Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Do heirs of prehistoric creatures, some with humanoid features, others look similar to modern animals, but are of giant size, with bulging eyes and fangs for teeth beyond belief still exist?

Witnesses insist they do. Sightings persist in widely separated locations, the U. S. and many foreign nations. And, ofcourse, all gassed up and rarin’ to go service stations.

There have been fakes and make believes based on legend, folklore at the corner hardware store where old bores recall days of yore when monsters roamed after dark in Central Park.

There have been predictions by men with mental, afflictions that giant chickens will one day rule the earth.
Are they the creation of science fiction or a warning what will be if we fail to control nature’s fragile ecology?

Are there Lochness Monsters living among us, waiting to strike when the time is right? Will ghosts alight from their graves at night to haunt and taunt their enemies?

Apparently until I die, for what it’s worth, I’ll live on Earth. I don’t know what will be. I’ll just have to wait and see. If it’s all true I’ll just say BOO! to you and TOODALOO!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


There once lived in this abandoned mall a place where all the rats and mice would congregate and patiently wait to eat what two Big Beasts would throw their way after they had their fill from the dumpster up on the hill, down in the valley and everywhere there was inedible garbage to spare.

The Beasts, one shuffling in on two feet, the other, his dog, on four, would bring what they found laying around in gutters and in unlocked vans while humans shopped and bums flopped after dark where no one dared park trucks or cars, where gang wars erupted and sounds of gunfire disrupted the silence of the night.

Paul and You All would return from their shopping spree, he smelling of piss and whiskey. You All, sniffing to make certain the coast was clear, no cops or uninvited flops invading their gourmet domain.

The rats and mice were quite nice, waiting for the bitel they craved when the Big Beasts turned around and soon were sound sleep.
The snoring sound sent them bounding in for leftovers left over in the all you can eat rodent buffet and salad bar.

It was the most popular RATSTRARAUN in the whole darn town!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Forget statistics, false or true, rigged to back a particular point of view. Whatever “THEY” used to say before Congress and the courts gave this humane surgical procedure its official OK more than thirty years ago. “THEY” show by their ignorance, by ignoring evidence and current common sense, that back alley butchery will not only cause death but will also result in unintended fatalities, lifetime disabilities or no possibility of pregnancy at a future, more opportune time in a woman’s prime to aspire to a welcomed pregnancy.

Often statistics of yesterday are not realistic in the present day in a woman’s reproductive years. In a weak economy, a couple might shun or delay starting a family until personal situations and conditions are resolved.

If President Obama gets his way, mated, dedicated adults will consult with a physician their decision to begin a family.
With the economy on the rise, a couple can plan intelligently and add to, or start, a family. And a growing population is good for the nation’s ecnomy.

As banks grant small business loans, the bare bones of a healthy and wealthy society will grow again just when it is needed most. Our elected president again was right. He defied the critics and won the fight because he was right all along and the GOP losers song was way off key.

Things are getting better day by day. There will be setbacks for Barack and the USA along the way, but that’s to be expected; Just be thankful voters rejected Republican FOOLOSOP‘HY and gave Obama time to save the USA.

Monday, December 14, 2009


At the beginning of the beginning before the beginning began, God sat at His drafting board, bored by all the unexplored empty space his father, Father Time, had given him ”to make a place to populate the human race.”

According to God’s Master Plan, he would also become the first in an endless reign of Father Times. At the end of each year the son of the aging Father Time would appear to carry on the family legacy.
The Father Time at the time this is happening once again is being related to his son:

“Each year, on the eve of the first day of the year to come, at Midnight. the Child of Time will appear. He will grow old and gray by that year’s end with a long, long beard from here (he touched his nose) to here (he touched his toes).

“The wrinkles in his face will reflect the happiness, the pain and sorrow of each yesterday, today and tomorrow, as he and his year grew older, day by day. He will know the day his beard touches his big toe that it is his time to go to his eternal rest.

“Some day soon, perhaps a mere two million years from now, in keeping with tradition, Father Time, will declare his son inheritor of the coming year.

“You, as the son and future Father Time, will share with your sire the tradition of repetition until the final Father and son and all creation are no longer in the sky.

“But have faith, my son, the sky, though empty temporarily, will be waiting for this cycle of life to begin anew. We must believe, there will be another you, another me, to continue this tradition endlessly until even the sky will die as all things must do.

“But we mere creations cannot this decide. We must abide by the decision of He on High.”

The son of Father Time opened his mouth to speak. Tears rolled down his cheek. Father Time held up his hand and said to his son, the Father Time to be. “All your questions will be answered in good time. But I am weary and must rest. It’s your world now, my son. Do your best and you will be blessed in future time.

As the soon to be new Father Time kissed his father goodbye, the Father Time he loved dearly said, “Tell your son that Great Grand Father One Million One wishes him a very happy new year.”

Old Father Time heard the church bells chime. As angels welcomed in the brand new year, old Father Time closed his eyes, sighed and died.

A new year had begun and a new son would carry on the ancient tradition of the continuation of the family legacy and the preservation of humanity.