Obama hopes to bring to those who have no one to turn to except the few who are willing to share their wherewithal with the rest of humanity. What the president seeks is change that cannot come about in days or weeks, but is through rebuilding a nation neglected by a selected president of the past who put the poor and insecure last and cast them adrift without the lift they desperately need. This cannot be done by the Tea Party mentality led by the GOP and the Me, Me, Me who distort and sell America and democracy short.

Once the party's history, President Obama will still be here to do what he must do to pull our country out of the mess. Guess who got us into. Then America can become again what it once was before this trouble all began.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


It's time President Obama stops saying shoosh about Bush and his Repugnican thugs. In stead of playing "nice guy,make them face up to their crimes. Attribution and retribution are overdue. If he doesn't dredge up all the crap Bush and his Gang committed and never has admitted to. When reelection time draws near, you'll hear the GOP deny and lie and call the Dems a pack of whiners and deniers.

During these waning first one hundred days of the Obama administration, and all the praise the new president's getting, letting the losers go scot free makes no sense to me. It's Barack Obama's responsibility to place the liability at Dubya's feet and make him and his cohorts pay for what they did to the USA and how they weakened the American way.

The list of wrongs will be quite long. The case aginst them should be strong. There must be retribution for the ways they trashed the Constitution. The ways they disobeyed and sought to evade the very laws they made cannot afford to be ignored The torture they ordered inflicted on prisoners of an illegal war are by far weakened democracy.

The question is, who should pay and in what way? Who merits the greater blame? The order maker or the perpetrator? How do you set the amount of compensation that justifies violation of laws unjustified for a war that has never been legally declared? Should the White House cons get time off for good behavior? Should presidents be granted special favors?

Forget the name, forget the fame. All the accused must be treated the same. Let the crime determine the time or other penalty. Justice must rule, not sympathy. Even a president must be sent to jail if he or she fails to prove they're innocent. The same should be true for the person who cleans the latrine or the politicker trikster making deals behind the scene.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The RepubliCANTS Party is planning an unfair affair that fits Dumbya to a T. It will be a reenactment of the Boston Tea Party that was all about taxes. This one, the GOP Pee Party, is all about Texass, and trillions in taxes caused by a lax in common sense, insane brains, incompetence and events of bloody war that still goes on, caused by a leaderless leader who should have been gone long before he went into retirement.

By now you must have guessed who messed and why this shiece of pit and his Pee Party won't be missed. But just in case your memory fails this purple traitor, Christened George III, is better known as Dumbya; All he done and didn't done, shoulda did and didna did. This purloined presidunce spent eight years doin' a lot of nuttin except stare at the panic button that, if he pushed it, the world would turn into one big burning George Bush's tush.

The deficit the nitwit Dumbya did git us into will keep the nation's cash till nil till come Dumdya's doomsday;

Sunday, April 12, 2009


NEWS ITEM: Scientists may have found a way to erase memory from cluttered minds.


Want to forget what you remembered to remember and forgot to forget? Want to leave your mind behind? To replace that space, to some extent, with essentially more pertinent events and evidence? You may someday be able to let it go, forget it and not regret it. Scientists say there'll come the day when, by fooling with your molecules, unwanted memories will just fade away.

Literally, one day you'll be able to take your brain to the Science Super Store and tell them what you don't want to remember anymore. By injecting a drug called 'ZIP' into the area of the brain containing unwanted memory, it will dissolve and, posibly, your prognosis will be solved. One shot of this experimental mental blocking drug and that thought will never bug you ever more. It worked on four-foot animals so why not try it on two-foot fools like you and me?

Hard as it seems, the unwanted memory can't come back to haunt you in your dreams. Medically speaking, if you're seeking relief from imagined pain or brain strain, unwanted names, numbers and places you want erased, a failed romance, a chance advance, an unpleasant event, a missed investment, cash foolishly spent, whatever else that rhymes with "ent," once the memory's gone where it went that "ZIP" sent it on a one way trip to bye-bye land.

But what if that "ZIP" gets mixed up and skips the good for the bad and erases instead what little intelligence you had in your head or destroys memories you cherished? Perish the thought. Maybe you'd be better off to keep what you've got and not mess around with that molecule shot.

Friday, April 10, 2009


It will take more time than it takes to count one-two-three to correct the mess that no account Bush pushed through during his eight fateful years as the illegal president of the USA.

It will take his duly elected successor, Barack Obama, a man of extreme intelligence and uncommon common sense, time to right the wrongs of that ding-dong resident ex-president. But since democracy's at the core, more or less, of our political process, I can only theorize on what might be a wiser way to run a business as big as the USA.

This nation should be turned into a profit making, competent corporation, free from political manipulation, with consideration for all members of its population. To do that job you must have a well qualified CEO, with a sound background and both feet on the ground, who's in the know. That's the way to go. That won't be easy when the voters decide who to hire, who to fire and fall for the line of a smooth talking liar. But it could be done.

Evaluation of past success and education should be the best way to make decisions of who should fill executive positions. It's how to build a safe and sound administration.

Loaning big bucks and trusting to luck things work out OK is not the way to play the same old game. Get rid of high pay tryouts who didn't work out or were no damn good. But don't trash factory workers laid off just to cut cash expense. That makes no sense. When things turn around, they or their replacements might be nowhere to be found.

Whether business or politics, keep your eye on the bottom line. Then you will never be left behind.

Thursday, April 02, 2009


There are thousands of seniors like you and me who harbor one wish-- that -someone, some day, somehow---why not NOW?--- will publish their creation and pay for it with cash remuneration.

Seeineg that first byline will bring elation beyond expectation. And the dough the publisher will say this is a writing pro. But first success causes stress unless the writer finds more avenues receptive to their views. Outlets are there everywhere if you are willing to make a splash without immediate cash, For that, BLOGGING is the way to go.

I've been a blogger for several years. I write "rhyme on rhyme on rhyme" poems and verse on diverse topics, optics, the tropics, news, views and commentaries:, fiction and fact, humor and jest, all the rest. Often my writing deals with controversy, everything from poverty to high society, death to bad breath, love affairs, bees and bears, over views on underwear, bonds and stocks and Goldie Lox.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I plan to self-publish a book featuring several hundred of my posted blogs. I invite you to help me choose what you would like included. Surf my "Archives" and e-mail the printouts to with your name, e-mail address and phone number. I will dedicate the book to all who submit selections and/or suggestions. Hopefully, you will benefit with more hits from bloggers who check the list of dedicated participants.

So blog in and stay awhile and. if you don't mind, leave a great big smile behind.
* * *