Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Is it a sin to be poor and insecure? Is it a sin to be born in a slum? Not to know where your next meal is coming from? To settle for a crust or a crumb in a land where a full plate is a right? To live in a nation where most larders are full and for some, hunger is the general rule? To suffer scorn from the day you are born until the moment you die and ever know why? Is it a sin to be born in a skin the color of night while those of less worth arrive on this earth lilly white?

Is it a sin to be born not quite whole in a body out of control, stricken with a horrid disease for which a cure is unknown? To be anemic and weak and created wrong while others are strong and blessed with the best in health and wealth and never a test where you failed to excell. Are you born with a shame because your last name is the same as a man serving life for a crime he did not commit but cannot prove it and lives in a four-by-four cel, headed for hell, unless he can prove he’s innocent of murder and rape and the son of a bitch who pulls the switch is the jerk who came to work stinking of booze and used his cell to kill and tell a lie that condemned this innocent victim to die.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


In a divorce forced by a wife, of course, brought about when she found out her mate was dating a guy on the sly, what should she do?
Cry? Ask why? Lie, Say “So have I.” Imply she is gay when she is not, admit she’s been untrue since they both said “I do.”
Say she is hurt, If he chased another skirt or just liked to flirt, she’d understand.

“But how can you, a male, make out with a man? If that’s what you enjoy, lover boy, screw him, not me. I set you free!”

Her soon-to-be Ex said suddenly: “You know him. And he knows me, and we know why same sex is the platonic tonic homosexuals find to be most effectual. When two relate on a higher plane than copulation, fornication is less of an attraction for two of the same or separate genders to relate above the animistic level.”

“Hold it. there. Professor Second Guesser. Where’d you read that psychological crap?”

“In this,” he said, placed a book in her lap, walked out of their bedroom and shut the door. The title: “NO MORE BOREDOM IN THE BEDOOM.” C0-authored by her soon-to-be ex and Jim, the other man in her life.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


If we rely on scientists who insist the world is coming to an end, should, we also depend on those who say the beginning of the began’s begun?

If it’s true the Creator knew the date of the world’s fate why did He wait so long to admit He made a mistake, was wrong before the beginning had begun? No, because God knew the deal was a steal with a money back guarantee if the world drowned in the sea, which was an impossibility.

God had no notion to create an ocean or rain to pitter-patter, for that matter and splitter splatter for a lifetime or more on the sandy shore that was there before there was a demand for more sand to make concrete to pave streets after Israelites took command of the potholes in the Holy land.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The sky is gray, the trees are bare. There is no green anywhere. The forecast predicts snow tonight. The earth will sleep beneath a blanket of white, but there will be light from the moon and stars, from cars going to nearby and distant destinies and ships at sea transporting troops to tragedies.

When the sky is darkest Over Here the sun is rising Over There and somewhere there’s a multicolored rainbow displaying nature’s artistry, granting false promise of peace and serenity to worshipers of pure fantasy.

But there’s just one vast uncompromising sky that cannot explain why it will clear the clouds to let planes fly to their destiny of death and deny allies the right to turn back the enemy’s attack.

The sky and weather, working together never win, lose, accuse or choose sides. Angels in the sky refuse to fly because, by God’s decree, they cannot die. Nor can He, the Master of Immortality.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Are prehistoric creatures with human-like features still alive on Planet Earth?

Witnesses insist they do. They’ve been sited in the US and many foreign nations by massive populations.

There have been fakes and legends, folklore galore, accounts of monsters roaming in New York’s Central Park after dark. Ridiculous predictions that giant chickens will one day rule the Earth.

Big Foot has been seen most everyplace, even in outer space with close-ups of his scary hairy face. Is the Lochness Monster
hiding under your bed waiting to strike you dead?

Are these predictions of science fiction or a warning of what will be if we fail to heed the warnings of our failing ecology.
If it’s true it’s BOO to you and TOO-DA-LOO!