Wednesday, November 29, 2006


God, why do you have to be so tough? Don't you agree the world has suffered enough? You have the right stuff and the ability to put an end to all this hostility that's sending the bravest of our brave to an early grave?

Must the unwilling go on killing in a war that no sane man understands? We who want the world to be free must strike a blow for liberty.

But how can this be when the men who write the history books look the other way and deny reality? Has our democracy become an hypocrisy
where we preach this and we teach that and pass the hat so the rich get fat and the rest of us ride the bus and pay the fare and still get nowhere.

Nobody gives a damn and that includes Uncle Sam, the man of the hour in the halls of power secluded in his Ivory Tower. And we, below, watch the show of growing dead with knowing dread and grub each day for a crust of bread?


Like millions of billions of trillions and God-zillions more in years gone by I ask the creator living in heaven, Why will you, with all your creative ability, unless you're finally in the early stages of senility, or like old timers, a victim of Alzheimer's Disease, please dip into your bag of tricks and fix this mixed up world and give us one more try to do or die.

Why can't you make it your intention to prevent our demise and improvise men and women, too, God willing, to stop the killing and devastation of this nation destined to end in one big bang like it all began at your command? Don't let Iran plan an A-Bomb war or some dumb strike back attack by Iraq or, who knows what, who knows where, who knows when, who knows why.

When you've done your bit to spare this world one last hit, concentrate on another creation or take a long vacation on Miami Beach or Mars or end impending wars on other stars some place else in outer space.


Come June if I'm still immune from dying---and rest assured. though I'm not cured, I always will keep trying---I'll be eighty-four and headed for six more years and ninety, closer to my goal of double digit living.

I began pondering this on Thanksgiving when I almost choked on a turkey bone, no doubt a well known way of checking out when old age has taken center stage and youth is far behind you.

Mind you, I don't find it true that there's such a thing called "old." I've never been sold on this theory that seniority is the one way trip on the good ship broken hip, aching back, heart attack, stroke or that big joke about you're too up in years to use that lump of clay between your ears for thinking, learning and burning with a mad desire to set the world on fire. Well, maybe not ablaze, but still a spark or two to let the world know you ain't through doing what you used to do and hope you never mope it through.

I always am annoyed by those who avoid the chance to take another hot shot at romance, learn new skills or seek new thrills or face new dares because nobody cares or shares your story about that unrealized moment of glory you still dream about. It seems without that constant drive you have no reason to be alive.

But here you are and there's the star you should be reaching for to score another small success on the way to endless happiness. What other chances have you got? Laziness, haziness, stress, emptiness and nothingness.

I'm arthritic, a diabetic, diagnosed and dosed with pills to minimize and tranquilize the booby-prize awaiting me. I've got Parkinson's, bouts of runs and constipation, constant urination thanks to an enlarged prostate situation.

I get my share of aches, but I've got fake teeth to chew my steak and take it rare except when it's tough. Then I chew and chew until my teeth get loose and fall into my tomato juice or dinner plate, my coffee cup or on the floor where I can't stoop to pick 'em up.

But I'll endure and, for sure, go on until I awake one dawn and when I can't get out of bed I'll know that, finally, I am dead.


She tickles, teases, squeezes, pleases men in foreplay ways they're sure to praise. Her skills induce thrills and fire and inspire men to reach heights of passion and perform in ways beyond their norm again and again.

Each man who comes to her bordello will find find behind its doors more than they have bargained for. They'll achieve release and peace assisted by sirens in these environs who mesmerize with hips and thighs and other parts guys desire.

Men of lustful bent will find their money well spent for a pleasure they will treasure with pleasure forever.

All agree these women of ill repute, commonly called prostitutes, are cute and quite astute at business in their birthday suits.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Hussein's insane. Thousands were slain under his reign. Blood baths triggered by his wrath were the product of a twisted brain. Like all tyrants, he did away with all who disagreed with his hate of democracy.

True, the Butcher of Baghdad murdered masses indiscriminately. But doesn't the clown who brought the butcher down indirectly do the same
by antagonizing those who oppose our democracy? The more we try to stem insurgents' attacks, the more they strike back and kill thousands of GIs and the innocents of Iraq.

The end result of their attacks and our strike backs is much the same. It's all a big bad Baghdad bloody game that will go on and on until all our troops are gone. And if a civil war will be, who are we to interfere? The fear we face will not end if we call it quits. But it might ease a bit once the Iraqis decide which side they're on after we are gone.

Hopefully, when their civil war has run its course Iraq will be free with its own style democracy, not based on the hypocrisy/democracy Bush and Company tried to shove down our throats to save us from the newest "ism."

Why, in spite of all the billions spent, do a majority of Iraqis resent our presence in their nation? There' no rational explanation except they want us out. That's what it's all about. And it's also about this: how many more GIs must die in a war that never had to be? How many more billions wasted away that should be bolstering our economy?

Hopefully, it will be a whole new ball game with Democrats in control. Life will never be the same if we impeach Dubya and Dick and do it quick! And kick Mickey Mouse out of the White House.


If the Greeks and Romans and other nations of ancient civilizations could achieve such feats of greatness that defy imagination, in war and peace, in philosophy and architectural mastery, why have they not left a legacy of democracy that would last from antiquity up to the world of insanity we occupy, perhaps temporarily, in a haphazard way today?

History is not a teacher or a preacher of right and wrong, good or bad. It records what was, predicts what might be if man ignores the lessons of humanity. How they react to established fact can delay or erase centuries of progress that could have been the base of a world of peace, love and brotherhood, of things good we need desperately today,

Most powers of today have mastered techniques to take control of the weak, make them slaves of masters. This inevitably leads to disaster. What causes the fall of fools who seek to rule? Greed. Not just for gold or jewels, but also for land and power that towers over all.

Although tyrants lose what they gain, greed fuels the goal of every soul who seeks control. Throughout centuries, empires rise and fall, dictators come and go and, although they must know the risk they face, they seek a place in history that will remain eternally.

Be they tyrants, be they saints, be they men or women fueled by blind ambition, no matter their mission, history will forever be there to testify they were once alive. History will survive. Those who make it seldom do.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


The couple was known as "The Counters." That was not only their family name, but it was the name that brought them fame so they preferred it all the same.

You see, the Counters counted every word, everything they knew no one else would bother to discount. Their provisions leading to decisions were checked and double checked, as one might expect, and always were correct in every respect, indexed, logged and catalogued.

Even though the Counts' immense cross-referencing made no sense it was performed at great expense, computerized and digitized, highly prized by those who trivialize scientists who insist on documentation, detailed explanation and successful litigation in a court of last resort for which there's no retort. Their report, in short, is always final.

But the Counts and lawyers came to blows on which was the best way to blow your nose. At issue, tissue or toilet paper. Nasal appraisal was at stake. Both scored equally on the blows. But since the tissue was more gentle on the nose that's the one the jury chose.

Tissue winner by a nose!


What unmitigated gall! Telling patriotic gays who want to serve the USA
in anyway they can to prove they are true blue Americans they must not
admit what they are just to have the right to fight in this stinking
war. Don't ask, don't tell? You can go to hell!

In the beginning when the big fat ass brass in Washington was convinced
we were winning and so did Iraq, the military turned its back on gays,
said they didn't have the guts to fight, would seduce the troops at
night, molest recruits and were just a bunch of male prostitutes out to
prey on forlorn, horny recruits away from home and family.

Some gay GIs in spite of all this crap enlisted, insisted on the right
to fight, served loyally, heroically and proved they were just as rough
and tough and had the stuff the army was looking for and sometimes
more. They fought alongside straights with pride. Some were wounded,
we'll never know how many died, who kept their sexual preference deep
inside, who served valiantly to preserve democracy.

Now, as the war goes on and on and our forces grow thin in this war
neither we nor they can win, recruiters welcome the homos in. The
majordomos have changed the rules. Gays are now OK. OK to fight, OK to
die. OK to be equals of the USA in every way.


I've often wondered who cleans up the pooh at the zoo after the animals are through? After they make it somebody has to rake it and take it to the fertilizer factory where it's eventually mixed with mud, then eaten by spuds, greens and beans, all kinds of veggies, flowers and trees, ants and plants, bugs and slugs, worms and other things that squirm, birds that sing, bees that sting and make honey and honey's worth money and, ain't it funny, eventually, indirectly, this shile of pit is gobbled up by you and me.

If we could toilet train the menagerie, design special pants for elephants, underwear for polar bears, diapers for vipers and all snakes with tummy aches, and they'd all do it in an out house there'd be less litter per sitter and what they'd eject would be much easier to collect.

The only sure cure for controlling horse manure, cows' moo-moo-pooh and shicken chit and defecation for all the creature of creation would be to induce constipation and limit evacuation until they can't hold it in anymore. So let the lions roar, the owls howl and cry boo-whoo and the tigers growl and the fowl cry foul! They'll just have to wait to move their bowels.

But who will be in charge of what to do after animals do their doo-doo? A special crew will be assigned to mind the liquid left behind. We'll leave that job up to the GOPee.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Isn't it odd that man blames acts of fact on Acts of God? Insurance companies blame catastrophes like sinking ships at sea or killer hurricanes or torrential rains or droughts or other climatic events on the intent of God when, truth be known, these phenomena most likely were brought about by violation of God's law that intended for nature's force to steer the course, for better or for worse, what will be the end result of all the Lord created with just a word.

God said, "Let there be light." Man harnessed a thing he called lightning a Thomas Edison said, "Let there be the electric light." God said, loosely quoted, "Let there be hot and cold, each in their own season." Later, to God's alarm Man invented ways to make cold days warm and hot days cold and, thanks to Edison's electricity, it was to be.

Now, who's to say, Man's inventive mind will not someday find a way to turn the weather off and on so all the Acts of God will be gone, replaced by Acts of Man who, in his way creates false rain and diverts hurricanes and calms the seas by turning each wind into a breeze and lets crops and flowers and even trees draw nourishment in ways not meant to be. Thus, we will live in an artificial, Man Created universe. Will it be better. will it be worse? By reinventing the Acts of God will the Almighty deem it a curse on all that He created?

Maybe we should go back to the days of creation and find out what God had in mind. And surprisingly, He might say, "Let it be. I have written, let the future be up to me."


What are the Republicans going to do after what they put the voters through? An administration led by a fraudulent president, a man in denial, who commits crimes big time but says with a sneer, Get out of here, like another Commander in Grief (Tricky Dick Nixon} who thought he could do no wrong as long as he was the chief.

All presidents love the law but believe they are above the law, they can-do and do do whatever they want to do to undue legislation old or new, that interferes with the (sneer! sneer! sneer!) administration's ministration of this less than solvent once great nation.

You'll recall Dubya's claim of self-imposed immunity when he proclaimed he doesn't have to explain what he means to say because he said it. Give Dubya credit.This incredible forgettable head of state can't even remember who to hate or what he ate or when he ate it.

Members of the Bush regime have been involved in every scheme political, hypocritical or typical sexual infidelity. She did this and they did that and that was that but keep it under your hat for, no doubt, if it gets out he'll be out and his enemy who's opposed to sin will get in. That's the how and why some lose, some win. That's how that son of a son got in, not for a cover-up like Holy Foley, but for sins that he lied to start a war where thousands of GIs and innocent Iraqis died and who knows how many maimed and will remain disabled for life just to get this defective reelected/selected.

Now the issue, should Bush be impeached? It has finally reached a fever pitch and that bun of a switch may soon be in sheep dit. And the GOP has had it with GWB and his war and all the things that are sure to emerge as Democrats get the urge to purge his less than legal legacy.


ONE: They've shipped American jobs overseas to boost the economies of foreign nations while our workers go on forced, unpaid vacations. It's the same old GOP payoffs: Longtime Layoffs.

TWO: They've shifted to the backs of the middle class increased taxes once shared by the rich and famous. The chosen few get their breaks in inflated rebates. The poor get a pittance and good riddance from the GOP.

THREE: The "decider" decided all on his own to set the stage to defeat a raise in the minimum wage. Big business doesn't want that. They want to grow big and fat while the rest of us stay stringbean lean. That's the way in the Republican USA.

FOUR: Medicare's become an I Don't Care for those who need it most---the poor, the needy, the unemployed and, you bet, our GIs and our Vets. The bulk of those who once enjoyed fair price care now have no cash to spare. Costs are rising and it's not surprising and so are prices for operations and for already expensive medications.

FIVE: No matter what they say, inflation's rising everyday. At the grocery. Yessiree! Did prices jump at the pump? You bet! Get your tank filled and your wallet's flat. Go tell that to George, the Chief gauger for the oil industry. They raised the price of a gal two bucks, then lowered it a dime or two. Who can say they didn't do that to you with a big OK from Bush and Cheney. Ain't it a zany thing to do?

SIX: Medicare's become an I Don't Care way to guard your health and deplete your wealth. The cost is rising and so are medications and that's a chronic cause of inflation. This is the last for now. We'll have more posts about Bush Boasts. Maybe you can add a few. Let's hear from you!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Any damn fool who proves to be a bust and doesn't deserve the trust of the people he has been selected/elected to serve should be tossed out on his rear, ear, sneer and all. But selected/elected, he's protected by a law that says impeachment is the only unassailable instrument available to remove a president is to prove he's guilty of the the most abominable, intense offense: insanity and/or incompetency.

It seems to me George Dubya B. comes in that category and, thus, should be relieved of the presidency post haste. He has initiated, innovated, instigated or abrogated more laws than a broom has straws. He has lied more times than a dollar has dimes, stolen more votes than a horse eats oats. In short, his sort should be sacked and exported to Iraq.

But in spite of his arrogance, his John Wayne stance, his lack of even a speck of intellect we're stuck with this schmuck with floppy ears and stupid sneers for two more years. Unless he is impeached, faces his fate, is given the gate and goes the route of all of his kind who should be kicked out.


The most hypnotic narcotic is politics. It's where dreamers, schemers and screamers go to get the ultimate fix. Big time boozers, winners, losers are at the mercy of millions of choosers in the number one lottery of all, the rise or fall in the winner take all best contest that will ever be.

Gals and guys who seek the prize have their eyes pointed in one direction: election to the presidency.

"Vote for me," they plea, "and I'll do this or I'll do that to do what I promised you I'd do. That's my ambition. If I fail, blame it on the opposition. When all the votes are in, if I win, this nation's brand new administration will be the answer to the people's prayers. If not, we got screwed by that dude who sold his soul to win control of the pot of gold. We got rolled."

The desperate last minuet assaults, the insults and the results they produce. Abuse! Abuse! Excuse! Excuse! Enough to stuff a Christmas goose! But what's the use? It's over now. This is how it usually goes at the close of political shows. What will be the final scene between Us and They is hard to say. Hopefully it will go our way. But you never can tell what hell awaits at the bottom of the wishing well.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


No doubt about it, the GOP's been routed, outed as a source of power, growing weaker by the hour. That's not our idea of a group to trust. They must be dealt with forcefully, not tolerated as hangers on who will soon be gone.

If they can't be fired, until there terms are expired, stick them in a cubbyhole and strip them of all control they had when Republicans were in power body and soul. And dump those on the dole, holding titles but not vital in any extent to the running of a government they represent.

It would be great if we could say, "You're fired. Here's two weeks pay. Clean out your desk. Be on your way. Have a nice day." But that's not the way it works in the world of democracy. Guess that's how it has to be. But in private industry, unless you're the boss's son or daughter, or having sex with a top exec, you get the axe and that's the fact.

In Washington the winners wait and the losers continue to exercise their power and steal from the slush funds having fun until their day is done, then look forward to running again when the time is right for another political fight. It's a never stopping revolving door, in and out, in and out. That's what politics is all about.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Three wars are still going on, two the legacy of G.W.B., a third won by the victory of democracy over the defeat of the GOP.

Afghanistan began when we struck back after the attack of seven eleven. Then we invaded Iraq based on a lie by the Republicans and their Liar in Chief, in defiance without United Nations compliance. This war was run by Rummy and company with an AWOL coward to call the shots and keep the score and now Iraq's on the verge of civil war after thousands dead and thousands maimed and pained for life.

We won Round One of our war on Election Day and now look ahead to zero eight when our presidential candidate scores a victory for all our united states. But between now and then, we must make sure men like Bush don't try to steal our democracy once again.

Dubya and Dick must learn a lesson: when you're messin' with our Bill of Rights, our Constitution, our courts and other sacred institutions you must pay for your crime big time: IMPEACHMENT is the name of the game.

History, integrity, legality, democracy and hard fought liberty are on our side. Decide and act, don't react after the fact, don't wait. To delay until the bitter end may be too late. Be wise, be fair, but never compromise. Do what the voters want you to do. Set the record straight. We Democrats have won the game and life in America will be better but never the same. And the GOP goes down in shame.


Bush and Cheney and Karl, too, and all the rest who made up the wrecking crew should be forced to share a cell in hell for doing what all traitors do to undo what took years to build. They would have killed our democracy if the voters hadn't gotten wise to their treachery.

They played their little game of shame and now they lost but we, the people, must pay the cost in thousands dead as streets run red because they intentionally lied about the WMDs.

We spent billions to rebuild the ruptured infrastructure, the castles Sadam built in the sand, the structures we and the enemy destroyed at immense and senseless expense---FOR WHAT? For a lot of oil we have not,

All these billions spent and lost that could have gone to pay the cost of hospitals, schools and swimming pools, more Medicare, more Medicaid, more aid for the elderly, the distressed and depressed and, indeed, millions for poor and destitute Americans in need.

It's time to reevaluate our priorities and seize opportunities to help hopeless and homeless here at home and not overseas. I'm afraid foreign aid has been overplayed and has become a source of graft and worse.

With this I'll end my prayerful poem: Charity begins at home!

Friday, November 10, 2006


The GOP is out, the Democrats are in and that makes a lot of sense that after six years of incompetence we can begin to clean up the mess that has led the US astray and has created an administration headed to a dead end situation. Too many GIs have died because our leaderless leader has defied advice of wiser minds that might find a better way than just to "stay the course."

We've poured billions down the drain with no hope of gain in this insane war that's caused so much death and pain. And all because a liar born to wealth and skilled in stealth, lacking in integrity, a malcontent incompetent who never earned an honest cent vowed, by hook or crook, to become the president,

Not only did this AWOL with top DC court connections steal the elections, he rejected the respected US Constitution and every other institution designed with the rights of the citizens in mind. Bush, who bragged about his collegiate mediocrity and said he was living proof that even a student with C's and D's could rise---surprise!---to the presidency,

After Bush stole the election he trashed Clinton endlessly and most Democrats viciously and supported impeachment of a man who, in spite of his one offense, will long be hailed as one of our greatest presidents. Now we'll just have to wait and see how the GOP, famed for its hypocrisy, cries "FOUL!" when it's brought to task for years of dishonesty and downright disloyalty.

After the Democrats get our freedom back and deal with Afghanistan and Iraq and reinvigorate the failed Bush economy they should play "get even" and make the GOP face the crime and do the time and that's just what I'm hoping for.

And if they're found guilty for any reason---like treason?---let's lock 'em up and throw away the key!

Thursday, November 09, 2006


The Democrats have finally won. Dubya's all but done, set back on his bunn. Ain't it all been fun? No, it was not. Off and on, George was hot until the voters caught up with his rot and taught him a lot, You can't lie and cheat and steal and wheel and deal and retain your brainless sneer appeal. So the son of a Bush landed on his tush. That is twat he got.

It's been a long trail back from Iraq. A road turned red where thousands of GIs bled and died and innocent Iraqis, too, and who must bear the shame, the blame? The man who sent them off to die just to justify his lie. Now he's down the creek and up a tree, the cause of this catastrophe.

But bless my soul, the Democrats will soon be in control and, hopefully, on a roll to clean up the GOP mess, and, yes, it's not too late. Two more years until '08 when a brand new Ship of State with a Democrat at the helm will overwhelm the GOP and, hopefully, will impeach and jail the creeps who share responsibility and earned big bucks as they proved the profitability of war is greater by far than a world at peace.

At least let's try to right the wrong that Bush has wrought and got this world into. Let's start anew as we and they regret but forget the past and share a world at peace at last.

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Back in the early days of the Bush regime when belief in the thief was running out of steam Dubya knew he needed a sure fire scheme to restore his plunging popularity.

Overnight came a gift from heaven: 9/11. He knew his future would be bright if he could start a fight with the alleged perpetrators of the sneak attack. Why not Iraq? Forget the phony reasons why, Forget that GIs would die. The war would be short and sweet. Iraq would admit defeat. And happy Iraqis would greet and kiss the feet of we, the liberators from the dictator Saddam Hussein.

To be brief, Congress and its lackeys would back the Commander in Grief and approval would soar high and, you know, that's how it would go. It did until fit hit the shan and now Dubya's a sheece of pit and his short support ain't worth a bucket of spit. Now that he ain't winnin' everybody's turned agin 'im.

And the GOP ain't what it used to be! Three cheers for Democracy!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


What George W. Bush does or doesn't do shouldn't matter any more. It's what he did and didn't do before that counts and amounts to the fury and mistrust of We, the Jury that must guide our decisions at the poll. Our actions should not be called hysteria. The GOP/Bush record must be the criteria on which we make decisions in an effort to revise the GOP policy of our democracy. It's what he and they have done to undo democracy that should matter most to you.

Here are a few ample samples of what it's all about:

ABROGATION and revocation of our Constitution. How this invented/ president lied and cheated and deleted hundreds (and still counting) of court and Congressional decisions.

POWER GRAB. The Bush administration has systematically expanded the powers of the presidency at the expense of Congress and major branches of government. This poses a long-term weakening of the democratic process and our rights as free Americans.

LIED AND CHEATED to defeat two worthy opponent candidates for president. Millions of Democrat votes went uncounted which amounted to the equivalent of highway robbery. The close "official" counts gave him license to illegally attack Iraq.

UNPATRIOTIC PATRIOT ACT. This is one of the most dangerous Bush/Cheney brainstorms of all. Unless Democrats regain control, or at least share a bipartisan Congress, it could destroy the very concept of traditional American democracy. Under this terrorist-driven, supposedly temporary agency, the government is permitted to invade your privacy from the cradle to the grave.

ALARMING WARMING of the world will get much worse because of the safeguards Dubya rejected and reversed to win corporate $upport, ignoring overwhelming evidence of the majority of scientists concerning the future of the ecology of the world. (and the U.S. still is, or atleast should be) a part of that world and revisions of long-held decisions on ways to delay the onset of potential disaster of the atmosphere.

THE CAPTURE and/or killing of terrorists. While these actions were justifiably celebrated they should not affect the ratings. Don't give Brownie Points to a man whose thinking still is out of joint. He and the GOP will use these events to smokescreen the mean routine of the Bush misadministration.

ARROGANCE says it all: "I do not need to explain things...Maybe somebody needs to explain to me why they say something, but I don't feel I owe anybody an explanation."

TWICE STOLEN PRESIDENCY. The evidence is overwhelming and indisputable that Republican dirty tricks stole the presidency twice and will probably try to do it again unless all votes are counted and really count in the upcoming and presidential elections.

There's an old truism that "a leopard never changes its spots." Neither do Bush and the GOP hierarchy/monarchy. Don't let their words sway you on election day. Don't vote on what they say. Vote on what they did and do and what they've got in store for you.


Tomorrow is another day. What was was, what will be will be. What is is. A wind was once a breeze. A puff's enough to knock down trees. Of course, as it gains in force it becomes worse, quite insane. We call it a hurricane.

A hurricane is worse than an earthquake that will shimmy and shake and break the earth and take real estate of worth into an early grave. But it's a fact, the impact will exact its toll in a minute or two and leave the mess up to you to sift through and see what you can use another day when all the dust has blown away.

When the Big Blow starts to grow there's no telling where it will go or how long it will stay. The dead will sleep in beds of debris covered by a blanket of sand and sea.