Friday, November 30, 2007


Does George W. Bush realize his illegal war, created by lies, that so far has sent nearly four thousand GIs and untold millions to early graves. Has caused grief and misery and untold numbers who lost limbs or sight will never be right. Will never see, thanks to President Bush's bestial hypocrisy.

Did it ever occur to this ingrate man of hate and evil intent that, as president, his commands caused death and devastation to this nation and to helpless foreign lands?

At this point it's sad to add another too realistic statistic of this war that says it all:


(I have spelled out the numbers rather than presenting them in cold numerals to emphasize the human lives they represent, Will the numbers burn into the mind what they mean, what they are trying to say to you?)

What statistics cannot show, there is no way to compute how many billions suffer grief beyond belief for their entire lives. Husbands, wives, children, too. Moms and Dads, entire families, lists of friends without end. Our entire nation, foreign allies, even enemies join in the pleas:


Wednesday, November 28, 2007


With the bucks way down in Dubya Town and the Ship of State about to run aground what does that sound like to we, fighters in the war to save democracy? I have a hunch the free lunch ain't as free as it used to be. The drain on the campaign donations that once were paid to persuade the marchers in the presidential parade to vote for the highflying liars of the Big Charade have suddenly abandoned the GOP.

Once upon the big dollar time, they filled the war chest with dough from the CEOs and political pros confident that funny money well spent to support a political event would benefit the grafter after a successful election/selection. But those days are gone and almost dead when the expense of buying influence made more sense.

Now corporate givers and high livers can't buy candidates with expensive vacation trips, under the table tips, banquets of steaks and cakes and chopped chicken livers,

Now the desperate gold diggers of the GOP are making their pitch to the super rich who have an itch for political power and are willing to gamble their family fortune on a chance to win a senate seat and eat with the elite of the indiscrete .

Republican Party smarties have discovered that the wealthy, who have little to offer except money to glut the campaign coffer, will pay a mill to fill a seat on a compressional committee and vote for or against demanding legislation of which they have no understanding. They don't know what they're doing or who their vote may be screwing and what's more, these whores of Washington, find their chore an awful bore.

This election is just one big crap shoot, It's all about loot and nothing more.
These rich and totally unqualified are only there for the ride, and we, the fools, become the tools of bought and sold, of good old incompetence. It makes no sense unless you're a part of the immense GOP rape of our governments.

Monday, November 26, 2007


Beachcomber, tanned and tough, taut and tight, hard and scarred by wind and rain, years of pain, lined, undefined, beard like wheat dried by heat, eyes squint in a glint, exposed to the glow of snow, sand and sea, lips cracked, unkissed. What have they missed?

Beachcomber, Beachcomber, for what do you search?
What do you look for there in the sand?
The sea is your brothel. The sky is your church.
What longing haunts you, Beachcomber Man?

What do you demand from the hot desert sand? Why do you cry to the cloud shrouded sky? You hold in your hand a sifter and spade, tools of your trade. Are there gifts of the sea in the floating debris? Do they wait for you patiently?

Beachcomber, Beachcomber what will you find?
What is the true value of dreams cast ashore?
Who buries love words deep in your mind?
What is your lonely heart still searching for?

Beachcomber remembers a cold winter day a handful of pennies came his way. A thin golden ring, a beautiful thing. A watch thick with grime still aware of the time. Seaweed for a bed, a conch for a pillow under his head. Driftwood for a fire, an old rubber tire. a length of strong wire. Things he might need.

Beachcomber, Beachcomber will your search cease?
When it is over, what will you do?
Will discovery bring death? Will it bring peace?
Will it uncover heartaches anew?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


If we say we love the U. S. A. and cherish our democracy, if we give a damn for Uncle Sam and want to live out our lives in liberty. We don't need another tired, uninspired politician, we need a president who knows the condition we are in and will lead a social revolution to restore the reputation we once knew.

We need a president with a mission, with fire in the belly, with passion in the heart, to start a social and emotional revolution, not a war with guns, but a stick to our guns determination until we've won our freedom back again.

Let's be realistic. Thanks to the Bush administration and its manipulation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, we are sick. A renewed Spirit of '76 is needed now, Somehow, it must begin if we are to win what we lost in cost of foreign wars and dead GIs and lies, cheating and deceit.

Perhaps once in a generation we are blessed by a leader who can't be led, who has the determination and inspiration to turn around a failing nation and put it back on its feet, grab victory from the jaws of defeat, and meet the future fearlessly.

Years and what appears to be integrity and honesty are not what we need in the next presidency. We need someone wise who will be advised by qualified experts in many fields, by scholars bought not with dollars, but hired for their fire and desire to be given an opportunity to be key players in the new true red, white and blue administration. We need to be a nation builder---our nation, not others on foreign shores. No more! No more!

We can no longer be Big Brother to every failing foreign nation. We cannot afford to be the world's police to keep the peace everywhere. We'll care, we'll share, but it stops there.

The GOP had eight years and failed. They assailed our Clinton budget plus economy. They led us into an illegal war and stole the White House not once but twice. And our people paid the price. Now it's payback time. Who will lead us? You decide. But as far as we can see, we need Democrats to lead in our prized and revitalized economy. Please take note what I wrote when you vote in the next selection-free election.


What''a family? Moms and Pops, kids and pets, aunts and uncles, dozen of cousins, old folks. kinfolks, grannies, gramps, little scamps.

Telling jokes; spilling Cokes, Boy Scout cookouts. Trips to zoos, brand new shoes, boo-hoo blues, trading news good, bad, sad, glad memories, recopies and calories, family photos "All say cheese!!" Being stung by hiony bees, late night teas, cold beers, cheers and happy tears,

Brand new twins and toothless grins. Birthday cakes, bellyaches. Easter bunnies, Sunday funnies. Teddy bears, falls down stairs. Memories make strangers families.

Families say a lot, eat a lot, weigh a lot, on special days pray a lot. And and you know what? Care a lot, share a lot of what you've got for have nots on the family tree. Scream and yell, get mad as hell, break up, make up, regret, forget, get mad enough to kill. Never will. In spite of all, they're Family.

Something's special about each family. Some are old, some young, some rant and rave in different tongues, have different names. Many come from different nations, only here on short vacations have other relations.

Young lovers meet and wed, welcome them, their ma's and pa's, inlaws because now they're instant members of the family.That's the way it ought to be.

The day grows late. They hate to go. Tears flow. All know they'll meet again. But when?


As I advance in age I realize I've reached a stage that I've become enraged with me and confess I am no longer as free as I used to be. I can't swim and I can't dance and, as for romance, I'm limited to coos and kisses. And ever since I lost my missus I've learned what a lonely life this is.

Among the things I've given up, I can no longer drive. I've had a few accidents, mostly scratches, bumps and dents. I've had close calls, rammed into walls and trees, suffered a blackout that scared the hell out of me. I sat in my car, stunned. knew my driving years were done.

As I reached eighty-three I saw folks older than me still behind the wheel. It made me feel sad. But I realized if I crash into another guy he and I might die, so this is why I no longer drive. I want to keep us both alive.

Giving up that ignition key tore the heart out of me. What if I have to go somewhere and there's no one to take me there? if I find a volunteer up in years who can hardly see and drives absentmindedly, and hasn't come to grips with the fact that even short trips can end in a fatality, where we might die and kill a young and growing family.

Since I've turned eighty-four I've given up more and fear my body soon will give up on me to every "itis' in the books and I'll be doing my wooing with that youthful widow who's eighty-three.

My body aches, I get the shakes, but as long as I can write I'll be alright. And if my body doesn't leave me behind I'll find more to do than stare at walls and BATCH MY SCRALLS.

Monday, November 19, 2007


How long will it take the candidates to realize their debates to win the coveted prize start too soon and last too long? How many times must voters hear the same old song? What speechwriters write may be wrong, may be right, but they'll be thick with rhetoric to sell the same old schtick,

Voters can grow sick of politicians and their positions on propositions. Hopefuls better face the fact details often fail to win votes, that boring words inspire yawning, snoring and are forgotten in the morning.

Denying, lying, defying is just a waste of prime TV time when hopefuls spew lines like "I'm the one who'll get things done. Here's what I'll do if you choose me." Self-proclaimed winners, unashamed sinners, unblamed beginners, they're all the same type when it comes to hype.

Let's start debates later, cut 'em short don't resort to phony baloney and half-baked lies to win the prize and cut opponents down to size. This will reduce campaign cost, the obligations for big donations to greedy corporations, suspicions that even losing politicians are fishin' for cabinet positions, or deals where international financial games are played and fortunes made.

We saw what happens to the law when oil greases the political paw and Congress says yes to every Helluvaburton request. Or when a jerk like Bush has the right to rewrite laws just because they don't agree with his concept of democracy, destruction of the economy and lies that put at least three thousand brave GIs in their graves.

Maybe letting the middle class make their pitch for higher taxes fo the rich
and tax relief for the struggling masses will kick the upper-classes in the
you know what. But that's a nut we'll crack when we get out of Iraq and get our country back on track.


This year's game is not the same as campaigns of the past. Before you cast your vote take note: God forbid the rotten things the GOP did will be forgotten on Election Day and they will if Democrats don't have their say. The GOP, one and all, must fall! Their dirty politic tricks have put the nation in a fix that cries out for solution, a return of rule by Constitution---or revolution.

Let the word be heard throughout the length and breadth of our our land, it's the Democratic return to democracy or face disgrace and victory for hypocrisy. We dare not let the GOP, with a new leader at the head, complete the job the misadministration has done to undo our life and liberty.

The Bush brain-trust must bite the dust to atone for what they've done, breaking laws and changing the Bill of Rights, clause by clause, because it stands for freedom and liberty, hallmarks of democracy.

If the GOP is allowed to stay in power, our future as the shining star of the downtrodden and oppressed will be replaced by a shroud of death.

Can we endure this insanity, this disregard for humanity, that could run rampant over democracy? A massive vote will let the GOP and all who support Bush incompetency know that's not the way we do things in the USA.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Are we, the last hope of democracy, deaf, dumb and blind? Are we a masochistic mass of lunatics? Are we the kind who sit on our behind and watch our Land of the Free be poisoned by RepubliCANCER that has just one answer to threats to our liberty? WAR! WAR! WAR!

Are we a party of fools and saps ready and willing to aid and abet the worst criminals of all time in their plot to let our Republic go to rot and ruin like every fascist dictatorship in history?

Why do our chosen Leaders, frozen with fear of the fool with floppy ears and a stupid snee, agree with every insanity he and his gang of thieves conceive. We've got the votes to kick out the PUPID STRICK, yet succumb to every sick Republitrick to dig our economy deeper in debt, place our bets on a losing HASSES ORSE and sentence more GIs to die in his try to win a winless war? And all the talking heads side with the losers on a slide to where they can hide in a SHILE OF PIT of self denial.

Why don't we dimwit Dems cry out when the Cheney gang with the support of the SOUPreme Court and that TexASS sport steal our freedom and our liberty and buy us into bankruptcy with billion dollar lunacy to feed the Beast of the Middle East?

As we approach the day we must decide, will we bent on suicide, ready to take a one-way ride to our demise? Is it too late to alter the fate awaiting us? Will we face the truth at the voting booth?

All the Democrat hopefuls so far have spent their energies acting like arch enemies, accusing and abusing each other, choosing a surefire way of losing to Republicans who plan more of their illegalities until they become the undisrupted leaders of the land---the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the rights of man be-damned!!

Our hopefuls are all out to win. That's good. They should. But remember, come November, it matters not who becomes our candidate. What's important, who we choose cannot afford to lose. Their victory must lead the way to end eight years of idiocy and hypocrisy that nearly drove our democracy into the red, left thousands dead and shamed our reputation in every nation from sea to shining sea.

To all who seek the candidacy, hear this appeal. Be real! Put America first. Direct your burst of energy telling voters what you'll do, what you stand for, how you'll work to end the war. Don't criticize the guys your side.

When all is said and done, we're One, we're all Americans. Together we must keep this the land of the free, the birthplace of democracy. In calm or stormy political weather, Democrats must stick together.

Thursday, November 08, 2007


This I do not understand. The Republican brand of politics has made this country sick. The GOP has been canned. It has been panned. It should be banned. But it has not.

A disgraced presidunce still calls the shots. He talks a lot of rot that gets a lot of GIs shot and many killed in a war billed as the only way to stem the tide of terror. Which, you can depend, will prove to be another George Bush error.

The end will depend, to a great extent, on a president who will consent to bring our troops home to stay and give Iraq back to Iraq. In the long run, Iran will be an also ran. Dubya will return to Tex. I expect we'll elect a Democrat. And that will be the end to that.


By the word of the Biblical historian, who set down this ancient myth, Adam and Eve and their offspring went by the name of Smith. So it remained until one day men spoke in dissatisfied tones and some of the Smiths revolted and changed their name to Jones. This new clan kept its peace until the disgruntled began to frown and, irked by their bickering brethren, changed their name to Brown. The family tree kept sprouting limbs until today there are millions of names. Greens and Grays and Goldbergs, too, Johnsons and Jacksons and James. Still, many a family history dates back to the year of the myth and the day their greastest great grandfather signed his name JOHN HANCOCK SMITH!


Everybody/'s got a body, a mess of flesh and bone. But it's not your own. It's on long or short-term loan. It's got lots of parts, two lungs, one heart, a pump that thump-thump-thumps; a kidney, bladder, other stuff that matters, some to keep you thin, others to make you fat, a nose to sneeze, a mouth to shoot the breeze, plumbing to use as you please.

When a part doesn't perform to satisfaction, take action to get it back on track. If you smoke, booze or lose a limb or two the spare parts store can sell you what you're looking for. It's all held in by skin, wrapped around flesh and bones, nourished by pizza pie and ice cream cones.

Almost forgot about the blood that flows and clots and has the hots when you're touched in crucial spots.

Friday, November 02, 2007


In any political campaign, to win your mission must be to damn the opposition politician, to shoot the enemy down with any ammunition at your disposal to abuse and confuse sufficiently so the voter will be convinced only you will do what must be done and, thus, are the chosen one to run.

Winning is and should be the name of the game and that is, primarily, true, But not when your opponent and exponent of a different point of view is a member of the party you both represent and should be beholden to.

In the current presidential race the goal must be to replace the GOP with candidates who'll work for the much maligned minority. In your thirst for power, put our party and the USA first. Slamming, damning fellow party hopefuls is a foolish thing to do. .

The ammunition you choose to abuse and trash each other's views could come back to haunt and taunt the primary winner when showdown time comes around if the GOP finds ways to sway votes their way. We all must want, above all else, the votes to put the GOP on a dusty shelf.

It bears repeating, traditional techniques used repeatedly could be abused by the GOP enemy to turn the tables on our need to succeed in November. Remember that and be, first of all, a Democrat.

Democrats beating up on Democrats? That's a stupid thing to do. Each of you want to be the standard bearer. But more important than that he/she must be the winning Democrat.

End the debates to prove who's best. Resist that ego trip where one slip could sink our ship of state. Don't try to demonstrate how smart you are and why none compare with your flair for getting elected. That's to be expected. Just let the viewer know precisely who you are and what you stand for and how you'll run the store to restore our freedoms and our liberties, stolen by the GOP.

All that said, meet the enemy and knock 'em dead!

Thursday, November 01, 2007


CEOs and pro team pros, stars in Broadway shows, frauds and preachers, cons and other low-life creatures make millions doing who knows what while Iraqi based GI Joes kill or die for God knows why by doing their best to protect those who inves, puff out their chest, and expect each buck they get to double yet not reflect the net they declare when they bill the IRS for wear and tear on their underwear.

Why this fascination with multiplication of wages of legal sin that spin ever higher with mad desire from the day execs are hired till they're fired or retired with pensions obscene with perks of dollar green. Corporate crooks turn millions into trillions wired to foreign banks who put huge amounts in secret accounts owned by numbers or phony names. Investment houses, go- for-brokers play joker poker and break laws just because they've been created to be violated,

Wall Street sinning is beginning to breed a new generation of get rich quick who get ahead by creating tricks to fool the IRS with a click of the mouse, no less. Connivers thrive on the corporate off-shore store and invest funny money on pipe-dream schemes. In this world of lowdown dirty high finance a couple million stuffed in hiding places ain't enough. Millions must become a sum of billions, why not trillions?

To those who have the Midas touch, much too much is not enough. Blue chip stox and all the gold in it. Knox, are not enough. Every dollar ever spent won't put a dent in what's been squandered, laundered by our spendthrift president.

When we're all smoking Cuban cigars, and everybody's driving monster cars without fear of rising prices per gal and every Arab is our pal and war is just a nightmare dream and our time on earth is peachy keen then this land will be rich in milk and honey, we'll all believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny and a little money will be a lot and we'll be happy for what we've got.

So hang on till then. This present will become our past. At last, we'll live in peace again.