Saturday, August 06, 2011


The Masters of Disaster since long gone, and tyrants of the here and now, somehow cannot comprehend the sadness that their madness leaves in its wake, the misery and the agony, the blood soaked history, the idiotic atrocity of humans lost, the incalculable cost of progress turned to rubble.

All that trouble caused by a hasty act of waste by men who place war ahead of peace without the least idea of what they'll do when all the senseless wars are through.

War, won or lost, has no long-term benefit. It only leads to fragile peace while those alive who have survived want no more war. But there are many
who through Gaul and greed plant the seed of future hostilities.

What may make no sense to the dense pro-warriors of war is that immense death and disabilities and untold tragedies are the consequences
of hostile actions.

Nation-to-nation negotiations all end up in strained relations, at first small altercations, then provocations which result in new devastation. Those who didn't die before oppose another war. But there are the young who crave to save the peace at any price. They line up and they sign up and
they are taught to shoot and kill and die if that is God's will or the skill of the

Why do we build academies dedicated to the art of military mastery and graduate men who just can't wait to take a gun in hand and spread havoc over a foreign land? Why not institutions that concentrate on seeking solutions instead of revolutions. Peace instead of war. And brotherhood by far.