Monday, September 28, 2009


A guarantee of a health plan for the working woman/man and their families is a possibility. It could become reality.

Perfect legislation is a figment ot the imagination. All laws have flaws. Small print concessions that benefit corporations and professions are necessary to get the votes. Backing is vital when needed support is lacking.

Greed is a powerful motivation to get things done in Washington. Health care for the masses, the poor, the lower and middle class wil lnot be won unless it’s begun here and now.

Delay is not the way. Let it start. Don’t upset the apple cart.

Limited benefits at the beginning are important to winning and will lead to continued improvements along the way. Small victories mean a lot to passing a health benefits bill for a nation that, so far, has not got squat.

The U. S. will not achieve success unless it’s willing to accept a half a loaf and save more bread for patients and for the budget of the U.S. A.

Supporters want the whole loaf. Opponents offer crumbs, little more. Proponents may have to settle for a few slices, lots of crust and crumbs with more to come. That way, eventually, the whole loaf will be standard fare everywhere for all to share.

Monday, September 21, 2009


How dare those lame-brained insane idiot hypocrite misfit shieces of pit think because they were born with white skin they can sin, tell lies, defy the U. S. Constitution and turn their backs on a President who is black and is doing his best to save a democracy left in disarray by G. W. B., the worst president in our history?

Do they really believe only a corrupt, ucked fup like George Dumbya Bush, a Christian white Caucasian, is fit to run this nation? No misfit is fit to do the job as President, especially not an incompetent slob like the unelected selected pathetic wreck the Son of a Bush was destined to be.

Past presidents traditionally continue to serve voluntarily in any capacity they are qualified for. But what can Bush do? He’s not fit to mop the men’s room floor. Better George should stay on his Texass ranch picking up twigs and branches and whatever is left behind by horses trotting by.

It’s about time we face what Dumbya turned out to be.
Let his record be his legacy, eight years of incompetency and criminality.

It’s such a relief to be rid of the source of all our grief, thousands of GIs, allies and innocent enemies dead or maimed, grieving loved ones pained by the agony of deaths and suffering that need not be.

And anyone who loves the USA should revere the day Barak Obama decided to seek the presidency.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


We all live and all will die behind one or two or more hidden faces. The mirror of our exterior reveals us as achievers, deceivers or what ever the current event of the moment presents.

This mirror reflects back to the viewer only what he or she wants to see. The rationalizer is a liar who sees only what he or she wants the truth to be.

The mirror of our interior does not deny that what poses as a lie is, in actuality, a hidden and forbidden truth swimming in the ocean of our repressed emotions.

What the eye inspects the mind directs to the subconscious the guilt that filters from our no nonsense sense of common sense to the conscience of our soul. Once awakened, the inner shame transplanted to the brain cannot be taken lightly. The nightmarish dreams we fall into nightly are the black holes of our soul which we seldom can recall or control when a new day has begun and the sun is shining brightly.

But no matter what the forecaster predicts, disaster warnings loom foretelling unavoidable doom that must be faced and placed into the routine of our uncertain, curtained sorrow.

Life’s a game of sham and shame, deny and blame solve all problems with a sigh and a nice big slice of mom’s deep dish apple pie.

Good food can change one’s mood temporarily, but rarely to lasting happiness; Forgetfulness reminds the mind life’s unkind, finds a weakness to invade and wades in for the final, knowing blow. .

Thursday, September 10, 2009


In times like these when things are tough, some have too much, some not enough to feed and meet their family's needs.
The financially secure should care about the poor and insecure and realize it is not wise to greed for more and more when the economy Is on the brink of sinking into insolvency.

What happens when corruption and disruption halt growth of the economy? Both rich and poor, millions in between feel the pain when they see the drain of all they’ve gained in better years disappear before their eyes.

Why’s this happening in America? They want to know. Where did all the money go? Why are all stocks so low? Why have prices gone sky high when few can afford to buy basic necessities or a few low priced luxuries like an ice cream cone, a candy bar for two to share, new shoes for each to wear, a cheap cigar, gasoline for the family car?

Life is such an irony when you can’t buy clothes, homes foreclose and no one knows what tomorrow brings. Everything’s an awful mess. One day on the road to sure success, next you’re a failure looking for a job that’s just not there.

Does anybody care?

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Must we fight for civil rights all over again? Must a land that’s free for me but not for you wage war anew to prove
dedication to democracy? Does a man who’s not like me, elected overwhelmingly to the presidency, have to prove by his intensity, his immense intelligence and not so common, common sense, his dedication to the cause of liberty?

President Obama’s black. The majority’s white. That does not make Them or We wrong or right. The one who tries, never lies, defies the odds and comes up winning---he’s the man the USA needed from the beginning. Not for short-term change, rearrangement of the same old same, but step by step and leap by leap measures to keep America on the right track. Forget about ethnicity. Does he or she have the right education, intelligence and intense dedication to the job at hand? These are qualities we must demand of one who leads our land to greater glory.

President Obama has all these qualities and many more. In office less than a year, faced with the failures of his predecessor, he has scored history-making victories.

He now is striving to improve the wealth and health of our nation, destroyed or ignored by the Bush administration. He walks the walks, talks the talks, and if given the chance, will enhance and advance the cause of democracy in the USA and
hopefully, internationally.

Barack Obama, born in the USA, has the capacity, tenacity and dedication to save this nation from the devastation of the last eight years. There in lie the fears we need not face today.

But our democracy could be threatened by the hypocrisy of politicians who live by lies, voter predictions and. most of all, their reelections. That and inciting false fears in voters in a time of uncertainty.

Some parents will try to prevent their children from listening to the President’s address. God bless those who don’t fall for this latest GOP distortion of reality and won’t deny their children the opportunity to be inspired by the President’s wisdom and sincerity.

Republicans aren’t so bright or they’d know their attempt at censorship is Hitlerite and Communistic to the max.
If they ever get the power back they‘ll sack every democratic right America had to fight to protect.

Let’s hope Americans don’t forget this Nazi-style denial, this trial balloon of the GOP goons to see how far they can go to buffalo the hate-motivated population of a troubled nation.

Sunday, September 06, 2009


Next Tuesday should be highlighted in the THINGS TO REMEMBER future for every American, every Democrat and future Democrat, if they even THINK of supporting the GOP. The Republicans are up to their same old lies, distortions and dirty tricks just to steal more votes from the Democrats.

The latest, and one of the lousiest tricks to crawl out of their bag of worms, is opposition to the message by President Obama to the nation’s school children promoting education, ambition, perseverance and the need to become civic minded.

Nobody with a mind of their own could possibly call the Obama subject anything but an affirmation of American ideals, not deals to undermine the true spirit of our GOP-endangered democracy.

It’s a theme that should challenge and inspire the young, make them proud to be Americans and to finally have a president they can respect and emulate. But the Republican lie charges that the proposed message is a plot to lure young Americans away from the party of their parents and/or the bigots and racists of a brainwashed past, present and---who know---disgruntled future?

Republicans call President Obama’s message a “political trick.” It is anything but that, but if it inspires the young to think logically, and not listen to the fear and ignorance of the defeatist Republicans and right wing wrongers, it will have served its purpose.

After suffering their overwhelming defeat last November, Republicans openly admitted they will oppose any Obama plan that could improve his ratings and enhance the democracy he vows to defend and protect.

This threat is an obvious response to almost every initiative Obama has introduced. Republicans don’t, and never have, cared whether America rises or falls. All they want is win and hold onto power. They know, if Obama has a successful first term, he will be reelected and leave the Democratic candidate who follows him a record of achievement no Republican candidate can match.

So all Americans should recognize the real reason behind Republican opposition to Obama and the Democratic administration. They are out to win at any cost, no matter what it costs the future of America.

Friday, September 04, 2009


Sugar Beet and Spud the Stud were too much in love to face the fate of the dinner plate. The thought of waiting for a fork and knife to end their life as husband and wife was not an appetizing thought to ponder on.

The brand new bride confided her fear to Hubby Spud who eased her travail by devising a surprising plan that could not fail. He picked her up and squeezed her tight which was his connubial right, kissed her passionately and then dunked her in a pail of mud.

Sugar, was shocked and surprised at what Spud had done. She cried, he sighed and with a smile wiped the mud stained tears from her eyes.

“Just listen to my plan and you will understand why I covered you with mud,” Spud said and smiled. “It sounds wild, but it will work. When that jerk, the chef, sees you appear to be just a dirty old beet, not the sweet beet of my dreams, and I’m just a dirty old hot potato, he’ll take me and you off the menu and replace us with a can of peas or a bowl of rancid cottage cheese.”

Spud’s plan worked. It saved Sugar from the boiling pot and Spud from the frying pan. They were tossed in a garbage can, rotten and forgotten, and late that night went skinny dipping in a wishing well to wash away the dirt and smell.

Thursday, September 03, 2009


Miss Sugar Beet met Spud the Stud while both were growing up in fertilized mud and fell in love at first bite despite the fact that she was red through and through and he had brown skin but was white inside.

Both had their roots in adjoining rows, but when news got out they planned to wed before they were fed side by side on a dinner plate. There was agitation among those who opposed vegetation integration.

The Lima and the Stringbean Greens called it obscene, that a High tone Red Beet should wed a lowdown Brown. The Beets agreed their daughter should marry Lord Harry, next in line to be King of Brussels Sprouts.

If Harry didn’t marry, Princess Okra Frinwee would be next in line to become Queen.

A feud ensued when it was learned Sugar Beet would be stewed and would share the dinner plate with a hash browned Spud, fried with onions in garlic juice.

The host served chocolate covered Tums for guests with tummy aches and milk ot magnesia half and half with rum for instant decaf. There were prune juice cocktails for the booze abusers crowd.

The food was great. All the meats and veggies met their fate. Best of all, the meal was cheap. All the guests fell asleep.