Thursday, February 24, 2011


Every now and then when it is least expected the super rich fall asleep at the switch and, like the ostrich, their head is hiding in the sand while the world is changing up above and also down below.

The oil in the Arab soil, once worth more than all the gold on earth, has lost its power of the hour to the sun, the wind, the corn and even to the garbage cans. As science turns these sources into fuel-rich forces that once relied on fossils. The loss will, of course, force the oil-poor sources into bankruptcy as industry switches to usable renewable fuels.

Not only the Middle East, but at least a dozen nations in similar situations will suffer from the new technologies. And if the U.S. plans ahead and turns to doable renewable, we’ll be again what we once were and will be again.

The time Is right RIGHT NOW to rekindle our economy!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Once I had a body that was strong as strong could be. All its parts from lungs to heart and toes to nose and all between belonged exclusively to me. My appetite was my delight and every bite I tried satisfied the Me inside.

Then I left the private room of my mother’s womb to belong to the reality of humanity and insanity that the soul controls from the instant of virginity and remains beyond longevity to eternity.

Eventually, illness, age and the will of God reserved a place where I could sleep until I kept my date with fate.

It is never too early or too late. We all await the dictates of He who creates.

Along the way, at work and play, and other times day by day, the soul was there to share the whys and wherefores that are ever more part of how we care for others, for sisters, brothers. fathers, mothers, relation and other associations in daily communications, and occasions and confrontations with all I met in various places life embraces.

This is how life goes on while you’re here. Once you’re gone from this stratosphere what you leave is kept in mind by those left behind.

From birth to death every breath of air is shared by those for whom you cared while you and they were here.

Perhaps we will return again when the time is right, the stars are bright and your soul takes flight to light the life of another assigned sister or brother.

Once born we are never torn from life. We are granted eternal rest while our souls do their best to guide another life that takes our space in this place of worth called Mother Earth.

My soul respect God so wise and strives to fulfill His every will I will be welcomed in to Heaven where He wants me to be.