Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Politicians have ambitions to fulfill their sacred mission, to take Truman's heat in the kitchen. But what really goes on after they're officially on the government dole.

Whether wed or single, thin or fat, a Dem or One of Them, you need a place to hang your hat while you go to bat in a boudoir bed where deals are made and plans are laid for a future spot in the Big Parade.

Some earn their fare on the D. C. Gravy Train by brash and/or brain, by suspect connections and/or rigged elections, by doing this and getting that and knowing where the fat is at, by scratching backs and backing tax to the max on the poor and middle class.

Some make the laws they break using loopholes they included and ignored the safeguards they alluded to but cleverly excluded when the final draft was crafted. There are many ways taxpayers are shafted and legislation designed with criminal intent in mind becomes the symbol of democracy in the Hallowed Halls of Hypocrisy.


Obama did good as we knew he would. He always tips the scales in his party's favor. He will lead his country back to the leadership where it must be. He will govern with good judgment, intelligence and common sense.

Selection of Joe Biden will help bring perfection to his election campaign against John McPain. Joe will certainly widen the winning margin, hopefully to landslide proportions. As a team, they'll be hard to beat. Their combined experience, talent and intelligence make them qualified to excel in any situation.

Biden widens their field of expertise. Joe has the experience opponents argue Barack lacks. Although Obama's a relative beginner on the national scene, he's a winner wise in many ways and it shines through in how he campaigns against McPain.

As it is and should be, they don't agree on everything and that is good. They will listen and learn from each other and from views of advisers chosen, not because they're frozen on one point of view. but because they listen and are listened to. No more will they shrink away from stating what they think for fear the president won't agree. That's the way it was for many a year. It won't happen that way here.

Critical decisions must be made to repair the damage Bush has done to the security of democracy and how he has weakened the Constitution and every government institution. The Obama-Biden team will always represent We The People of the U, S. A.

The Bush way was undemocratic, unpatriotic and idiotic.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


I flee and leave my past behind me. Where I will go I do not know. But this is so: No one will find me. My flight into the all-consuming night leaves no trail behind me.

Who am I? Why am I? What am I? Will I ever know?

Is my memory playing tricks on me? Will it ever set me free? Let me be me? When I did not mind my mom and she caught me doing things I shouldn't do I wished she was dead. Then I told myself that wasn't true

"I love you momma, honest I do." I was surprised. I saw tears in her cold black eyes. "Of course you do. All sonny boys love their moms. That's what they're supposed to do."

I am grown but still the little boy I was that day. A boy grown tall who cannot cry. A youth who never learned to play or cared to pray. Am I the same old fool I used to be---a clone of the other me?

In my years of puberty, in moments of despair, when crisis crowded in on me I'd crawl into my shell where only I could dwell and in this shell I'd hide.

My awake world is a dream world of unreality. Dreams I create leave no guilt in their wake. They do not break my waking heart. They are part of the me that's me. My home is where chance alights me, dreaming of long-lost yesterdays, waiting for tomorrow.


Who Shives a Git if another thousand GIs die in a war based on a G. D. lie and a greedy need for Iraq oil. It's sad but it ain't funny. Ask who gets the vote and all you hear is SHOW ME THE MONEY!

Does anybody really care about polluted air, weather gone wild, hurricanes and insane rains? Ask millions who they're voting for. Overwhelmingly they'll agree: THE MAN WITH A PLAN TO FIX THE ECONOMY!

Bridges are crumbling, tumbling down. Poverty is rampant in town after town. The poor are uninsured and the seriously ill are seldom cured, Will the American Dream become a nightmare? NOT IF WE, THE PEOPLE, REALLY CARE!

Is money what it's all about? Cash alone won't get the U. S. out of the mess it's in. Obama can help cure our ills with more than just plain dollar bills. LET'S ALL PITCH IN AND HELP OBAMA WIN!

We live in a tragic, critical time. Crime and corruption, disruption of family and society, faced with unemployment and bankruptcy. What is happening to our democracy? A White House steeped in hypocrisy. The Constitution made a mockery. Is it all the fault of the GOP? Not entirely. But it is, overwhelmingly.

Two candidates. Take your pick. One is sick from chronic Republican ideology. The other offers a mix of first term wannabes. Inexperience? There's some of that among Democrats. Intelligence? That, plus judgment and common sense everywhere. Honesty? Integrity? Motivation to return this nation to what it used to be when democracy was the guiding light of what was right and what was worth fighting for. When war was the enemy of humanity. Do we want four more years of GWB? A prolonged war, more GIs dead, more hearts broken, grief beyond belief, more unemployed, more lives destroyed.

What about the moneyed few? More wealth for the wealthy, more power for the GOP, less of all things good for the masses of humanity. A vote for McPain is insane, Four more years of a Dubya-cloned brain will further drain our democracy. Tell John and all the GOP "Be gone!" Then let's move on to a future free of what it used to be, SEE YOU AT THE POLLS ELECTION DAY!

Friday, August 22, 2008


After all the pain and turmoil, a phony war to steal Iraq's oil, fueled by lies, men cruel and smart but far from wise devised a way to win the prize---oil that blinds the eyes to a greater worth, the future of all life on Earth.

The warmonger theory worked beautifully. Fill people's hearts with fear and dread, the gullible will unwittingly underwrite thousands dead to prevent terror and preserve the peace. But we were never told, it was all about the greatest gift since days of old---BLACK GOLD!

The powers behind these twisted minds created a myth. Iraq's loaded with WMDs and, yes, long range rockets that can reach the U, S. with atom war heads, propagandists said. That's enough to freeze the heart, seize the soul, control the mind and render logical senses blind.

Fabricated lies designed to save democracy and pave the road to war, created a frenzy to attack a non-existent enemy. With terror erupting everywhere it was easy to scare a nation out of its complacency. Most Americans were sold, and by the time they learned the goal was black gold, it was too late to turn our back on the war we created in Iraq.

We face a vital presidential election. The Republican speaks words of war. The Democrat seeks to preserve our peace. It's up to us to choose. Do we want to end a winless war and bring our forces home? So far four thousand plus of us are dead, thousand more, wounded, maimed for life, have naught but pain and disability in their future, endlessly, Most of the world hates the U. S. A. since the day this war began.

The man running as a Republican will continue the war until we win and, who knows, when another war will begin? There's no doubt, Iraqis want us out. Most Americans want to go. The GOP says "Nol!"

It's up to you. It's up to me. It's up to all who love Democracy. Take note: BE SURE TO VOTE ELECTION DAY!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Wouldn't you know, it's said Dubya has a wooden head and every time he pokes his Poke-a-no nose into where it doesn't belong it grows---SURPRISE----another inch in size.

It's the truth, Dubya can't fit into a telephone booth and has to dial with his nose. It's so long, when he calls his mother or his brother, his dialing tip's in Jersey and his talking lips are in Tennessee. He blames poor reception, without exception, on the distance between his talker and his smeller.

AT&T wants to wait and see.

Dubya says he got a wrong number because area codes differ in distant places, In such cases, should the caller who placed the call be responsible for the fee or should the receiver foot the bill until they can calculate the miles betwixt and between the two?. Meanwhile, border to border, somebody's phone is out of order.

Blame it all on that damn Alexander Grahm Bell!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


WARNING! THE NEXT VOICE YOU HERE WILL BE OFFENSIVE AND HARMFUL TO THE EARS OF ALL ADULTS, CHILDREN, HOUSEHOLD PETS AND TAPE RECORDERS WITH HEARING DISABILITIES! (Dead Silence, followed by sound of falling marbles.) A spookes person announces Lame Shmuck George Dubble You Tush, presidunse:
* * *
"Fallow Amirrakins. (Pause as last marble drops.) Tonight is a day that will live in infantry...err...I mean insanity. (He flashes the famous George Tush sneer)...We live in an age of insanity, Those Redneckevick Ruskies shoulda thunk twicet buhfore invading the Great State of Georgia, You Ass Aigh.

"I see on TV and on the interfret Russian tanks marched their feet down Georgia's Peachtree Street, eating good old American pissa pie and watching mommies cry on Peach Tree Street and kickin' over Afghan garbage cans.They ain't gonna get away with that. And iffin they start rapin' our cute belubbid frostytutes, we'll blast 'em off the map andout of Ivan's lap.

When their battleships sail down Lake Punchytrain we'll firecracker them back to Iraq in an ack-ack-ack attack by our crack bb-gun canoe cannon crew,

We gona fight that Cagey Bee no matter how many GIs gits kilt. We're redy to fight the reds for the rigfht to live in the land of the free and the Home of the Atlanta Braves.

So I do be tellin' you right here an' now we at war with Rooshkieville and we gonna win no matter how much dimmonds and rubies it take to push those commies back to the shores of Lake Vodka, But we ain't got enough fuel to take off from Atlantern Airport.

So, until we get the gas to ship their red ass back to Kremlin town, be nice and treat those Ruskies to a little Southen Horsepatality..

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Madmen dreamed about it. Esteemed scientists wrote themes about it. Scifi writers we quote wrote about it. Mastermind Einstein postulated it could be created. Yet to this day all agree technology remains a theory that strains the brains of those who choose to refuse the possibility that one day man will turn fantasy into reality.

Invention of a Time Machine will open eyes to new dimensions, to see more scenes than man has ever seen before.

All this wondering and pondering is related to antique antiquity. Will man travel back to once that was and relive the past simply because it happened to happen in times of antiquity? Or do those who suppose we will one day travel back in history are on a flight of fancy that man was never meant to be?

With proper electronic, supersonic machinery we just might recapture chapters lost in pre-historic history.

What really happened at Waterloo? How were famous assignations and bloody assassinations plotted in the horrid, sordid era of insanity-driven humanity? Who orchestrated and perpetrated millenniums of manmade disasters? Will we one day see all that ever occurred or is that dream absurd?

Can we believe there was once an Adam and an Eve? That a man (or, possibly, a woman) called God created everything from sky to sea and all the green in-between? Could He (or, possibly, She) being all-seeing, see
what was to be before it came to be? Did God complete all creation in six days and then take a well deserved one day vacation?

Did God part the sea and view the Jews as they began their travel to the land of milk and honey that was to become their destiny and dynasty, known by all the world today as the Great State of Israel?

Stick around and wait a spell. It all might come to be. You can never tell.